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Christ and His Church through a black & gold lens.

Christ and His Church through a black & gold lens.


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Christ and His Church through a black & gold lens.




SCC 93: Liturgy of the Hours (w/Nathan Wigfield)

Nathan Wigfiled, Director at the St. Thomas More House of Prayer joins the show to talk about the retreat center and the devotion of Liturgy of the Hours. St. Thomas More House of Prayer Vox Sponsae Podcast Beginner's Guide to Liturgy of the Hours (1 Volume) Beginner's Guide to 4 Volume Set (Liturgy of the Hours) Guide to August 2020 Morning Prayer


SCC 92: Prodigal Church (w/Brandon McGinley)

Author and speaker Brandon McGinley joins Bob this week to discuss his new book, Prodigal Church. The guys discuss the history of the Catholic Church in Pittsburgh and the United States, from the days of six daily Masses at a parish to the church mergers of today. Brandon offers some thoughts on renewal within the Church. Buy Prodigal Church Here Sacred Heart of Jesus Book Store Pittsburgh


SCC 91: Dad Knows Best (w/Mike Aquilina)

Mike Aquilina joins the show to discuss the roots of our Catholic faith through the lens of the Church Fathers. Way of the Fathers Podcast The Rise of Christianity Early Christian Writings


SCC 90: The Culture Project

This week, we are highlighting a new ministry in town, the Culture Project. Erick and Olivia, missionaries with the Culture Project, join the show to discuss the creative ways they are reaching today's youth and young adults with the message of the Theology of the Body developed by St. John Paul II.


SCC 89: 5 Book Suggestions for Quarantine

Bob offers some of his favorite books to help you through this tough time. The list ranges from detective stories, to how to be a better worker in the office, to an inspiring story of a priest who served the faithful in Communist Russia. List: Father Brown Mysteries The Ideal Team Player He Leadeth Me How the Choir Converted the World The Noonday Devil


SCC 88: The Hour of Power

How do you make a Holy Hour? 60 minutes seems like a long time to be silent. This week Bob explains some ways to make the most of your Holy Hour and grow closer to Jesus through the practice of Eucharistic Adoration. A Video on How to Make a Holy Hour Tips from Word on Fire A Minute by Minute Guide to a Holy Hour


SCC 87: Saint Profiles - John Henry Newman (w/Bud Marr)

Today we discussed a recently canonized Saint, John Henry Newman. (Not to be confused with St. John Neumann, who served in the Pittsburgh Area.) Bud Marr, Director of the National Institute for Newman Studies, based in Pittsburgh, discusses this Saint's life and his impact on the Catholic Church. Resources: The National Institute for Newman Studies Newman 101 Parochial and Plains Sermons, Volume 1 John Henry Newman by Bud Marr


SCC 86: What Does a Deacon Do? (w/ Deacon Tim Killmeyer)

It's a first for Steel City Catholic - we have a Deacon as the guest. Deacon Tim Killmeyer, from Archangel Gabriel Parish, joins the show to discuss his faith journey and some hidden gems of Pittsburgh. Time Travel with Tim YouTube Channel Diocese of Pittsburgh Permanent Diaconate Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike


SCC 85: Catholic Dads Coping with the Long Lent

JP Hilzendeger, former co-host of Steel City Catholic is back on the show to talk with Bob about where life has taken him since the fall. The dads discuss coping with coronavirus and parenting three little ones in this time of change.


SCC 84: No Soul Left Behind (w/ John Labriola)

Today's guest, Catholic speaker and author, John Labriola comes on the show to discuss his newest book, No Soul Left Behind, How to Pray for Your Loved Ones Who Have Left the Church. Purchase No Soul Left Behind


SCC 83: The Cross of Corona

How do we keep the faith when we can't go to Sunday Mass? When life drastically changes, how should we respond? Bob gives some tips to Pittsburgh Catholics on how to navigate through the COVID-19 crisis. Shrines of Pittsburgh Great Grouping Sign up for Adoration Here!


SCC 82: Can Dry Bones Come Back to Life? (w/ Fr. Joe Freedy)

Fr. Joe Freedy joins the podcast to discuss Dry Bones Ministries and the exciting things that are happening in our diocese. Dry Bones Ministries Our Lady of Mount Carmel Camp


SCC 81: What's a Vagabond?

Kris Frank from Vagabond Missions joins the show to discuss sharing the Gospel in the inner city. Vagabond Missions


SCC 80: Happily Ever After (w/ Renew the I Do Foundation)

Today's guests, Arlene Milon and Dolores Shipe, discuss how the Renew the I Do Foundation is helping marriages thrive in the Pittsburgh area. You won't want to miss the conversation to find out their exciting plans for 2020. Renew the I Do Facebook Instagram National Catholic Register Article Resources: The 21 Undeniable Secrets of Marriage Preparing for Marriage


SCC 79: A Benedictine Approach to Leadership (w/ Dr. Michael Krom)

How can St. Benedict help you become a better leader? What does the founder of Western Monasticism have to offer aspiring corporate leaders in the 21st century. Dr. Michael Krom, Philosophy Professor from St. Vincent College, joins the show to discuss the Benedcitine Leadership Studies podcast. Benedictine Leadership Studies at St. Vincent College The Life of St. Benedict by St. Gregory the Great Introduction to the Byzantine Rite Episode The Rule of St. Benedict The Benedict...


SCC 78: A Year in Review - 19 for 2019

Bob offers 19 brief highlights of the Steel City Catholic podcast as we wind down 2019.


SCC 77: 21st Century Catholic Schools - (w/ Joe Rosi)

To many, the term "Catholic School" brings to mind certain images, nuns, small class sizes, and a link to the past. My guest today, Joe Rosi, regional administrator of the Pittsburgh East Regional Catholic schools talks about the evolution of Catholic Schools and the creative new methods being used today to pass on the faith to the upcoming generation. East Region Catholic Schools Catholic Education


SCC 76: It's a Wonderful Pittsburgh Life

Bob breaks down the Christmas classic, It's a Wonderful Life, and what we can learn from the example of George Bailey. It's a Wonderful Life Lots of great stuff is happening this Advent in Pittsburgh. The Vigil Project in Pittsburgh Rorate Mass - 6 AM - St. Patrick Visit the Manger at the US Steel Building The Light is On For You - Confession


SCC 75: Advent through Mary's Eyes (w/ Jacob Gruber)

Pittsburgh seminarian Jacob Gruber, who is in his pastoral year out in the western suburbs, joins the show today. He discusses the role of Our Blessed Mother in the lives of Catholics and especially how she can help us draw closer to Christ this Advent and Christmas season. Resources: Keeping Mary Close True Devotion to Mary My Ideal: Jesus, Son of Mary Our Lady of Guadalupe Amazing Facts More facts on Guadalupe!


SCC 74: A Place for Young Adults in the Church (w/ Eric and Sarah Shearer)

The founders of REV 316, Eric and Sarah Shearer, join today's show to discuss friendship, community and how young adults fit into life within the Catholic Church. REV 316 REV 316 on Facebook Jimmy Akin's Mysterious World Blessed is She Sarah Swafford