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Are Turkey committing genocide in Afrin, Syria?

David Charlwood from Global Christian News joins us in this special program to discuss the advance of Turkish military into Afrin and its direct impact on Syrian Christians. Hosted and produced by Matthew Martin and William Evans for Barnabas Fund. Music by David Szesztay


“They will be raped on every step of the journey” Hassan John on the North African slave trade

Joining us this week: Hassan John talks about his undercover investigation on the North Africa slave trade. Andrew Carey looks at this week’s news and Paul Mursalin discusses the passage, ‘I Am the Resurrection and the life’. Hosted and produced by Matthew Martin and William Evans for Barnabas Fund. Music by David Szesztay


In the news: Slaughtered Kenyan Christian teachers. Also Invest in Hope and Pastor Paul Devotional

Joining us this week is David Charlwood from Global Christian News, Stephen Johns, Senior Project Manager at Barnabas Fund and Pastor Paul Mursalin. Hosted and produced by Matthew Martin and William Evans for Barnabas Fund. Music by David Szesztay


The Charity Sector In Crisis, Our Religious Freedom And Paul Mursalin On Being A Servant Leader

The Barnabas Fund Podcast is back! Your patient wait is over as we return with a new show format including guest speakers, devotionals and prayers. Joining us this week is Hendrik Storm, CEO of Barnabas Fund, Paul Mursalin and the 'Rebel Priest' Jules Gomes. Hosted and produced by Matthew Martin and William Evans for Barnabas Fund. Sign the petition now at - Guest Speaker -


Are we safe to openly criticise Islam on Social Media?

Joining me today is Head of research at Barnabas Fund Dr. Martin Parsons who will be discussing recent new laws passed by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas which allows the imprisonment of anyone sharing or ”liking” social media posts that the Palestinian Authority leadership disapproves of.


Iraqi government allocates $100 billion for post-IS reconstruction

In this week’s top news stories from around the globe. The Iraqi Government has allocated $100 billion for post-IS reconstruction, but will Christians be welcomed back? In Tajikistan secret police raid church service and rip Bibles out of the congregation’s hands. A Boko Haram leader in Nigeria has issued the following statement: There can never be peace between Muslims and Christians And in Pakistan a Christian bicycle mechanic is arrested for “blasphemy” after refusing Muslim “holy man”...


Listen to the latest news: Al Shabaab terrorists murder a Christian teacher in Kenya

This week’s top news stories from around the globe reporting on the persecuted Christian Church.


Newsdesk special report with Dr Jules Gomes; are UK churches inadequately protected from terrorism?

In addition to this weeks top news stories from around the globe; Barnabas Fund talks to Dr Jules Gomes, a columnist from The Conservative Woman about whether UK churches need to be protected from the threat of terrorism.


Islamic State’s religious cleansing of Christians has now spread to Egypt

Last Friday, 29 Egyptian Christians were murdered and a further 22 injured as they travelled to a monastery. The ambush happened as the vehicles carrying the Christians were on a road that only led to the monastery. Men were taken off the buses, their identity cards checked to see that they were Christians and then told to recite the Islamic shahada indicating that they were converting to Islam. All of the murdered men refused to renounce their Christian faith in this way. Among the bodies...


Barnabas Fund issues a response to the Manchester Terror Attack

The UK is reeling from a terrorist attack on a pop concert which has so far claimed at least 22 lives and left around 60 injured, many of them children. Barnabas Fund wishes to express its deepest condolences to those who have been affected by this barbaric act in any way and assure them of our heartfelt thoughts and prayers.


Syrian church leader is now allowed to visit the UK after a Home Office U-turn.

The UK government has now granted a visa for the Syrian church leader to visit the UK, having initially refused her visit, claiming she might overstay. The Home Office originally informed Rev. Rola Sleiman – an influential figure in the National Evangelical Church of Syria and Lebanon – that they were “not satisfied” that she would leave the UK at the end of her visit, despite the fact that her trip was being sponsored by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. However, the Home...


Christian former governor jailed for blasphemy

Our top stories this week: The Christian former governor of Jakarta, “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama, has been found guilty of blasphemy and sentenced to two years in prison. When handing down the sentence, the lead judge told the court that Ahok had “convincingly conducted a criminal act of blasphemy”, even though prosecutors had dropped their claim that Ahok had insulted Islam and were no longer pursuing his conviction for blasphemy. Ahok is understood to be planning to appeal.


Blasphemy charge dropped after Christian loses election

Prosecutors announced last week that they were dropping their claim that “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama had insulted Islam the day after the Christian incumbent lost to a Muslim in Jakarta’s governor elections. Ahok will still face trial on charges of “showing animosity toward others”, for which prosecutors are demanding a non-custodial sentence, but the blasphemy charge, which had come to define the election, has been dropped.


Facebook to help Pakistan introduce a global Islamic blasphemy law

In an alarming development, the Pakistan government is seeking to introduce what is in effect a global Islamic blasphemy law that prohibits any internet material critical of Islam.


Australian Islamic group calls for Christian converts from Islam to be killed

“Do you want to kill ex-Muslims?” to which the reply came “Islam is clear that apostates do attract capital punishment, we don’t shy away from that.” The location was not Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan, but a public library in Sydney, Australia where Hezb ut Tahrir were holding a public meeting.


Iraqi Christians may never be able to return to Mosul

Iraqi Christians may never be able to return to Mosul by Barnabas Fund


Indian Christians target of hate crime every other day in 2017

Indian Christians target of hate crime every other day in 2017, local officials in Egypt refuse Christians permission to meet, and more.


Preachers and pastors under threat

In 2008 the UK was saved from having a new blasphemy law imposed when former Home Secretary David Waddington successfully persuaded the House of Lords to include a clause in the Criminal Justice Act that was to become known as the Waddington amendment.


The battle for Mosul: Are Iraqi Christians the forgotten people?

The battle for western Mosul, the last major stronghold of Islamic State (IS) in Iraq, is now happening. The question that should be asked in the West is not “Can we defeat IS?” but, “Will the Middle East ever be the same again?” In particular, will cities like Mosul - where for centuries Sunni Muslims, Shi‘a Muslims and Christians lived alongside each other - ever exist again? Or are we now seeing the virtual disappearance of ancient Christian communities from the Middle-East along with...


UK Freedom of religion alert

In a little-noticed move the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), which regulates pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, has quietly slipped a proposal into a consultation document that would require Christian pharmacists to prescribe abortion drugs. If this were to be included in the new professional code of conduct, any pharmacists who objected could be barred from the profession. The proposal illustrates the increasing attempt to impose partisan socially liberal values on Christians...


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