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But You Would Have None Of It!

This week, our founding pastor, Kevin McGhee, brings us a special message.


A Blessed Response To Yes | Fire Tested Faith, Part 5

This Sunday, Pastor Nate closed out the afore Tested Faith series with by challenging us to remember how we should respond when God says yes to our request. Our response should call us to obey, recognize God’s hand in our lives, Glorify Him, and Humbly Give thanks. We were challenged to never focus more on the blessing than we do on the one who blesses us. Take some time to listen.


The God-Blessed Giver | Fire Tested Faith, Part 4

This week Pastor Nate challenged us to give to God (the ministry of the Gospel) in a manner that is consistent with His word. The Lord said to test Him in His word, and we would see his provision, protection, and promises fulfilled in our lives. Enjoy listening, as we continue our series of Fire Tested Fast.


In the “No” | Fire Tested Faith, Part 3

This Sunday, Pastor Nate continued his series inn Faith by addressing our response to when God’s answer is “No.” He tackles the notion that God is a genie meant to do what we want, by having us reconsider how we handle our circumstances when the answer from God doesn’t come the way we wanted it to. Have a listen, and next week join us in person.


When God Tests Your Faith | Fire Tested Faith, Part 2

This week Pastor Nate taught a message about when God tests your faith. As we looked at Genesis 22, we were challenged to consider how our faith is measured by our obedience, and how our obedience impacts more than just ourselves. Listen in and be challenged to walk out your faith, in obedience, even when tested.


Fire Tested Faith

This Sunday, Pastor Nate challenged us as he pointed out that ‘Faith is the Foundation of our walk with Christ’. He pointed out three qualities that should be present in our faith as we face the trials of life. Enjoy listening in as you are challenged to walk out your faith!


A Little is a Lot, in the Hand of God

This Sunday, Pastor Nate taught that no matter how little we think we have to offer, our “Little is a Lot” when we place it in God’s hands. Take some time and listen as the message points out that God is not bound by our limitations.


A United Front | Avengers (The Gifted) Series, Part 3

This Sunday, Pastor Nate challenged us to be united as a one body in Christ in order to fulfill God’s plan for us. He shared three things that are necessary for us to consider in order to overcome the enemy, and function as one body of Christ filled with diverse gifts.


Stir Up The Gift | Avengers (The Gifted) Series, Part 2

This week, Pastor Nate continued the Avenger’s series with a Sermon titled “Stir Up the Gift.” Pastor Nate gave us key points, out of 2 Timothy 1, on how to handle challenges in life while trying to fulfilled God’s plan for us.


Divinely Designed | Avengers (The Gifted) Series, Part 1

This week Pastor Nate encouraged us to recognize that we are Divinely Designed to fulfill all that God has planned for us. In this week’s message we were challenged to recognize the value of our differences in the body of Christ, by remembering that God is the same one working in and through all of us!


Don’t Quit In The Pit

This Sunday, Pastor Nate reminded us that no matter what obstacles we face, burdens we bare, or trials we finds ourselves in that God’s plan for us is still going to come to pass. He let us know that our journey is like a race, and there are times that we will find ourselves in a pit, but those places are more like ‘pitstops’ because they are not permanent. God will use them to preserve us, prepare us, and position us for all that He desires for us.


Follow The Navigator, Part 4

Pastor Nathaniel closes out the Follow the Navigator series with this sermon.


Follow The Navigator, Part 3

Pastor Nathaniel continues the Follow The Navigator series with this sermon about what happens when we follow the path that God sets for us.


Follow The Navigator, Part 2

Our Follow The Navigator series continues with this sermon.


Follow The Navigator, Part 1

Our new Senior Pastor, Nathaniel Yates, starts his first series at Bethany: Follow The Navigator.


Last Words

Pastor Randall closes out his time as our Interim Pastor with this wonderful message. We were thrilled to have his amazing leadership for the past year and thank him for everything that he has done for our Bethany family.


Comprehending God’s Love

Please enjoy this week’s sermon from Pastor Randall.


Generational Faith

Please enjoy this inspiring sermon from Pastor Randall about generational faith.


Make Disciples

Please enjoy this sermon from our newly confirmed next Senior Pastor, Nathaniel Yates! For more information on Pastor Nate, please click here.


What Now? Wait.

This week, Pastor Randall teaches us about how the disciples waited for the Holy Spirit and how that applies to our lives.