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Episode 2: Identity Theft is Not a Joke

In a world that says "be this" and "do that" we all look to fit ourselves into boxes and annoint ourselves with titles. But really - who are you? And what really makes you YOU? This episode unpacks the struggles millenials & generation Z face when it comes to identifying who they are, and points out ways to journey through life with Christ by your side, making this "search for identity" not only easier, but fruitful and lifegiving. Also, they laugh about their daughter wanting to ride the...


Episode 1: Threat Level Midnight

With a 9 month old daughter who just learned to crawl and stand, 3 jobs between them, a chaotic travel schedule, and a new book manuscript due at the end of the month, Katie & Tommy decided "Now is the perfect time to start a podcast!" This quick intro. episode shares the reasons this podcast exists, the goals of these conversations, and quotes two of the greatest shows to ever grace the television airwaves: The Office and Parks and Rec.