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This the podcast where a few people talk about how the gospel is good news for everybody every day.

This the podcast where a few people talk about how the gospel is good news for everybody every day.
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This the podcast where a few people talk about how the gospel is good news for everybody every day.






Episode 53: Saying "Yes"

Do you ever wonder how people can go from living comfortably to saying "yes" to serving people courageously? We do. So we asked some of our friends how they did it. Tom Mollhagen transformed from being born in a brothel in India, to living the American dream, to going back and serving those he left behind. His wife, Dana, went from accepting Jesus on a swing set at five years old, to a successful nursing career, to working side-by-side with Thomas in India. Our friends are not special...


Episode 52: Good Faith Takes Good Courage

91% of US adults believe the best way to find yourself is by looking within yourself, and 2 out of 5 Americans believe that, when it comes to what happens in the country today, "people of faith" and "religion" are a part of the problems in our country. How can we speak into this environment as believers? Author, speaker, and leader of leaders, Gabe Lyons, helps break down how Christians can be both courageous and faithful in a world that thinks we are extreme and irrelevant. We also discuss...


Episode 51: Radically Normal

Do you ever feel like you are a spiritual extremist? Some days you're running so hard and fast toward Jesus, and then you get tired. Or you mess up. Or someone says something to throw you off and you stop. And putz around a bit. And get discouraged. But then you get convicted and you start sprinting until you...don't. This back-forth, sprint-stop can be exhausting. Josh Kelley, author of 'Radically Normal', talks through some of this "obsessive Christianity" and "complacent Christianity."...


Episode 50: Gay Girl, Good God, and Good Marriage

Author, poet, and artist, Jackie Hill Perry, is in the house! As we do with every guest, we get at the intersection between the gospel and Jackie's real, right-now life. In addition to Jackie's story of surrender, we discuss how she and her husband stay connected through the storms of life, how to interact with people who want to make her into a deity or the devil, and if she were forced to only use Comic Sans or Papyrus fonts for the rest of her life--which would she choose? Join us. P.S....


Episode 25: Friends in Low Places

How can you be a helpful friend to someone in pain? How can you be a helpful person in pain to your friends? How does co-dependency relate to this? We talk about it on the podcast with a guest, Tammy Perlmattur! Tammy Perlmutter is founder and curator of The Mudroom, a collaborative blog encouraging women to speak truth, love hard, and enter in with each other, and co-founder of Deeply Rooted, a biannual worship, arts, and teaching gathering for women in Chicago. Tammy is a member of Redbud...


Episode 24: Is There Hope for Us?

"Love... does not demand its own way" (1 Corinthians 13:5). This... this one is gritty. And beautiful. And sounds like two people pursuing God and each other in the midst of pain. It sounds a lot like real life. Today, on our nine-year anniversary, Matt and I open up about the last year-and-a-half of walking through the effects of trauma with a person. May it only bless you.


Episode 23: Don't Waste Your Marriage

We talk birthday, which childhood movie traumatized you, and what have you said to friends when they say they can't "feel" and/or hear God's voice? Here's good ol' Francis laying it down per usual: “I hear people complain that they don’t feel Jesus with them, they don’t experience the Holy Spirit. I usually ask them: Are you busy making disciples? ...​ If I want to find my friend Andrew, I can usually find him a​t the gym. If I want to find Adam, he’s probably at the beach. If I want to find...


Episode 22: Learn to Fight Well

​Matt, Producer Steve, and I (Laurie) have a guest! We asked last week for feedback on this marriage book and conversation from single people, and my friend Joie VanHolstein answered the call! We chat about how we have seen Jesus romance us lately, and which game show (or reality show) we would unquestionably win (and which we would undoubtedly fail). The Heart of the Matter focuses on fighting through humility, how people who have been affected by trauma can "die to self" without getting...


Episode 21: Pursue the Perfect Marriage

Matt Krieg, Producer Steve and I (Laurie) chat about chapter two of Francis and Lisa Chan's book "You and Me Forever." Per usual, deep and silly conversations ensue including: What's up with drivers in California and in the Midwest? {and} What would our marriages look like IRL if the gospel was on display in them? Podcast Extra: I refer to "Sacred Marriage" by Gary Thomas, and this podcast about why God made us sexual by Dr. Juli Slattery at this link:...


Podcast Episode 20: Marriage Is Not That Great

Do people in mixed-orientation marriages have a different Bible they live by? Do they have a different set of marital guidelines? In a word: No. We don't. It only seems that way because we--married and single--have been missing the point not only of married life but of LIFE. Life isn't about us. Is isn't about our happiness. It isn't about communication. It isn't about more dates. It isn't about fulfilling our needs. Life is all about Jesus. For the next seven weeks we will be walking...


Christmas Bonus!

We go a bit off the rails with this one. Matt, Steve, and I (Laurie) talk about our best Christmas presents ever, and then we devolve...yet again...into angst/joy about Trans-Siberian Orchestra. If you've never listened to us, this is a great start to see if you like us. Merry Christmas!


Episode 19: I'm Coming Out

If you choose a life of vulnerability, you choose a life of continuously coming out--no matter your story, no matter your vulnerable places, no matter your struggle. ​You are always coming out into authenticity. Today, I (Laurie) share one of the first times I came out to a friend. And this is cool: This friend, Amber McClurg, is on the show! Hear Amber and I talk about that first (quite awkward) coming out experience, and what good came from it in spite of the awkwardness. Additionally,...


Episode 18: The Loneliness of Leadership

Are you a leader? (Is everyone a leader?) Do you ever feel lonely as a leader? Why is that? What can we do about it? We talk about loneliness on the podcast today as well as big changes that are happening at HIMH (no Matt??!), people who like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (ew), and visit Gory Island as opposed to Goofball Island to brag about how we got our childhood scars. (Thanks for carrying me like a lamb in Jesus's arms, sixth-oldest sibling, Suzie!)


Episode 17: The James Progression

Let's talk temptation! Often, temptation is viewed as the line before falling into sin. But is there another way to look at temptation that is not so laden in shame and fear? Things we also discussed were Matt's silent retreat (where Laurie didn't respect his silent boundaries!), what do we hope for the new year, and best dates ever. Helpful Bonus: “Temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away. These desires give birth to sinful actions. And when sin is allowed to...


Episode 16: Concern and Hope for the Church

Matthew Krieg is gone this week but Matthew Tuininga is here as a special guest! He is a professor of moral theology at Calvin Seminary, and is a courageous, authentic, intelligent thinker. We talk extremes we see both politically and in the Church. We share where it concerns us and the good that can come in the midst of it. We also talk about how we want to be more Christ-like at Christmas, and gender stereotypes we follow and don't at all.


Bonus Track! Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all in the U.S! We are so thankful for YOU, our listeners! We wish we could spend time hearing what all of you are thankful for around a giant thanksgiving table. Perhaps that's our longing for heaven talking... For now, enjoy our three-minute gratitude list, and feel free to email us yours at podcast@himhministries.com.


Episode 15: The New Health and Wealth Gospel

Sometimes, Millennials can look at the Christians before them and judge those who have believed a gospel of, "If I pursue God, I will have a lot of money and never get sick." However, Millennials can have their own version of a "health and wealth gospel" in the way we believe, "If I pursue God, I will be happy." But is this true? With SPECIAL GUEST Greg Coles (author of 'Single Gay Christian') we talk about this question as well as our favorite parts of the Caring Well Conference and...


Episode 14: Idolatry of Sex

How can we as the Church look more like the Church? It starts with looking at what we have misperceived to be the ultimate connector for too long: sex. We need to confess our idolatry of sex, and lean into relationships in a new way. The crew also discussed worst dates and Christmas favorites. (Hallmark movies? Yay? Nay?)


Episode 13: Marriage Matters

How can we cultivate intimacy in marriage when we're in a tough season? But wait! This track is not just for married folk. People who are in relationships of any nature will benefit from practical ways to lean into relationships when they are not easy. Also discussed are things to bring on a desert island (hint: bag o' books) and swallowing the first five sentences you want to say when someone triggers you. [Please note we talk about sticking with marriage no matter what, but know if you are...


Episode 12: Heart to Heart Prayer with Carolyn

Laurie's "Spiritual Dumbledore" is in the house! Often when Laurie speaks she talks about her mentor/counselor, Carolyn Schroeder. Carolyn was instrumental in Laurie's decision to follow Christ no matter what. Matt, Laurie, Producer Steve, and Carolyn talk Heart to Heart Prayer, how to find your own spiritual Dumbledore (AKA...a good counselor or mentor), and discuss what they wish they hadn't quit from childhood.