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36. Hopelessness Transformed

Have you ever been faced with a seemingly unredeemable situation or felt completely hopeless? Today’s episode highlights a story from Zambia that involves a kitchen, a lame man, and an accident. Join us as Sarah Bultman explains how God took a hopeless situation and a dangerous mistake and turned them into a surprising display of His power, mercy, and love. This episode features The Crashed Kitchen found in Season 4 of the Brinkman Adventures. To purchase a copy of Season 4 click here Other...


35. Recognizing God’s Voice in the Storm

Today Ian Bultman talks about finding God’s presence and peace in the midst of the storm. Discover the real story behind A Paradise Lost and hear how the struggles and success of the first mission-themed camp led to a new opportunity for Brinkman listeners. At the end of the podcast, you will hear an exciting announcement! This episode is based on the Brinkman episode entitled A Paradise Lost found in Season 4 of the Brinkman Adventures. To get your own copy of Season 4, go to...


34. Believing God’s Word

Today we are joined by creation speaker Charles Bultman, father to Ian Bultman. Charles provides scientific evidence that affirms the credibility of the Genesis account while highlighting the problems of theistic evolution. We learn of Dr. James Tour, one of the top 50 scientists of our day, who rejects the theory of evolution. Dr. Tour is one of over 1,000 Ph.D. scientists who have signed the “Dissent from Darwinism” statement found below. Today's discussion leaves us marveling at the...


33. Did God Use Evolution?

Can we still trust the Bible? In a world where the claims of science seem to have the final say, can we confidently assert that the Genesis account is historical fact? Join us as we speak with Charles Bultman, Creation speaker and father of Ian Bultman, and discover how a lost ring led to an unexpected opportunity. Charles gives us two keys that revolutionized his views on this topic and gave him confidence to stand for truth. Interview Correction Update:There are 8 authors of the New...


32. Gospel Patrons

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31.5. FREE EPISODE: “North Dakota Gold”

31.5. FREE EPISODE: “North Dakota Gold” Today we interrupt our regular schedule to give you one complete episode of the Brinkman Adventures! Enjoy an episode of Season 7, North Dakota Gold, as our gift to you! To read more about the John and his family's ministry, visit our real stories page here. To get a complete copy of Season 7, click here. Search for: Podcasts 36. Hopelessness Transformed 35. Recognizing God’s Voice in the Storm 34. Believing God’s Word 33. Did God Use Evolution? 32....


31. What Can A Dollar Do?

31. What Can A Dollar Do? "Can God use me and my ice cream money?" John Bechtel tells how the dollar of a little girl was used to buy something that allowed more than a hundred thousand people to find Christ. John’s infectious spirit and remarkable life demonstrate that we are never too young, too old, or too poor to make a difference for Christ! This episode was based on Acorns and Oaks from Brinkman Adventures Season 3. Visit our store to purchase your own copy. To learn more about John...


30. Boldly Go

30. Boldly Go The brave and unconventional John Bechtel comes to us from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) to share what it means to be bold for Jesus in a politically correct culture. Join us as we discover how shameless persistence and God’s remarkable intervention has resulted in hundreds of churches being planted in the high-rise apartments of Hong Kong. This episode was based on How Big is Your God Part 1 and 2 from Brinkman Adventures season 2. Visit our store to purchase...


29. God’s work around us

29. God’s work around us Is God still working today? Does He intervene in the lives of everyday, regular people? Join the hilarious John Bechtel, Asian Regional Director of Ravi Zacharias Ministries, as he recounts some of the incredible events he has lived through. Listen up as he gives his take on God’s miraculous interventions. This episode features the story Blue Hat and T-shirt Bible from season 2 of the Brinkman Adventures, where John Bechtel is known as John Benti. Get your own copy...


28. The Stinkhead Special

28. The Stinkhead Special “Why is that pastor always disciplining his wife?” Today we are joined by church planter, pastor and international speaker, Jonathan Walker, as he explores the importance of cultivating the right mindset on short-term missions. Listen as we hear how not to cause hurt and confusion as we attempt to share the Gospel. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes sobering, this topic speaks to us all. Based on the episode, Tale of Two Teams in season 5 of Brinkman Adventures. Visit...


27. Phantom Flares

27. Phantom Flares When one man’s story of survival is recorded as an “act of God” by the Coast Guard you sit up and listen. Meet Jonathan Walker, a pastor who thrives on adventure. Hear his story of survival in the Alaskan wilderness that inspired the episode Man Up in Season 3 of the Brinkman Adventures. Listen as he describes what went wrong, God’s sovereign intervention, and the lessons he learned from this life-threatening event. Get your copy of Season 3 here:...


26. Declutter and Dig Holes

26. Declutter and Dig Holes Parents, are you overwhelmed and tired, weighed down by the cares of life? You are not alone! While carrying out the vital task of raising the next generation, we often find ourselves too tired or busy to offer our best. In this episode, Amy Bultman and Shannon Zorn, the voice of Susan Brinkman, talk about this issue and discuss some practical tips that brought more freedom and energy to their days. Today's podcast features Busy Bees and a Bullhorn, the episode...


25. Ruining Primitive Cultures?

25. Ruining Primitive Cultures? Today we meet with Elinor Young, a woman who beat the odds and lived among a remote tribe in Papua Indonesia. From taking on the weighty responsibility of Bible translation to seeing people freed from the darkness of cannibalism, Elinor has much to say about what it means to give one’s life to Jesus and see Him use our weakness for great glory. To learn more about Elinor Young visit her blog at To learn more about Elinor Young...


24. Impossible Call

24. Impossible Call Polio survivor turned missionary, Elinor Young, speaks about what it’s like to be called by God to do something seemingly impossible. Her story, featured in Season 5 of the Brinkman Adventures, Bad Legs part 1 and 2, tells how she served in a remote, mountain-top village with a disability that made it difficult for her to walk. Join us as we discover how God can take our greatest weakness and use it as a powerful demonstration of His love in order to advance His kingdom....


23. Faith That Breaks Rocks

23. Faith That Breaks Rocks Guests: Eli and Bethany Fader "They call us infidels and twisters of truth, but soon they are reading Scripture and saying, 'This is True! I want to follow God!'"How does this happen and how does someone continue to follow Jesus after being disowned by their family?Join us as the Faders give an inspiring look into South Sudan. Discover how mobile choirs are demonstrating peace to warring tribes and find out what it means to let God show off during the most...


22. Need a Bridge?

22. Need a Bridge? How do people know they are called to serve in a warring country? How do they decide what to do once they get there? Join us as we talk to Eli and Bethany Fader the family featured in Unity Bridge Part 1 and 2. Discover the history of the longstanding conflict between North and South Sudan and find out how one family is making a difference in their small corner of the country. To learn more about the Faders go to: africanfaders.blogspot.comTo read more behind the scenes...


21. A Fishy Provision

21. A Fishy Provision Life happens and we freak out, but God is with us and promises to provide. Whether your RV is about to be scalped or someone makes a terrible mistake costing you thousands of dollars, it is possible to trust God in that moment. Join us as Ian Bultman describes the events that inspired the episode called The Provider, and see how God surprised him with every fisherman’s dream. Links from the show: All Stays Camp and RV App: Get your copy...


20. Short-Term Missions

20. Short-Term Missions Today we’re dusting off episodes 7 & 8 from Season 1 -Papua New Guinea! Ian Bultman joins us for this episode and tells us the true stories that inspired the episodes Papua New Guinea 1 & 2! We learned a little more about the neat structure of missions trips that were featured in these episodes. Join us! Hosts: Eric Schilder & Sarah Bultman Guest: Ian Bultman To read more behind the scenes stories from the Papua New Guinea episodes click here! If you’d like to listen...


19. These Fossils Stink!

19. These Fossils Stink! These Fossils Stink Guests Josh Bultman and Otis Kline “Why did those fossils smell like rotten meat?” Josh Bultman talks with Otis Kline about the dinosaur bones they discovered in the dig this episode was based on. Josh and Otis were digging in the same formation where scientist Mary Schweitzer found soft tissue and red blood cells inside a T-rex bone. Otis Kline, creator of the Glendive Fossil and Dinosaur Museum explains why these fossils smell and why secular...


18. Dinosaurs, Robots, and Storms, Oh My!

18. Dinosaurs, Robots, and Storms, Oh My! Today we’re joined by Josh Bultman & Otis Kline to discuss the real-life events behind season five episode, Lying Dinos. Did the Bultmans really get to dig for dinosaurs, get blown away by a storm and sleep in a museum?! Listen to find out! Hosts: Eric Schilder & Sarah Bultman Guest: Josh Bultman Check out the Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil museum here! To hear more about the real stories behind Lying Dinos, follow this link! To listen to the episode,...