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Celtfather Music & Travel gives you an inside look into the life of musicians. You'll hear interviews with people I meet on the road and online who are involved in the Celtic and Geek communites. You'll enjoy stories from my Celtic Invasion Vacations and travels around the world. Plus, you'll get my inside thoughts on music marketing, cats, science fiction conventions, and the ideas that move me. This is more than Celtic music and culture. It's more than a Geek lifestyle audio blog or travel show. This is about what it means to be Scots-Irish and a Geek.


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Celtfather Music & Travel gives you an inside look into the life of musicians. You'll hear interviews with people I meet on the road and online who are involved in the Celtic and Geek communites. You'll enjoy stories from my Celtic Invasion Vacations and travels around the world. Plus, you'll get my inside thoughts on music marketing, cats, science fiction conventions, and the ideas that move me. This is more than Celtic music and culture. It's more than a Geek lifestyle audio blog or travel show. This is about what it means to be Scots-Irish and a Geek.




Itinerary for Celtic Invasion of Westport, Ireland 2023

Every year, I take a small group of people on an exciting adventure overseas. We don't see everything. Instead, we stay in one area. We get to know it through it's culture, history, and legends. EtZvGiAuFJKsacyM2U1d In June 2023, we are going to Westport, Ireland in County Mayo. The itinerary is now online. We will spend seven nights, visiting Matt Malloy's famous pub, hike Croagh Patrick, and ferry to Clare Island. We'll learn more about the Grace O'Malley, the famed Pirate Queen, by visiting her castles. We'll see standing stones and lots more. Check out the itinerary for the Celtic Invasion of Westport, Ireland right now to see if you want to join me in Ireland this summer.


Celtic Invasion Vacations FAQ

Celebrate Celtic culture and music through travel. I'm gonna tell you what you can expect on my Celtic Invasion Vacations? If you go to the website you won’t find much information. I usually list the itinerary when it becomes available but that can be January or March before the trip. You will find podcasts and links to pictures and videos. I don't know that any of it really paints a good picture. So I thought I would try to break down how these trips work to help you decide if you want to join me in the future. Celtic Invasion Vacations are not your typical travel tour experience. Most tourists travel on big buses. They go place to place. You stay up late. You get up early. There’s 30, 60 or even 90 people packed on one to three tour buses. If you’re like me, that sounds pretty miserable. My first two trips were on tour buses. Everyone was a fan of my music. So that was pretty awesome. The bus drivers were awesome too. But that's a lot of people for an introvert like me. I don’t know how much of the fatigue was from so many people or the staying up late/getting-up-early business. But it’s not my preferred way of traveling. I like small groups. My mom moved to Italy in 1985. So I’ve gone back-and-forth to Europe for a long time. My mom is an awesome adventurer. I went to school on an American military base in Vicenza, Italy for my senior year of high school. While all the other high school seniors went to Remini to get drunk, my mom and I went on in artistic pilgrimage following the works of Piero Della Francesca. She instilled in me the value of planning as well as spontaneity. You see that in my Celtic Invasion Vacations itinerary. When I finally make one that is. Typically, I don't have a full itinerary when I announce the latest trip. I have… ideas. In fact, I usually have one big idea. Then I find a way to make it work. One person told me he was disappointed when my trip to the Highlands of Scotland a few years back did not also include the Isle of Skye, like it was initially listed on the early itinerary. That was because I had a big idea. But when I finally settled on details, I realized it was impractical. I learned from that error. If I make any big changes to what was planned, you are welcome to back out. I don’t usually settle on solid itineraries until December or January. I just don’t have enough details to make a solid decision. That might make some people uncomfortable, especially when you’re putting down nearly $3000, plus air travel, to join me. The adventure is worth it! The great thing about traveling on the Celtic Invasion Vacation in my opinion is that it is a small group. That means maximum flexibility for adventure. So let’s answer some questions. 3:11 - WHEN ARE THE CELTIC INVASION VACATIONS? This can always vary. But typically I run my trips in late May or early June. This seems to be the best time to travel to Ireland and Scotland. People talk about rain in Ireland. June seems to invariably have one of the lightest rain falls ever. It's just... perfect! 3:32 - HOW LONG IS EACH TRIP? Celtic Invasion Vacations are about seven days long. The trips are officially scheduled from Saturday to Saturday. That’s because that’s how long most vacation rentals book. But I’m not going to be taking you to seven hotels in seven days. We stay in one place most of the week. If the vacation rental is more than a couple hours from the airport or there's something cool to see closer, we may stay in a hotel near the airport on the last night of the Invasion. It just depends on how soon everyone on the trip has booked their departure. 4:04 - WHEN SHOULD I ARRIVE? I usually ask Invaders to arrive the day before the trip. That way you can recover from jet lag and adjust to the time change. But that also allows us to leave first thing in the morning on Saturday to drive to our vacation rental. While it is recommended, it is not required. As long as you arrive by 11 am on Saturday, we will adjust. You...


Johnny Jump Up

Virtual Public House is an album of music recorded live by Marc Gunn for Pub Songs & Stories. The podcast features fun pub songs plus the stories and inspirations behind the songs of Marc Gunn and other musicians. It's a smile-filled visit to your local public house, virtually, right in your ear, and at your command. Johnny Jump Up" lyrics and music traditional Performed by Marc Gunn From: Happy Songs of Death I'll tell you a story that happened to me One day as I went down to Yore by...


How to Get Started With Busking with Vince Conaway

Busking is like a fine art. When I went solo at the end of 2008, I was determined to better understand it. I asked several Renaissance festival performers for help and suggestions. I interviewed Vince Conaway. I’m gonna share that interview today on Celtfather Unkilted #289. I was trying to figure out how to share his interview I did with Vince Conaway years ago. I finally decided I should just post it on a podcast. It might not be super relevant to most of my fans. But it is a sneak peak behind what it's like to be a musician. I hope you enjoyed that interview. I sure did. I learned a lot from it, even if I don’t feel like I’ve mastered the art. It’s a great starting point for any musician who wants to master the art of busking. I always thought it was, and still is, a great insight into making a living with music. I don’t know how long Vince Conaway has made a living with music. But he does a great job, and it’s not easy to do. That’s why he still sells CDs and also why he has a Patreon page. He talks about how amazing Patreon has helped him over the years, especially since the pandemic closed down his livelihood. Now he is once again in Europe, sharing his music in the streets, and making special videos from around the world for all of his patrons, all so he can keep making music. If you’d like to find out more about Vince Conaway, visit his website at If you enjoyed this show, you can also support my music and podcasting by joining the Gunn Runners Club on my Patreon page. You can follow a link at for more details.


Celtfather Year In Review: Successes of 2021

Greetings Gunn Runner I love looking at my successes each year. Honestly, I was pretty excited about my musical successes last year. I felt like I had a few break through moments. So let's make a list. It's all on my monthly update, Celtfather Unkilted, show #288. The podcast is brought to you by my amazing Patrons in the Gunn Runners Club on Patreon. - MUSINGS: Successes for 2021 CELTFATHER MONTHLY UPDATES - REGULAR SHOWS Pub Songs & Stories. Irish & Celtic Music Podcast In The 'Verse podcast Celtic Christmas Podcast Brobdingnagian Bards podcast Stories on Patreon Coffee with The Celtfather. - MUSIC PRODCUTION - MERCH Remember, subscribe to my mailing list, you get a discount code to save 15%. Patrons save 25%! - WEBSITES I made a special page for people who take my business card and use the QR code. It'll be interesting to see if this works. But the basic idea is the card will give you a quick link to listen to music, subscribe to my podcast and mailing list. It's similar to what you'll find at but even more focused. I updated lyrics for the Irish Song Lyrics website, including: - STATS Mailing list subscribers = 1166 is up from 1152 Celtic Music Magazine = 4107 is up from 4100 YouTube Subscribers = 5614 is up from 5578 Facebook Likes = 3831 is up from 3820 Instagram = 1917 is up from 1915 Spotify followers: 1924 is up 36 from 1888 # Number of listens on Spotify: 11,612 is up from 4901 LATEST SPOTIFY ALBUM STATS Most-popular songs on Spotify: Most-popular songs on Amazon Music: Top albums on Amazon: Last year's playlists from this time last year: 19:01 - PATREON Patreon Subscribers: 169 up from 168 Patreon Monthly Income: $1312 up from$1285 Thanks as always for supporting my music. Streaming music gives you a quick and easy way to sample all of my music. Digital sales keep my business running. Tips and CD sales allow me to tour. Kickstarter funds physical products like CDs, shirts, pin and other merch. And Patreon funds my songwriting! Join the Gunn Runners Club on Patreon to support my songwriting. You will step behind-the-scenes with new music, bonus podcasts, videos, and live concerts. Thank you for supporting Sci F'Irish music at! #CFMonthly


The Ethics of Black Friday

Greetings Gunn Runner Is Black Friday an ethical holiday? Overcoming fear is the theme of a new song inspired by the hobbit. Top 10 songs on Spotify. It's all on my monthly update, Celtfather Unkilted, show #287. The podcast is brought to you by my amazing Patrons in the Gunn Runners Club on Patreon. I have some new subscribers, and I hope to make this an even more important part of my general promotion in the weeks ahead. 0:42 - SHOWS PLANNED FOR THE COMING MONTH DEC 1: Coffee with The Celtfather @ 11 AM EST DEC 5: Grant Park Farmer's Market @ 9 AM - Noon DEC 8: Coffee with The Celtfather @ 11 AM EST DEC 15: Season 9 Finale Coffee with The Celtfather @ 11 AM EST DEC 16: Celtfather Live @ 7 PM EST 1:14 - MUSINGS: The Ethics of Black Friday I'm pretty confident that you know all about Black Friday. Now, we also have Cyber Monday. These are two days when people open up their wallets and many businesses offer HUGE discounts. I confess I am very torn by those holidays. On the one hand, I have my own business. CD sales are still one of the big ways I make money. My Patreon needs to be twice what it is for me to remove my dependence on CD and merch sales. On the other hand is consumerism. We create so much waste. I'm not even gonna go into what that waste does to our environment and its effect on climate change. One of the things I love about the new digital revolution is I can potentially create music and make a living without adding to the waste. One day I hope to sell out all my CDs. Then I will just release them on a limited basis, for those who truly love the media. My storage shelves will be mostly empty. The Christmas holiday doesn't help. It's all about spending. It bothered me a lot more back in the 90s when I first heard about Buy Nothing Day. That day was created in response to the consumerism. It's on the very same day as Black Friday. "Don't buy" is the message. Back around 2001, it became possible to accept credit cards at gigs. But at the time, I was $15K in debt. All because of MY irresponsible use of credit cards. It got me questioning. Should I accept credit card payments...and potentially have you, my customer, go into debt because of my products? Eventually, I decided you should be responsible for yourself. But at the same time is that cop out? This is one of those ethical dilemmas. I was talking recently with people about ethics in healthcare. The question was raised: should a parent have full control of their child's healthcare? Do they know what's best for their child? The quick answer is yes. I know what's best for my daughters. But that comes from my privileged, fairly healthy family background. A parent who is strung out on drugs, sick, or poor or in abusive relationship. They might not be healthy enough to do what is best for their child. There are so many nuances. There isn't one right answer. It's each different for each person. My biggest complaint with corporations is that in order to be successful, they need to do what will make the most-profit for their business. That sounds reasonable. They should be allowed to make money freely, without government interference. That is until you realize that they can dump sewage into our water, poison our air, and destroy our environment. They can murder people and not be culpable. Because they are a business. The actions of the business will not financially impact the owners of that business. Reminds of McDonalds: "Would you like to Supersize that?" That phrase made them boatloads of money. The cost was the increased obesity of their customers. It took regulations to stop them from using that simple sales phrase. Sure it made them more money. But was it ethical? We are all manipulated by businesses trying to make a buck. That's why Black Friday changed from businesses saying, "Huh. We get a lot more sales on the day after Thanksgiving" to "Let's capitalize on that and start a holiday!" I decided not to do a Black Friday sale this...


3 Podcast Promotion Tips

Today, I review the success of the Pub Songs & Stories changes. I offer tips on promoting your podcast. And I tell you about two new songs coming soon. It's all on my monthly update, Celtfather Music & Travel, show #286. The podcast is brought to you by my amazing Patrons in the Gunn Runners Club on Patreon. I have some new subscribers, and I hope to make this an even more important part of my general promotion in the weeks ahead. 0:33 - SHOWS PLANNED FOR THE COMING MONTH NOV 3: Playing Favorites on Coffee with The Celtfather @ 11 AM EST NOV 5-7: CONjuration, Atlanta, GA NOV 10: Coffee with The Celtfather @ 11 AM EST NOV 12: Interstellar Ginger Beer & Exploration Co., Alabaster, AL @ 8-10 PM NOV 13: Haeuser House Concert, Robert, LA NOV 17: Coffee with The Celtfather @ 11 AM EST WEDS: Coffee with The Celtfather, YouTube (Season 9) @ 11:00 AM EST CELTFATHER MONTHLY UPDATES 1:30 - PODCASTS Pub Songs & Stories is coming along. I'm getting more interest in the show from musicians. I feel like I should be good for stories for a while. Though I will continue to need to hunt down more stories. In fact, if you'd like to help me to do that, I'd love to have Pub Stories producer. I'm changing the logo a tiny bit more for the podcast too. I'm redoing my business cards. I found some cool marketing ideas. But I feel like the current logo is a bit of a distraction... well, the title is. PUB Songs & Stories. Pub in the title is ultimately irrelevant. It's about the Songs & Stories. But I'm not gonna rename it. If nothing else, PUB differentiated it from other shows. So I'm making some minor changes before I add that logo to my new business cards. I've decided my next business card design will return to being a billboard for my music and the podcast. Finally, I'm moving the release date to Tuesdays. That's so I can hopefully release it early to Patrons (ideally on Thursday, but worst case Monday) before it goes out to the public. 5:31 - PUB SONGS & STORIES CHANGES SUCCESS OR FAILURE? 7:26 - 3 PODCAST PROMOTION TIPS 11:59 - PODCAST UPDATE CONT. I got ahead with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. As always happens, I lose that lead with each month as I make room for other things I need to work on. So it's time to produce more podcasts before the next big holiday. The In The 'Verse podcast launches the first episode of season 2 this Saturday. Mikey and I wrote songs inspired by the Doctor Who episode "Blink". I LOVE my new song. It's another that makes me feel like I'm becoming a better songwriter. I still need to write more songs. But this is a great start. The Celtic Christmas Podcast will release a new episode soon. Well, sort of new. I'm actually fundraising for a fully new episode. At this rate, I won't get it. But if nothing else, I'm gonna add the Celtic Christmas episode of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast to the feed as a promo for the podcast. Admittedly, I've had ZERO new patrons for that podcast. I'll post again next month. But it's looking like that podcast may not get a new episode this year. We shall see... Brobdingnagian Bards put out a new Bards podcast this month too. I actually had to re-release it. I was informed that the first version I released was actually an earlier Bards podcast. Not sure what Andrew did when he mixed it. But he sent it to me. I uploaded it without checking. So about two weeks later, the actual episode came out. I feel like this was a REALLY good month for the Gunn Runners on Patreon. I started releasing all of the MP3s that I record for Pub Songs & Stories exclusively to Patrons. So that means there are three new recordings PLUS the ones I've been releasing from the Virtual Public House CD. I debating how. But my current plan is to compile ALL of the Pub Songs recordings onto a USB that will be released next year, along with maybe my new CD, Selcouth. 18:46 - VIDEOS I made a big decision at the beginning of October. I decided to move the date of Coffee with The Celtfather...


One Way to Fix the Death of CDs Problem

Greetings Gunn Runner Did we just solve the death of CD problem? Songwriting podcast returns for second season. Convention successes. Selcouth nears completion. It's all on my monthly update, Celtfather Music & Travel, show #285. The podcast is brought to you by my amazing Patrons in the Gunn Runners Club on Patreon. I have some new subscribers, and I hope to make this an even more important part of my general promotion in the weeks ahead. Subscribe to Marc's Musings and Get 21 Songs free! 0:26 - SHOWS PLANNED FOR THE COMING MONTH OCT 2: Fire Maker Brewing Co., Atlanta, GA OCT 3: Grant Park Farmer's Market, Atlanta, GA OCT 7: Browncoat Drinking Songs on Coffee with The Celtfather OCT 14: Playing Favorites on Coffee with The Celtfather OCT 15-17: Multiverse, Atlanta, GA OCT 21: Coffee Classics: Geek & Celtic Requests on Coffee with The Celtfather OCT 21: Firefly Drinking Songs on Celtfather Live on Bandcamp OCT 28: Boo! Scary Halloween Songs on Coffee with The Celtfather OCT 30: Lost Druid Brewery, Avondale Estates, GA THURS: Coffee with The Celtfather, YouTube (Season 9) @ 12:00 PM EST 1:44 - RANT: ONE POSSIBLE SOLUTION TO THE CD PROBLEM CELTFATHER MONTHLY UPDATES 14:04 - PODCASTS The new release schedule for Pub Songs & Stories is pretty good. I'm starting to plan shows a month ahead. Course, that said, I'm also struggling to collect the stories. But maybe that'll become easier as the show grows and I spread the signal further. I also realized it would be beneficial for bands if they did more than one story. So what the heck. Until I get a couple months ahead, I'm gonna ask for more than one IF they have a good story to tell. Band O'Brothers had a good story for their song "Whiskey Spider". I also shared another story from Empty Hats that I recorded back in the spring. I rounded out September with a live podcast recording from Dragon Con. I meant to record a bunch of stories at Dragon Con and Gen Con. But I was just too busy and/or too wiped . That sucks. But that's the way of it. I did lay some groundwork to collect some stories though. So we shall see. One of the best things about this format is that if someone really loves a song, eventually I can just say, go check out the episode about that song in Pub Songs & Stories. So far, so good. The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast had a full four episodes. I'm still not caught up. But as of this recording, I'm almost done with next week's show. So it's a start. The In The 'Verse podcast launches the season 2 announcement episode on October 2. You'll want to listen if you want to find out what are plans are for the next season. On Patreon, I released my thoughts on Gen Con 2021 as well as Dragon Con. I also released a new song called "You Are My Thor". It's a rough cut. But there might be more such things in the future. I also released two more MP3s. 17:44 - VIDEOS Coffee with The Celtfather had a few hiccup moments this month. I played a replay of one of my hobbit shows because I didn't have much of a voice after Dragon Con. Then the following week, I skipped it, because I was at Gen Con. I planned all of my Coffee shows for October. I'm gonna keep planning the themes a month in advance. I was a bit concerned about the attendance of Hobbit Drinking Songs show this month. But all went well. I'm excited about the Firefly Drinking Songs show for October. 18:35 - IN THE STUDIO In every episode of Pub Songs & Stories, I record, talk about and play at least one song. All of the songs from the first three months of the year were released on a CD called Virtual Public House. The MP3s are still up on my Bandcamp if you want to just buy that album. But that's the last of those digital albums I'm gonna release. In the future, you'll need to subscribe to Patreon. All of those MP3s will be drip released to my Gunn Runners Club. So if you want some more unique recordings, join the Gunn Runners Club today. Selcouth is still in the works. I thought we were all...


Firefly Drinking Songs, The TV Show

Could a Firefly Drinking Songs TV show be on its way? What's different with Coffee with The Celtfather. How close am I to completing my next CD? It's all on my monthly update, Celtfather Music & Travel, show #284. 0:13 - SHOWS PLANNED FOR JULY SEP 2-6: Dragon Con, Atlanta, GA SEP 9: Virginia Highlands Farmer's Market, Atlanta, GA @ 5:00 PM SEP 16-19: Gen Con, Indianapolis, IN. SEP 23: Hobbit Drinking Songs on Celtfather Live on Bandcamp. Buy tickets. OCT 2: Fire Maker Brewing Co., Atlanta, GA OCT 3: Grant Park Farmer's Market, Atlanta, GA OCT 15-17: Multiverse, Atlanta, KY THURS: Coffee with The Celtfather, YouTube (Season 9) @ 12:00 PM EST 2:22 - RANT: FIREFLY DRINKING SONGS, THE TV SHOW? CELTFATHER MONTHLY UPDATES 8:02 - PODCASTS I released two episodes of Pub Songs & Stories this month. The first highlighted songs about selkies with stories from Elizabeth Sutherland and me. But also there was a story by Matt & Shannon Heaton about a tune they wrote. It was a good show. But afterward, I was lamenting to my engineer, Mitchell, that I can't seem to put out more episodes. He suggested shorter ones. So instead of compiling the next big one in September, we put out a short one featuring Tuatha Dea and their story about "Black Douglas", the original Braveheart. I'm gonna try out the new format for the next month or so. So far, I'm liking it. The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast had a full four episodes. I keep hoping to get ahead on that show. Maybe this week, since I'm only doing four episodes a month, it might give me a week to get ahead... or it might not because of Dragon Con. On Patreon, I released a bonus episode about releasing music on vinyl. 9:52 - VIDEOS My Coffee with The Celtfather shows are going well. Season 9 started on Thursday, August 5. I'm still not overflowing with viewers. But there's a solid number watching. I ran a Kickstarter for two weeks. I raised enough money to pay for So now I can skip asking for tips and just focus on performing all season. One of the last shows was pre-recorded in some local woods. It was nice to get out. The next Celtfather Live is on Thursday, September 23 at 8 pm ET. This will be a Hobbit Drinking Songs show. Tickets will go on sale in September. I shared of a waterfall in North Georgia that my family saw back in May. And I made a new video for my music's Patreon page. 13:26 - IN THE STUDIO August was my big studio month. I spent the first couple days of August in the studio putting some final touches on Selcouth and recording tracks for a Brobdingnagian Bards EP that we will release at Dragon Con. Selcouth has 13 tracks and at the time of recording this, Mitchell and I are still cleaning up one more final song that we realized had sonic problems. I'm hoping we'll finish it up this weekend. I'm trying to complete the album by the end of the month. In the meantime, I finished the Selcouth booklet with lyrics and stories behind the songs. I ordered shirts for the Kickstarter. Then I just need to mail everything to all of my supporters. I sat down and recorded more music for the Brobdingnagian Bards EP. The album is called Another Faire to Remember. This sort of a preview/concept that will be released as a full-length album next year. We are over halfway done with the album. So we're gonna launch a Kickstarter for it probably in October. 17:13 - MERCH I'm getting ready to pull Virtual Public House from my store along with the As Long As I'm Flyin' vinyl album. If you want to own either, order it now. Coffee with The Celtfather coffee mugs are back in the store as are the pint glasses. Remember, subscribe to my mailing list, you get a discount code to save 15%. 18:30 - CELTIC INVASION VACATIONS The Celtic Invasion of Scotland officially opened this month. It also closed this month. That's because I already have more than full contingent of people joining me this year. Now it's time to start planning the invasion. Sign up to the mailing list...


Busking Showmanship

Greetings Gunn Runner A new single with the Brobdingnagian Bards and a Bards EP. Last chance to get my Firefly CD on vinyl. A short, new Kickstarter coming? Coffee with The Celtfather returns for its 9th season. Do you really have to put on a show to draw a crowd? It's all on my monthly update, Celtfather Music & Travel, show #283. 1:04 - SHOWS PLANNED FOR JULY Tucker Brewing CompanyCeltfather LiveThe Lost DruidYouTube 1:58 - RANT: BUSKING SHOWMANSHIP I heard this quote from Elvis Presley years ago where he said, "You gotta put on a show to draw a crowd." CELTFATHER MONTHLY UPDATES 12:31 - PODCASTS Only one episode of Pub Songs & Stories this month. It highlighted "By Amazing Grace", my latest single. The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast had a full four episodes, including a Women of Summer episode. Though I was pretty pleased with the Life Is Too Short episode as well. Amelia Hogan is one of my new favorite Celtic musicians on the podcast. The Brobdingnagian Bards Podcast came out later than usual. Andrew and I talked about "Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head". We talk getting comfortable on stage and chipmunk style Bog Off. Celtfather Music & Travel had a bonus episode where I talked about sound reinforcement at busking gigs. And Patreon was extra busy this month. In addition the free MP3s, I talked about a big happy success in July. I chatted about MP3s, CDs and streaming music, and I shared an unreleased podcast from Sherwood Forest Faire. 14:41 - VIDEOS At the beginning of the month I had one of those epic parenting successes. I was practicing music more with my kids. So my wife recorded a video of Kenzie singing "I'll Tell My Ma" while Inara danced and I played autoharp. It was amazing. One of those things I dreamed of, but never imagined would happen. The big news is the return of Coffee with The Celtfather. Season 9 starts on Thursday, August 5. I'm debating running a Kickstarter campaign to pay for so that I can broadcast over multiple platforms. I feel like raising $120 is easy enough. AND since I don't earn much by way of tips, it would better fund the show, and show its profitability outside of Patreon. I haven't made a commitment yet, but it I'm seriously considering it. The next Celtfather Live is on Thursday, August 19 at 8 pm ET. 16:38 - IN THE STUDIO "By Amazing Grace", was released as a single on July 29. "Peggy Gordon" was released as a single on July 2. "Bright Side of Everything" is the next single. It's scheduled to come out on August 26. That one features the background music and vocals of Celtic rock band Screeched Inn, out of Canada. I have plenty of songs completed to finish up Selcouth. But there's one more I want to add. It's the "Reavers Drinking Song". I haven't recorded it at all, as of present. That's at the top of my recording schedule when the girls start back for school in August. I did record three songs for Another Faire to Remember. This is an EP that the Brobdingnagian Bards hope to release for Dragon Con. I still need to record at least one more song to make it happen. 18:58 - MERCH Virtual Public House is still on sale. I'm gonna pull it at the end of August. The As Long As I'm Flyin' vinyl album will no longer be available past September. So if you want either of those, you should order soon. Incidentally, sales for Virtual Public House have not been great. So I'm happy to say there will not be further editions released like this. I say happy because years ago, the Brobdingnagian Bards released Christmas in Brobdingnag, Vol. 1, with the intent that there would be future volumes. And there never were. I thought about naming Virtual Public House in a similar fashion. Now I don't have to. Instead of releasing Virtual Public House like I have, I'm just gonna continue to release the MP3s via Patreon. And then I might use the CD as a bonus item for Kickstarters. Meantime, you can download a free MP3 every month from this CD when you sign up to my mailing...


The Louder, The Better... Or Is It?

Is louder, better? This is Celtfather Music & Travel show #282. I booked a farmer's market gig. The booker told me I would need to play completely unplugged. Past musicians played too loudly. They disrupted the sales of the vendors. Those musicians won't be coming back. And now I might not get to play amplified. Some people think that louder is better. Louder does stand out more. The more noise you make, the more people take notice. But it does not necessarily mean it's better. For many years, the Elven Hill stage at Sherwood Forest Faire had a band that blasted their music. The sound traveled all the way down the hill. It disrupted the atmosphere of the Renaissance festival. But the musicians got noticed. They were a favorite for their Led Zeppelin and Last of the Mohican cover songs. It was a great for them. They grew their fan base. Down the hill, the folk musicians suffered. They were drowned out by the music. We're talking 20 year veterans with amazing vocals and song arrangements. Their shows were interrupted. They grew slower. They had to adjust. Now most of the musicians at the faire amplify their music to get noticed. Eventually, the over amplification was replaced with sound reinforcement at most stages. The loud band no longer exists. All of those acoustic musicians are still performing. Seth Godin released a podcast back in June 2021 called "How Many Edges?" or "Fueling the Engines of pision". The podcast talks about social media companies and how they are pushing people to the edges. He suggests that maybe it is time for them to change their algorithms to stop pushing the extremes. Social media companies used their algorithm to turn us into raving fans. They took us deeper and deeper into our fandoms and things we that evoked an emotional response. If it was just the things we loved, that'd be great. But many of the things we that moved us also infuriated us. That's why social media now makes us sad and angry. It brings very little joy. But just imagine if those companies changed their algorithms. What if they stopped pushing us to the extremes. What if they stopped feeding the spread of disinformation or negative information. They have the power to make our feeds something we love again. Yes. People would stay on social media less. But would that really matter? They already have monopolies. They make billions of dollars a year. They don't NEED more people on their platform all the time. And they would still make billions. That's how big they are. The extremes are loud. For a short time, people will take notice. But it's the small folk musicians at the faire who are still making a living with their music. They aren't loud and obnoxious. They aren't drowning out other musicians. They are just as good or better than the bands blowing out their ears. But they are getting rehired for gigs because they aren't disrupting the culture. That's what life is all about. It's about our culture. It's about things we love. Not things we loathe. We all want to be happy. The best way to do that is to be a bit more respectful of those around us, to not push people to extremes, even if those extremes might be good for us as individuals. Is it good for those around us? We are all in this together. We can be happy without making others miserable. We can be respectful and get noticed. We can lift our neighbors up, even if it doesn't serve our own self interests. Because it's good for the community. It's good for the culture. And ultimately, it will be good for us too. I hope you enjoyed this podcast episode. If you did you can show your support by joining the Gunn Runners Club on Patreon. You can do that for as little as $5 per month. In addition to podcasts like this, you'll also get a couple exclusive free MP3s every month. You'll get video concerts and updates about what's new. You can find out more when you visit the website and subscribe at


Alternate Look at Live Performances (June 2021)

How was the first science fiction convention back? Podcasting during a summer with kids. New songs finished. Plus, an alternate look at live performances. It's all on my monthly update, Celtfather Music & Travel, show #281. 0:26 - SHOWS PLANNED FOR JULY JUL 9: Interstellar Ginger Beer & Exploration Co., Alabaster, AL @ 7-10 PM CT JUL 10: Pepper Place Farmer's Market, Birmingham, AL @ 8:00 AM - 12 PM CT JUL 15: Browncoats on Celtfather Live @ 8 PM ET. Get your tickets. JUL 16-18: JordanCon, Atlanta, GA JUL 30: Ironshield Brewing, Lawrenceville, GA @ 7:00 – 10:00 PM. THURS: Coffee with The Celtfather, YouTube (Season 9 returns on Aug 5, 2021) @ 12:00 PM EST 1:21 - PAST MONTH 2:36 - RANT: AN ALTERNATE LOOK AT LIVE PERFORMANCES MONTHLY UPDATES 7:02 - PODCASTS Mikey Mason has a podcast called MikeyTalks. I listened to it while I was driving to Magic City Con last week. Curse him! It was really good. He's such a good storyteller. I find it frustrating that I'm not better because I would really like to do a show like that. I just don't feel it would be as good. Ah well... Summer break for the kids is making it difficult to plan ahead with podcasts. Pub Songs & Stories is coming out slower than I'd like. In June, I released... The Harpers #232: Was the harp banned by Queen Elizabeth? Hear the origins of the song Soul of a Harper by Rie Sheridan Rose. Songwriting as a parent offers its own special joys, songs about the children we love. Plus, was it horrible, the night that Paddy Murphy died? Next time, there are a couple stories by Carl Asch of Empty Hats and Adrian of Tartanic. So far the Virtual Public House CD is not selling well. I'm not sure if that's an issue of promotion (or lack thereof) or the type of CD. So if you want to own a limited-edition CD, get it now. The album will be available for just a few more months. But it won't last the year. I had some good episodes of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast in June. I'm particularly excited about the release of The Gothard Sisters' new CD, Dragonfly. I feature several tracks and will continue to. The Brobdingnagian Bards Podcast and Celtfather Music & Travel were on hiatus. I did release a couple Stories from the Road podcasts on Patreon though. I'm also starting to think about the next In the 'Verse podcast. I need to get back to songwriting. That podcast will help. 9:34 - VIDEOS Coffee with The Celtfather ended well. Those season finales seem to do pretty well. I started planning the themes for season 9 which will start on Thursday, August 5. I'm seriously considering signing back up to ReStream, which will once again allow me to broadcast on multiple platforms. Though, I will still stick primarily with YouTube. Maybe I'll just do one month. The re-launch of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast YouTube channel is posing problematic. YouTube stopped allowing me to edit shows on their website. So I used a secondary website. And that's just too much work for someone who has not enough time. So I might discontinue that. My Celtfather Live concert this month had a fairly light attendance. But it was a great group of Gunn Runners. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know there are so many people who support my music. The next Celtfather Live is a FREE SHOW. It's scheduled for Thursday, July 15 at 8 pm ET. 11:17 - IN THE STUDIO I finally finished up "By Amazing Grace", "Bright Side of Everything", "Favor of a Dance", "Kilty Pleasure", and "Breathing". So we much closer to finishing up Selcouth. I'm thinking of having a private listening party for Gunn Runners to help me decide which are the best tracks on the album. I'm also gonna do that with my family. ALEP is postponed once again. So looks like Sam Gillogly and I have more time to finish our Dancing With Hobbits album. We still have quite a few tracks to release. "Name On My Soul" by Kilted Kings was released as a single this month. Listens have not been great. But oh well... The full album is out on...


Honoring the Celtic Green Thumb

Honoring the Celtic Green Thumb for Earth Day and Arbor Day Today many of us have at least a few house plants for decoration indoors, or invest in a few pretty flower pots to set out on the porch. We sit on a bench under the shade of a big tree in the heat of the mid-day sun to take a break from mowing the lawn or playing with the kids. We may even tend to a little herb garden—or sew a few tomato plants and veggies in a small garden out back. Even so, it can be so easy to forget that in the not-too-distant past, trees and plants were both tied so much more strongly to all facets of day-to-day life—and in many different ways. The Celtic culture is rich with references to trees and plants; especially as one looks back to more primitive times. Between holding certain trees sacred, using plants for medicine, and believing that spirits could be found in some of these forms, the natural world certainly loomed large for the Celtic people. It’s something they lived with closely, and honored in many different ways. Add to that the true, heartfelt love of the land that Celtic people embrace, and it makes sense that we’d want to highlight both Arbor Day and Earth Day this month for our listeners. Earth Day takes place on April 22nd, and it’s really a good time to take a moment to think about our connection with the planet that we live on. With so many concerns having to do with the environment today, this is a topic that definitely could use some attention. Perhaps our Celtic ancestors, as primitive as things may have been back in the day, had the jump on us where this is concerned. After all, although all of our modern conveniences are quite lovely, they do tend to have the effect of separating us from the natural world in a way that lessens our connection with it. During the coronavirus crisis, many people found a little bit of that connection again in one way or another—be it through taking more walks outside, planning a garden from seed, or even just thinking more about the natural landscape and how it factors into this life we live. Although connecting with nature is certainly not a concept the Celtic people have dibs on, it is definitely a quality that defines this group of people. There’s so much we can do—even small things—to better feel that bond with the environment and all the living things that share the world around us. Arbor Day, this year celebrated on April 30th, is the perfect time to take action in this regard. Planting a tree is one of the most immediate ways to give back to the earth, and it’s easy to do as well! I encourage you to take a few minutes toward the end of April if you can, and plant a tree! Back in 2018 I did a podcast episode of Celtic music dedicated to Arbor Day, which you can find linked below. In 2020 I also put out a podcast centered around planting a tree. It would be great if even a few people took the time to don some head phones and get into the spirit of connecting with the land—just like the Celts did. Whether you jump back to these podcasts, or wait for some of the tracks that I’m including in the upcoming episode, head outside and spend some time listening to music and communing with the natural world. If you have a spot that would suit a tree, plant one—and if not, check into what native plants might work well in your landscape and zip a few into the ground. Not only will it feel good to do it, but you’ll be making the world a better place—and there’s no better way to do something like that then while playing Celtic music as you go. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already, and thanks so much for joining us here today. Be sure to check out our Earth Day podcast coming up on fill in the date here for some other great Celtic music to plant by! Support Celtic culture and our amazing planet Earth through music. Subscribe at


Stories & Inspiration Behind the Music

New stories in the virtual public house. Limited-edition CDs. I'm a Rover, Seldom Sober video. Who recorded on what Selcouth song. And a new hobbit single. It's all on my monthly update, Celtfather Music & Travel, show #279. 0:17 - PODCASTS I've made so many changes to the Pub Songs Podcast over the years. I'm always wondering what do I want it to be? I think I finally have a format I'm excited about. The new intro goes like this: "Welcome to the Pub Songs & Stories, the Virtual Public House where you hear the stories and inspiration behind the music." The new format solves several issues I've had. First, it gives me a way to share my music in a fun capacity, performing "live" for my listeners, in much the same way Bing Crosby would've done on the Kraft Music Hall back in the day. I can sing new recordings of songs. I can share my stories about songs too. These can be either what the song is about or just a story related to the song I'm singing in the show. This is by far the toughest thing about producing the show, coming up with engaging stories. The new format also allows me to share stories and help other musicians. I plan to feature two stories from two different artists in each episode, plus one of their songs from each. If I can get an acoustic original performance, all the better. But right now, I'm just sharing studio recordings. My goal is to help promote them in a more personal setting, again, through stories. But even better, I realized that most musicians don't have my skill with podcasting. I see this new feature as a way for musicians to sort of have their own podcast. Of course that also means I can promote to their fans as well. So it's a win-win as far as I can see... IF I can keep up with the stories. You may also note that I'm not limiting this to Celtic musicians. Instead it's gonna be around my niche Celtic AND Geek music. The new description zooms in on musicians in general. If there's a story to be told, I might consider it. Oh! There's one more thing I am launching--limited-edition CDs. I asked Mitchell to start mixing down all of my songs in Pub Songs & Stories. Every three months or so, we will release a CD featuring the best of all of those songs. I'm also considering a possible USB which might include outtakes or song duplicates PLUS all of the podcast episodes. Again, it's limited edition. So the CD won't be available for long. 3-6 months. I though this might be another nice to fund the podcast. The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast had some killer St Patrick's Day shows this year. Episode #500 was over four hours long. I LOVED hearing all of the congrats that were sent in by artists. It was a big pick me up. The March episode of Brobdingnagian Bards Podcast featured music. No big news there. Hopefully, Andrew and I can stay on top of upcoming shows. 4:53 - VIDEOS I think YouTube algorithms are finally understanding my channel. I'm not seeing greater subscribers yet. But the channel is mostly live shows (Coffee with The Celtfather) and I'm getting a decent number of folks watching those. I posted a couple new video singles recently. One was recorded in 2018 for the Celtic Invasion of the Isle of Skye. It's my journey from Glasgow to Inverness by train. The music is for "I'm A Rover, Seldom Sober". I have more video singles that are coming. I also created several new Canvases for Spotify. I'm still thinking about what videos to use for which song. Slowly getting those uploaded. The next Celtfather Live concert is scheduled for Thursday, April 15. This one is "For Mother Earth". I'm not sure what songs to include on that outside of "Heart of Fangorn". But whatever. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Tickets are different this time. All you have to do is spend $8 in my Mage Records store and you will get access to the show. And of course it's free to all Heroic Gunn Runners. 7:16 - IN THE STUDIO I'm still getting tracks back from musicians for Selcouth are done. No big...


A Little Lady Luck for St. Pat’s!

When it comes to Celtic music there’s so much to choose from that it can be overwhelming to know where to start if you’re looking for something suitable for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Naturally much of this will depend on your individual taste. Some people prefer a raucous band of musicians on pipes, others love a great vocalist, while still others like nothing more than peaceful harp music. There’s so much variety! Female-led bands or artists are one option that might be appealing for some. Whether you just want to support a female artist, or you love the sound of a Celtic song sung by a lady, there are numerous bands out there that showcase the ample talents of women in the Celtic music arena. Let’s take a closer look at just a few that you might want to check out this holiday… Lissa Schneckenburger grew up with music and has been playing the fiddle since the age of six. She attended the New England Conservatory of Music and graduated with a degree in Contemporary Improvisation, so there is a lot of knowledge behind this lady’s arrangements and playing ability. Listeners looking for something heavy on the fiddle would enjoy exploring her musical offerings, including albums titled simply, “Dance” and “Song”. Heather Dale is a contemporary Celtic music artist that is a singer, as well as an accomplished musician. She plays piano, hammered dulcimer, Irish flutes and whistles, and bodhran drum alongside her band members. Dale highlights original Celtic folk music, but adds an updated twist with the instrumentation. The theme of fantasy runs deep in much of her music, but she also offers an album (My Celtic Heart) that features traditional folk songs. The Gothard Sisters are another interesting Celtic band, and they blend Celtic, folk, classical, world and northwest musical influences. These three sisters play together seamlessly, and offer a lovely selection of contemporary Celtic music that has wide appeal. Having over 10 years of experience playing with one another provides a great foundation for the band, and their songs feature everything from acoustic guitar, to mandolin, to djembe, to octave violin, and more. It seems starting young on the fiddle may well be a recipe for success. Eileen Ivers began her studies at age eight, and went on to win nine All-Ireland fiddle championships. If the strings call to your heart, they are front and center in much of her work, and played just beautifully. Her latest album, “Scatter the Light” features some very good original music, but there’s plenty to explore on her other offerings as well. The Selkie GirlsScreaming OrphansLissa SchneckenburgerEileen IversHeather DaleTami CurtisThe Gothard Sisters While this is just a small sampling of all the talent that is out there, these Celtic bands should give you a starting point if you’re looking to add to your St. Patrick’s Day selection of excellent music to accompany you this holiday. We hope you’ll continue to join us here where we’re on a mission to bring you the very best and brightest Celtic music artists – male and female – all throughout this coming year! Please subscribe to the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast so you don’t miss a thing. Celebrate Celtic culture through music at


Celtic Music Connoisseur’s Guide to St. Patrick’s Day Listening

Some people grab a bottle of $3.99 wine and are perfectly happy pouring themselves a glass or three--and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. However, others would rather pass on that glass in favor of sipping on something that tickles their more well-developed palate. Fine wines are often a bit of an acquired taste, and I’ll admit that I can’t tell the difference between a decent wine and an exceptional one. The detail in the “notes” of vanilla and oak, etc. have always been a bit lost on me. That said, I do know that I tend to like wines from certain regions, such as New Zealand and Chile. Everyone is a little different, right? It’s what makes the world go ‘round. Although the comparison may not be direct, there is a similarity when it comes to Celtic music. Some people love any music that is in the spirit of the Celtic sound and are content to raise a glass on St. Patrick’s Day with any type of Irish-related music playing merrily away in the room. Again—there’s nothing wrong with that. However, others may be a bit more particular about the musical style and instrumentation, focusing on the skill of the players or vocals, and the overall quality of the band or group. And some might have a preference for authentic Celtic bands that deliver music that blends stories and a sense of heritage into the mix. Since the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast is generally aimed more at those who are interested specifically in Celtic bands, what follows is a curated list of favorites that will all lend something special to your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. This won’t be the list you find on a typical roundup of tunes for the holiday—and that’s a good thing! Some of the groups or artists were chosen because they feature accomplished Celtic musicians or vocalists. Others earned a spot for their musical originality and authentic Celtic background. Many on this list have all those qualifications, and more. The fact is, this isn’t a list that is geared toward those who are satisfied with the "$3.99 version", instead it’s for those who feel a connection to Celtic music at a level that runs a little deeper than just plain fun. People who truly love Irish music and are into the Celtic culture every day, not just on St. Patrick’s Day. We Banjo 3JiggyThe Selkie GirlsScreaming OrphansOckham's RazorBarleyjuiceLissa SchneckenburgerAn LarSkeleton McKeeRunaStringer's RidgeEileen IversAlexander James AdamsHeather DaleTami CurtisJesse FergusonW Ed HarrisKilmaine SaintsSyrThe Gothard Sisters No matter what kind of Celtic music palate you have developed over time, there’s something for you in this list. Have a listen, swirl it around, see what resonates, and get yourself ready for the holiday we all love so much. St. Patrick’s Day awaits—and it needs a playlist! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast so you can dig deeper and learn more about what’s out there in Celtic music. It would be great to have you with us! Thanks as always for supporting my music. Podcasts and streaming music give you a quick and easy way to sample all of my music. Digital sales keep my business running. Tips and CD sales allow me to tour. Kickstarter funds physical products like CDs, shirts and other merch. And Patreon funds my songwriting! Join the Gunn Runners Club on Patreon to support my songwriting. You will step behind-the-scenes with new music, bonus podcasts, videos, and live concerts. Thank you for supporting Sci F'Irish music at!


8 St Patrick's Day Party Music Tips

I will share EIGHT great ways for you to have a spectacular St Patrick's Day today Celtfather Music & Travel. The best thing about St Patrick’s Day for me is that is a great time to celebrate Celtic culture. My passion lies in the music. I immersed myself in nothing but Irish and Scottish music for over a decade. I took that knowledge to create newsletters, blogs, videos, and eventually podcasts that celebrate Celtic culture through music. St Patrick's Day is also my favorite time of year. It makes sense. I play Celtic music, and have done so since the 90s. I host the largest podcast of Celtic music in the world. Oh! And if that's not enough, it's also my birthday. I guess you could say I know a little something about St Patrick's Day. So let's get started. The cream of the Celtic music crop is the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Since 2005, this show has shared the music of the Celts from around the world. It's a like your favorite Celtic radio program, except you can download it to you computer or phone. You can listen to it ANYWHERE at ANY TIME. And just like those most of those weekly Celtic radio shows, it's 100% free. It also focuses on the smaller Celtic bands. The ones that you might not hear on your favorite Celtic radio program. That's because most of these bands don't have record labels. They're doing it themselves. And they might be performing in YOUR community. You might not even know about them yet. But they are fantastic. The music ranges from traditional reels and jigs to pub songs to Celtic rock and fusion. It's a HUGE amalgamation of incredible music. And it's available for free on nearly all of your favorite podcatchers. And you can even download a free app to listen to the show on your phone. You can subscribe and find out more at This is a good time to mention the St Patrick's Day Podcast. That was a short-run show that was released by the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast many years ago. The goal was to provide you with a St Patrick's Day playlist of amazing Celtic music by some of the best indie Celtic bands online. There's not a lot of talking. It's mostly about the music. You can find that at And some St Patrick's Day gifts here. Next on the list is the Pub Songs & Stories podcast. I started this show in 2005. It's gone through many renditions over the years, but right now, it is the virtual public house for Celtic and geek culture. I sing songs live in each show. I also chat about Celtic and Geek things that inspire me. I also share stories about my songs, both traditional and original. That's the thing that I love about the show. I love story telling. Pub Stories are stories from primarily Celtic musicians about their songs. It's stories from the road. The things that inspired them to write songs or share music. It's the stories that make you fall in love with Celtic music in the first place. Since I also host the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, I have direct access to hundreds of Celtic musicians. I'm adding new stories from these amazing bands in every show. It's fantastic! Again, you will find this podcast available EVERYWHERE online. Subscribe to the podcast for free at If you want to find other Celtic podcasts and stay on top of what's new, the Celtic Music Magazine is a great resource. I started publishing the weekly newsletter in 2000. It's still going today. You can still get 34 free Celtic MP3s when you subscribe. And every St Patrick's Day I share 17 more free Celtic MP3s from some of the bands featured on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. But the best part is every podcast that features Celtic music or culture is featured in the newsletter. It's a great way to find new podcasts of Celtic culture. Sign up so you don't miss at If you just love Celtic music and want some of the best of the best, the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast hosts the Celtic Top 20 every year. This is where you vote for your favorite...


St Patrick's Day 2021

Greetings Gunn Runner How can you celebrate St Patrick's Day in 2021 with podcasts, videos, blogs and perhaps even live concerts. Enjoy St Patrick's Day stories. A new Dancing with Hobbits single. Learn about the Brobdingnagian Bards' next single. Save on a St Patrick's Day CD special. And get ready for my birthday. It's all on my monthly update, Celtfather Music & Travel, show #275. 0:26 - PODCASTS I am on fire with podcasting. I finally have systems that allow me to complete episodes and plan future ones in a timely fashion. So I'm ahead on all of my podcasts. I have nearly completed all the March episodes of the Pub Songs Podcast. I also have a new primary feature for that shows. I'm sharing stories from musicians. I love it because it's something solid. It gets other musicians involved. And again it's evergreen. The first March episode features two stories. One is from na Skylark. The second is from Stout Pounders. The St Patrick's Day show is most like a St Patrick's Day concert. I'm singing a bunch of songs that you requested in that episode. If you'd like to help out with future shows, there's One thing that would be amazing. Make a song request. You can suggest either a song I know or one I don't. Maybe I'll learn it. I'd like to learn some new songs for the podcast. To keep it interesting. The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast has several St Patrick's Day episodes. My 17 for St Patrick's Day show comes out on March 4. All of the songs in that episode will be available for free download three days before St Patrick's Day. Then my BIG St Pat's show is also the 500th episode of the podcast. It was supposed to JUST be a 3-hour special. But when I remembered that my graphic artist, Miranda Nelson, had asked musicians to submit audio feedback. It became quite a bit longer. In fact, it's still being edited as I record this. Because there were over 60 songs in that show. That should be nearly 5 hours long... in one podcast. Yeah. I think this will officially be my longest podcast episode yet. Thankfully, I have Mitchell editing it. [Sorry Mitchell.] And I have a plan for recording and releasing it. Pro tip for anyone creating podcasts... or anything. Create a system to complete your projects. It helps! Finally, I created a system for releasing Brobdingnagian Bards Podcast episodes on a more regular basis. Andrew's been swamped. But I got him to record a February show. And I'm recording a simple music show for March. After that, I hope to stay on top of monthly episodes. The show will come out in the middle of each month. 4:04 - VIDEOS I started creating Canvases for Spotify. Basically, artists can share a 3-8 second video that plays on loop when you listen to a song on Spotify. I'd love to add that to as many of my songs as I can. I just need to figure out what kind of videos to add to each song. I haven't figured out WHAT to add yet. But there are a few that now have them. I just realized last week that Coffee with The Celtfather is doing exceptionally well. There are about 20 people watching the show every week. That's much higher than the 5-10 that used to. Facebook was really hit and miss and unreliable. So this is fantastic. My viewership is growing. I planned out themes for the rest of the season. Theming shows seems to help attendance. But boy it is tough coming up with themes. If you have any cool show titles, let me know. The next Celtfather Live concert is scheduled for Thursday, March 11. It is a St Patrick's Day show. I am theming my Celtfather Live shows once again. So for this show, I will play fun Celtic songs for St Patrick's Day. Then I will take your song requests. And I'll play for another 30-60 minutes depending on how many requests I get. So if you have any song requests, let me know. This show is a ticketed event. Tickets are $8. You can get them in my store. Spend $15 or more in the store, you'll also get access. And of course, if you are a Heroic member of the Gunn...


Kindness Goes A Long Way

Greetings Gunn Runner St Patrick's Day is re-released and it's back on CD for a limited time. Selcouth moves closer to completion. A little bit of kindness goes a long way. And Get a sticker and access this month's Celtfather Live by joining the Gunn Runners Club on Patreon. It's all on Celtfather Monthly for February 2021, show #274 0:22 - PODCASTS The Pub Songs Podcast started with some strong evergreen episodes. The first highlighted the re-release of my St Patrick's Day CD. More about that in a bit. Then there was an interview with Bruno Maia of Tuatha De Danann. I shared my recording of "Johnny Jump" and then shared Tuatha De Danann's Celtic rock version. I love that recording. I also did a Robert Burns Day episode. That one features Scottish kilt-loving songs. I have an interview with Devo Spice. He's a huge Doctor Who fan who wrote the song "Doctor of Gallifrey". He shares a little Whovian facts. I love these interviews. And I want to do more. But I realize that it might be easier if I only plan to do one episode per month. And then the second one is mostly music. I'm not saying that's how it will be. But the first episode of February is a Top 5 Irish Drinking Songs episode. So stay tuned for that. Over the past few years, I themed new episodes of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. A couple years ago it was Celtic women. Last years was the love of planet earth and nature. I feel my themes go on the wayside though. I released a two hour episode at the start of this year where I announced a repeat of the Planet Earth theme. It was sort of a do over year for the podcast since last year's theme was replaced by the pandemic. Then we had an insurrection. It was then I realized I already established the theme for 2021 a few months ago when I said I was voting for Joe Biden. I voted for kindness back in the White House. And kindness for America. Well, if there's one thing I can hope and pray for our nation, it's that we can bring kindness back to our country. Less name calling. Less anger. More forgiveness. Kindness is what you can expect to see more from me through everything I do this year. I'm keeping that as my mantra as I peruse Facebook. If it's not kind, I try not to share it or like it or whatever. I want to see a return to Kindness. 2:40 - VIDEOS The new Coffee with The Celtfather is back. As usual, it's a free to watch show. I'm trying to have at least one show with my "hit songs" so newbies might be interested in watching too. So far shows are getting decent attendance. But I'll keep it up. Of course, if you enjoy the show, tips are always gratefully appreciated. The next Celtfather Live concert is scheduled for Thursday, February 18. I'm trying to decide how to theme this show. If you have any theme requests, let me know ASAP. That show is still a ticketed evening event. Tickets are $8. You can get them in my store. Spend $15 or more in the store, you'll also get access. And of course, if you are a member of the Gunn Runners Club, you will get free access. I was struck at the end of last month with the question. Is it worth my time and effort to release video singles every week? I looked at the numbers and realized the answer is no. It's not the best strategy. Yes. If I record a stellar performance of a song during a Coffee show, then sure, it's probably a great idea to release a single like "Hallelujah" back in November. But I think that's the exception to the rule. So I'm starting to think about how to edit a solid music video highlighting my music instead. It's a little tougher to do. But oh well... 4:38 - IN THE STUDIO I finally had a good sit down to look at my recording schedule. What do I have left to do to finish Selcouth? One of the big things is deciding what instruments I want on a recording. I finally heard back from Nathan Deese. He's gonna start working on "Breathing". I think he will be perfect for this song. "Favor of a Dance" was sent to Vicki Swan & Jonny...


Celtfather Monthly: January 2021 Goals

Greetings Gunn Runner It's time to take a look back at the past year, to decide what worked and what didn't. What is useful and what isn't? Before we get to all that, we're gonna do a review of December. It's all on Celtfather Monthly, show #273 0:14 - PODCASTS December is always the toughest month for podcasting for me. That's because in addition to the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, I have the Celtic Christmas Podcast and I have to create the Best Celtic Music of the Year episode. I can't do that until all of the votes in the Celtic Top 20 are in. So December is a little bit different. There was only one regular episode of the podcast this year. That came out on the first Thursday of the month. The second episode was a Patron Request show. that was a good and long show. This year's Christmas episode highlighted Celtic women playing Christmas music. It was a two hour special, thanks to a Patreon milestone we hit. Fantastic show whether you enjoy Christmas music or not. Meanwhile, I finished up the final two episodes of the Celtic Christmas Podcast. It was a pretty good year, though a bit labor intensive. Again, that's in large part to all of the other podcasts and work I need to do. I'm probably gonna cut back on shows. But we shall see. I'm gonna set some new milestones next year to see if I do more or less episodes. If you love the podcast, look for those in October. I did enjoy releasing the Hang the Holly episodes of the Celtic Christmas Podcast. Stay tuned. I will publicly release them to the feed in the months to come. Planning for the Pub Songs Podcast is getting better. It's amazing how much easier things become when you create a solid plan and plan ahead. There's still a little uncertainty. But I find myself already planning the January episodes. I even recorded one of those already. So I know what's coming. If I can keep that up and fine tune it, this may become favorite podcast. What I don't know yet is what listeners think. The show gets a really good number of downloads. But is it something that gets people excited? Something that makes you want to share it? I'm reading another book on Bing Crosby. He ran the Kraft Music Hall for over a decade. That was one of the most-popular radio programs of the 30s and 40s. I often liken podcasting to the early days of radio. So I'm looking for ideas. While I can offer music that I feel like you will enjoy, I don't have the comedic skills of Bing. Certainly not as a solo podcaster and I don't have the easy ability to add co-host. Hm. I don't know. Maybe I could work out something with Andrew. Honestly, I'd love the Brobdingnagian Bards Podcast to become something more. I just haven't figured out how. And sadly, Andrew and I had trouble the past couple o'months recording a podcast at all. 6:27 - VIDEOS Coffee with The Celtfather came to a wonderful conclusion. We had a bunch of viewers watching the final episode of the season. Season 8 returns on Thursday, January 7 at noon eastern. I'll have to let you know about Celtfather Live. I'm cataloging this BEFORE that show. So I'm not sure about the success. I'll let you know next month. But you can also catch the next Celtfather Live on January 21. All Heroic Gunn Runners will get access to that show. The video single release plan is working great. I have enough videos to release them weekly. I put out "Slainte Mhaith Christmas", "Let's Have a Celtic Christmas", "Kilty Pleasure", and "Hero of Christmas". 8:06 - IN THE STUDIO Oh, the studio. I did not spend much time recording, at least at the beginning of the month. I did write a new tune that I'm gonna try and record, maybe add a guest musician to as well. In fact, it might turn into a hobbit tune with Sam Gillogly. We shall see... I did decide to finish "Wherever I May Roam" though. That song just needed completion. It sounds great. Is it everything I dream it should be? I don't know. But I'm not sure where to go with it. Or how to revamp. The Browncoat...