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The podcast for Catholic Exchange, your daily source for spiritual encouragement and information. Our goal is to help make saints in our time. Join Michael J. Lichens and several CE authors discussing articles and the latest topics.

The podcast for Catholic Exchange, your daily source for spiritual encouragement and information. Our goal is to help make saints in our time. Join Michael J. Lichens and several CE authors discussing articles and the latest topics.
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The podcast for Catholic Exchange, your daily source for spiritual encouragement and information. Our goal is to help make saints in our time. Join Michael J. Lichens and several CE authors discussing articles and the latest topics.




Living in Faith With Bipolar Disorder | feat. Susan Johnson

Today we welcome Susan Johnson, an author, teacher, and advocate to talk about faith and mental health. In her latest book, Some Dreams Are Worth Keeping, Susan discusses the role her own faith has had in bringing a sense of hope and healing, even when the weight of mental anguish is pressing down. Today's episode is full of hope and even some great joy. It's also tackling some dark topics and showing how the light of Christ can pierce through the darkness that can surround us. Check out...


How Can We Reclaim Catholic Masculinity? | feat. Dave McClow

Masculinity is a question that comes up a lot in our culture. Even more so if you're as hopelessly online as Michael. Across podcasts, long YouTube videos, and countless websites, you can find an assortment of gurus and teachers who proclaim they have the instructions on how to be a real man. With the Catholic Church facing one crisis after another, how can reclaiming masculinity help our Church and her many children? To tackle these questions and begin pointing to a solution, pastoral...


Making the Most of the Last Days of Lent | feat. Derek Rotty

You only have a few days for prayer and penance. How is it going? If you find that you wished you had tried harder or done more, there is still time. Michael is joined by Derek Rotty to talk about the books, prayers, and practices you can use to have a good, holy Lent with even just a few days left. Find Derek at, and then find his article at CE "There is Still Time to Redeem Your Lent" ( Also check out Derek's youtube channel:...


Ven. Fulton J. Sheen as a Lenten Guide | feat. Allan Smith

Lent quickly approaches and many of us could still use a trusted guide for the holy season. Today we look at one beloved spiritual director, Ven. Fulton J. Sheen. Today, Michael talks about Fulton J. Sheen and how he can guide us through Lent with Allan Smith. Allan is the is the Founder and Director of the Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Mission Society of Canada, as well as the creator of Bishop Sheen Today. Allan is the editor of The Cries of Jesus from the Cross: A Fulton Sheen Anthology,...


Servant of God Fr. Augustus Tolton | Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

Father Augustus Tolton was born into slavery and, despite seemingly insurmountable odds, rose to become the first black priest in the United States. His cause for canonization has been opened but many are just learning about this heroic priest who served his Church and community despite racism, bigotry, and opposition within the Church. Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers shows us how the faith, hope, and love of Fr. Tolton can inspire us today no matter what we are called to overcome. We also...


The Lenten Practice of Memento Mori | feat. Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble

Memento Mori has been explored by nearly every saint. The remembrance of death has influenced artists and authors throughout history. Yet, the age-old practice of remembering our death has almost entirely disappeared. Today's guest, Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, has thought a lot about her own death and the practice of Memento Mori. Join us as we discuss how incorporating Memento Mori into our Lent can prepare us for the joy of the Resurrection at Easter. Check our Sr. Theresa's Remember...


Detachment and Minimalism in a Throwaway Culture | Haley Stewart

Michael welcomes Haley Stewart, author of The Grace of Enough: Pursuing Less and Living More in a Throwaway Culture, to discuss her latest book and how we can begin to detach from our contemporary obsession with more Links: The Grace of Enough


What the Saints Thought About Ghosts | feat. Tom McDonald

To celebrate All Hallow's Eve and the Month of the Holy Souls, Michael welcomes historian and author Tom McDonald. It can be hard to think of saints having any opinions on ghostly apparitions or haunting dreams. However, as Tom makes clear, saints from Augustine to Thomas Aquinas shared their thoughts on the possibility of seeing spirits as well as their own experiences. Are they the souls of purgatory, angels, or devils? We'll discuss that as well as the new pop phenomenons surrounding...


Servant of God Marcel Van's Little Way | Featuring Suzie Andres

Marcel Van was a mystic who died at a camp in Northern Vietnam. Before his death, he had visions and mystical conversations with St. Therese of Lisieux and Jesus. While his cause for beatification was opened in 1997, not many people have heard of him in the West. Suzie Andres joins us to talk about the many spiritual gems that Marcel's conversations offer us. If you are looking for a new brother in your spiritual life, today's episode will cover how even our little ways are made larger...


Devotional Journey into the Mass with Christopher Carstens

The Mass is the source and summit of all our lives, but it doesn't mean it's always simple and easy to comprehend. If you have ever asked questions about the Mass and the Liturgy, join Michael and Christopher Carstens to discuss how you can get more out of Mass and learn to have a joyful devotion to each part of the liturgy. Catholic Exchange is supported by you, our listeners. Please help us in our Spring fundraising drive by visiting:


Finding Love in a Life of Religious Abundance | Tyler Blanski

Author Tyler Blanski joins us to discuss his conversion and his latest book, An Immovable Feast. Michael and Tyler each reflect on the joys and challenges of converting to the Church. We also discuss how conversion is a daily task that is, in many ways, the story of our daily turning to God in love. Check out Tyler's new book at: Support our work and find our links at


When Women Pray | An Interview With Kathleen Beckman

Kathleen Beckman joins the podcast to discuss the power of prayer, the little way to praying like a saint, and even how gratitude can be used in spiritual warfare. Check out Kathleen's articles and books at


Joyful Devotion to St. Joseph with Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC

We here at CE have a great love and devotion to St. Joseph. So it is that we're excited to welcome popular speaker, author, and pilgrimage leader, Fr. Donald Calloway who gives us many reasons to love St. Joseph. In this episode, you'll learn about the spiritual gems of seeking St. Joseph's assistance, how the saint's silence can be an example for us, and why St. Joseph is called "the terror of demons." Check out Fr. Calloway's latest book, St. Joseph Gems at...


How Can Catholics Keep Youth in the Church? | Everett Fritz

Many youth leave the Church, despite the great work done by youth ministers and parish volunteers all across the world. What can we do to bring our youth back and keep them in the faith? Author Everett Fritz joins us to talk about how building young disciples up means a personal connection. Join us for some interesting conversation as we also dive into some questions from the readers. Go to to learn more about Mr. Fritz and his work. Also, be sure to check out the...


Monks, Beer, and Catholic Culture: A Conversation with R. Jared Staudt

Michael shares one particular interest with author and theologian R. Jared Staudt: they both have a passion for beer and its impact on culture. Today, both Michael and Dr. Staudt welcome Easter by discussing the joys of great beer and the revival of Catholic beer culture in the US and Europe. We talk about the possible Hebrew word for beer as well as how monks have been brewing the finest beer for centuries. So, pour yourself a Trappist ale and join us for this lighthearted but informative...


Two Professors on How to Tackle the Great Books

Michael is joined by two great professors from the Honors College of Belmont Abbey College to discuss the importance of reading great books. We discuss many of the modern problems in discourse and how the great books of history and our Catholic culture address it. Whether you're looking for a possible college program to reacquire the intellectual tradition of the West, or just want some reading encouragement, give us a listen. Honors College Website:...


Learning to Trust Mary: Talking Our Lady of Lourdes with Sarah Reinhard

Sarah is the author of several books and countless articles about Mary. As a fellow convert, she and Michael talk about the different ways people come to Mary. They also talk about how Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Bernadette provide each of us with a model of love and virtue. This is the perfect podcast to listen to while you continue your Lenten journey image: By GO69 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons (


Jeanie Ewing: The Spirituality of Waiting

We took a short holiday break, but we're back! In the first interview of 2018, Michael sits down with Jeannie Ewing, a frequent guest and writer at Our focus is on the spirituality of waiting and how you can use long moments to dig deep into your spiritual life while also learning more about yourself and what God might be preparing you for. Go to our website to learn more.


The CE Star Wars Special with Jim Papandrea

Michael welcomes Dr. Jim Papandrea onto the CE Podcast for a lighthearted but critical examination of Star Wars just in time for the latest installment of the epic space opera franchise. With their love of theology and sci-fi, Michael and Jim discuss the Christian imagery that is used throughout the saga.


A Meditation for Advent

Michael presents the first episode of our Advent podcast series. Reading from the 17th century theologian Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet, we explore how the promise of Christ's birth was given to the Old Testament patriarchs. This is part of our series to offer small bits of audio to help you reflect on this season. Text for the meditation available at: