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THis is a CLEAN podcast for kids. Thanks for your time.

THis is a CLEAN podcast for kids. Thanks for your time.
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THis is a CLEAN podcast for kids. Thanks for your time.






Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself - Pt 2

The exciting conclusion of this 2 part episode, and the conclusion of The World of Buddy Pegs Season 1! After Watson, Wrigley, and Schmiddy disappear into the secret tunnel below Buddy Pegs, they emerge in Schmiddy's secret workshop. Watson calls a 'sticking around meeting' because he has another hair brain idea for a new gadget to be added to his bike, a Super Bike Booster (SBB). Schmiddy gets right to work building it! The next day, the Buddy Pegs crew finds out that one of the local...


BUDDY PEGS PODCAST #13 Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself - Pt 1.

What exactly does the Buddy Pegs bike shop look like anyway? Well, in Part 1 of this 2 part episode you can take a look for yourself! The Buddy pegs crew takes you on a tour of the shop complete with Schmiddy’s fantastical contraptions like the Repair Bike Check-in-omatic 4000 (RBC4K for short), and a garage door opener like you’ve never seen before. Oh, and the best part… wait until you hear about the secret entrance to the underground part of Buddy Pegs! Only Watson, Wrigley, and...


Buddy Pegs Podcast #12: The Reason For Giving - Part 2

The exciting conclusion to the first Buddy Pegs holiday episode! Spokesville’s Holiday Bike Drive Extravaganza Extraordinaire (or SHBDEE for short) is in jeopardy! All the right sided pedals of the donated bicycles have been stolen from Top Dog Elementary School. Not to worry because Poppawheelie, Captain Endo, and Master mouse Kabibble are on the case! Find out how the crew works together to recover the stolen pedals from the villainous cat Cheetos and saaaaave the day! Oh, and take...


Buddy Pegs Podcast Episode 11: The Reason For Giving - Part 1

In part one of this original children’s story, all the pedaling pooches who work at the bicycle shop Buddy Pegs are getting ready for their very first holiday bicycle giveaway called the Spokesville Holiday Bike Drive Extravaganza Extraordinaire! Or, SHBDEE for short. A mystery unfolds when the Buddy Pegs crew arrives to fix up all the bikes before the event begins. Oh no... All the right pedals, and Woodruff’s pedal wrench, have been stolen! In the blink of an eye, Watson and Wrigley...


BUDDY PEGS PODCAST #10: NICA's Austin McInerney Interview

10 year old Addie interview Austin McInerney, the President of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association or (NICA). Since 2009, NICA has been developing interscholastic mountain biking programs for middle and high school student-athletes across the United States. Austin has helped grow NICA into the largest youth cycling program in the United States with 19 leagues, in 20 states, with over 11,000 student athletes in the program. WOW! Learn more about NICA here! Austin gives...


S01 Episode 3.2: The Focal Point - Pt 2

In part 2 of this story, the posse of pups arrive at Buddy Pegs where the ace mechanic Woodruff is able to fix Bertrand’s wheel that was “taco’d” in Part 1. The following day, the pups ride back to the singletrack trail where Bernie the Badger teaches them about the focal point - a simple trick to help stay focused on what matters when you ride your bike, and in your life! Back at Buddy Pegs, the crew finally makes a decision about Glidster bikes thanks to advice from young...


S01 Interview Episode: Levi Leipheimer on Fondos, Fundraising & Furry Friends

7 year old Rowan interviews Levi Leipheimer on Fundraising, Crashing (Bikes and Skis), Furry Friends and more. Learn more about Levi's Gran Fondo that is taking place this upcoming weekend, Sept. 30, in Santa Rosa, California. The Tenrec! Our host Rowan getting ready for his big interview! Check out all our episodes at Subscribe now on iTunes and Stitcher.


S01 Episode 3.1 The Focal Point - Pt 1

In part 1 of this story, the Buddy Pegs shop grom Skipper finds a mysterious note in one of the bike boxes. After school the next day, he and his gang of friends follow the directions in the note to meet up with their super hero idles Poppa Wheelie and Captain Endo, and the mysterious badger Bernard Hifleut. Meanwhile, Watson and Wrigley are offered a chance to carry Glidster Bikes at the shop, the hot new bike brand everyone wants! Safe and fun for kids of all ages! Thanks to Woom...


S01 Episode 2.3 Michael SRAM Master Link Interview

Michael Zellmann is the Senior Public Relations Manager at SRAM, one of the world’s largest and most revered manufacturers of bicycle parts in the world. In this episode, Braden (7 year old Buddy Pegs Grom) asks Michael all about bicycle chains and the master link that was such a big part of Skipper’s journey into Buddy Pegs in the Missing Link episode. Watch how a whole bicycle drivetrain is assembled, including the use of a master link on this SRAM tech video. Michael...


S01 Episode 2.2: The Missing Link - Pt 2

In part 2 of this story, the Buddy Pegs shop grom, Skipper, fails to show up for work and becomes a “missing link” in the Buddy Pegs chain. Turns out that something went wrong on his weekend ride with friends and he couldn’t bear to face the Buddy Pegs crew afterwards. Find out how Schmiddy 'the dog, the cat' helps Skipper understand the importance of an age old formula E+O=R. An Event + Your Reaction = The Outcome. Special thanks to Cleary Bikes, the sponsor of Episode 2 - The Missing...


S01 Episode 2.1: The Missing Link - Pt 1

In part 1 of this story, the crew at the bike shop Buddy Pegs has a problem… they can’t keep up with the busy Spring season and all the bikes that need to be built and fixed! So the two bicycle mechanics, Schmiddy the dog the cat, and Woodruff the Bergamasco shepherd, find a solution by hiring a new pup to help clean the store after school. Check out these fun links about how bikes are assembled, and why you should always have your local bike shop build your new bike! Calvin's Last...


S01 Episode 1.3: Freehub Body Interview with Calvin Jones from Park Tool Company

Calvin Jones is the Director of Education at the Park Tool Company - the world’s biggest and best bicycle specific tool manufacturer. In this episode, Rowan (7 year old Buddy Pegs grom) asks Calvin all about the silent clutch freehub bodies that Poppawheelie and Captain Endo used to save the day in the World of Buddy Pegs episode, Shamus & Pepper's Stolen Bikes. Learn more about Freehub bodies on the Park Tools blog. Check out our shownotes on to learn more about...


S01 Episode 1.2: Shamus and Pepper's Stolen Bikes - Pt. 2

In the exciting conclusion of this story, Poppawheelie and Captain Endo use their super smarts, and their bikes, to track down the bike stealing cat behind Shamus and Peppers’ missing bikes. We hope you enjoy this first introduction to the town of Spokesville, the local bike shop Buddy Pegs, and all the wonderful characters who live in the World of Buddy Pegs! Safe and fun for kids of all ages! For more great tools to help inspire the little people in your life to get out and ride,...


S01 Episode 1.1: Shamus and Pepper's Stolen Bikes - Pt. 1

In Part 1 of this story, the owners of the local bike shop Buddy Pegs, Wrigley and Watson, find out there’s a new bike thief in Spokesville who has left two pups wondering what happened to their beloved bikes. With the help of their superhero alter egos Poppawheelie and Captain Endo, Watson and Wrigley head off on a mission to “saaaaaave the day, or at least recover the stolen bikes”! Safe and fun for kids of all ages! For more great tools to help inspire the little people in your life...


PREPARE FOR THE LAUNCH! The World of Buddy Pegs Teaser

We are so excited to announce the upcoming launch of our Podcast, The World Of Buddy Pegs. Safe and fun for kids of all ages! For more great tools to help inspire the little people in your life to get out and ride, visit the Buddy Pegs website: Questions? Ideas? Requests? Email us! Enjoy the ride! Written by Scott Fitzgerald & Bob Berky