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Bringing the best in Music, News and Interviews of Today's top Inspirational artist, Media Moguls, Business Entrepreneurs and more!

Bringing the best in Music, News and Interviews of Today's top Inspirational artist, Media Moguls, Business Entrepreneurs and more!
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Hempstead, NY


Bringing the best in Music, News and Interviews of Today's top Inspirational artist, Media Moguls, Business Entrepreneurs and more!




Episode #114 - Roy Tosh Interview

Episode #114 - Roy Tosh Interview CHH artist Roy Tosh called in to discuss his upcoming album “Above The Water”. We got to discuss his non-profit organization “CFI Ministries” and how it works in tangent with his label RMG Amplified. Also, we had a listener call in and share her testimony on how Roy’s music has blessed her life. In the 2nd hour, we discussed the passing of former 1st Lady Barbara Bush. Also, Kendrick Lamar winning a Pulitzer Prize for his album “Damn”. @JoeBossRadio’s...


Episode #113 - April Foolery

Episode #113 - April Foolery In this light hearted episode, @JoeBossRadio and @ProphetLink discussed several topics, the foolishness of Obama administration vs Trump administration, Trump’s Lawyers being under investigation. Also, we discussed the K.I.N.G. Movement in Memphis Tennessee, led by sports analyst and avid Christian, Chris Broussard. Prophet Link’s Wisdom on Purpose was about the “Dangers of Being Haphazard”. Joe Boss shared with us some notes from his latest audiobook, “5...


Episode #112 - Ft Kenneth L Aytch Jr

Episode #112 - ft Kenneth L. Aytch Jr. Mr. Groglme aka Kenneth L Aytch Jr. came into the studio discussing his Get Right Or Get Left brand and entrepreneurship. He speaks about growing up in a family of entrepreneurs and how it influenced him to do the same. His proudest moment was being able to qualify and buy a home for his family. Also, we touched several topics, including the Youtube shooting, the passing of Winnie Mandela, ex-wife of Nelson Mandela. We were also able to have an...


Episode #111 - ft Reflect

Episode #111 - ft Reflect CHH Artist Reflect came into the studio to discuss his new album, “The Translation”. He gave us his testimony of how he got his name and the name of the album. Also, his friend and producer C.H.R.I.S. called in to share his thoughts on the music and the artist. In the 2nd hour we discuss the The Texas Bomber, Dylan Roof and Burger King and how the media labels criminals based on race. Prophet Link gave us his Wisdom on Purpose, called “Wisdom on...


Episode #110 - Pastor Fernando Cabrera

Episode #110 - Pastor Fernando Cabrera Hailing from the Bronx, Pastor Fernando Cabrera called in to discuss his walk with God and how he came into ministry. He also shared with us his heart for the lost, motivation for ministry, and his love of the youth. We also spoke about Snoop Dogg's gospel album. @JoeBossRadio believes that Snoop was sincerely reaching out to know God. @ProphetLink gave us a dynamic Wisdom on Purpose. Joe Boss' Invest In Yourself was called "Pregnant Not...


Episode #109 - ft Illuminate ITW

Episode #109 - ft Illuminate ITW Illuminate called into the studio to discuss his new deal with RMG and how he has been working in ministry. His testimony about being delivered from addiction and the streets is heavy and heart-filled. Also we played a few hits from his album “Authenticity”. We also paid homage to the Life of Craig Mack who recently passed away and announced that Rick Ross was out the hospital. Joe B.O.S.S. gave us the “Invest In Yourself” tip about having positive...


Episode #108 - ft Preach Dat Fire aka Apostle Alex Pagani

Episode #108 - ft Preach Dat Fire aka Apostle Alex Pagani Longtime friend and former radio host, Preach Dat Fire, called in to discuss his departure from radio. We also spoke about the anointing on his life and the current state of Christian Hiphop. PDF dropped many jewels of knowledge and inspiration that will leave you in awe. @JoeBossRadio kept the show light and funny by dropping his "10 Alternative Facts about Wakanda." This was a hilarious take on the movie Black Panther which...



Brooklyn Native Redeemed (@OfficialRedeemed) dropped by in the studio to promote his current album entitled "Survival Kit". Redeemed opened up about the reasoning behind the name, the purpose and his mission in ministry. He also blessed us with a freestyle that was unreal with the bars. @JoeBossRadio gave us a thought-provoking Invest In Yourself about Not Judging a Book by its Cover. It was a testimony about meeting a homeless man in the streets. @ProphetLink gave us a really good...


Episode #106 - Black Panther Review / 2yr Anniversary

Episode #106 - Black Panther Review / 2yr Anniversary This episode we did a thorough review of #BlackPanther while trying not to give away too many spoilers. We compared the Hero, King T'challa against the nemesis Erik Kilmonger. The conversation became really interesting as the comparisons of the 2, and the deeper messages behind their characters were broken down with opposing views. Prophet Link gave us his "Wisdom On Purpose" entitled Wisdom on Provocation. Joe B.O.S.S. gave us...


Episode #105 - Valentines Day Special, ft Mike Flowerz

Episode #105 - Valentines Day Special, ft Mike Flowerz The Valentines Day Episode included RnP sensation Mike Flowerz. He came in with brand new music and info about his upcoming album entitled “Details” to be released in the fall. Also, we discussed a ton of ways to communicate and build up your relationship with your significant other. @JoeBossRadio gave us the “Invest In Yourself” by explaining the 5 Love Languages and the benefits of going through it with your spouse. @ProphetLink...


Episode #104 - Super Bowl Recap

Episode #104 - Super Bowl Recap This week we decided to keep it light-hearted and review the Super Bowl, commercials, and more as the whole team came in the studio. Prophet Link, an avid Patriots fan had a lot to say about the game, while Joe B.O.S.S. had a hard time watching it as he was thinking about the #NFLBlackout. The "Invest In Yourself Tip" was about God Changing Your Direction, in a story about Joe B.O.S.S. being at a new barbershop. The "Wisdom On Purpose" was about Wisdom...


Episode #103 - ft Malakai Tha Truth

Episode #103 - ft Malakai Tha Truth Malakai Tha Truth came into the studio to discuss his new music and gave us an amazing testimony. His journey with God the last 6 years has inspired his music thoroughly, and has also pushed him forward to being a Pastor as well. His testimony, of mental Illness, incarceration, childbirth, divorce and more… is something you must tune in for! This weeks topic was about the Jay-z vs Donald Trump in which Jay had some choice words about how Trump...


Episode # 102 - Iron Sharpens Iron Rap Battle Founder - Voice The Poet

Episode # 102 - Iron Sharpens Iron Rap Battle Founder - Voice The Poet Voice the Poet, came in the studio to promote his upcoming Christian Rap Battle, Iron Sharpens Iron! The event is happening on May 10 and its definitely going to be epic. Voice also gave us a freestyle, and Joe B.O.S.S. put him on the spot to sing. 2nd hour, we discussed the end of the NFL Blackout and how Colin Kaepernick has met with the Raiders. Joe B.O.S.S. ranted about his disappointment in the black...


Episode # 101 - A.I. The Anomaly

Buffalo NY emcee, A. I. The Anomaly, joined us for another great episode. She opened up about her rough upbringing, that she has used to produce a solid album. Being teamed up with R.A.W., Rebel Against the World, she is poised to be a force to reckon with. The 2nd hour included a discussion about the California Family who had imprisoned their 13 children at home, ranging from ages 2 - 29. We gave respect to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as it was MLK Weekend, by quoting our favorite...


Episode #100 - Ft King Shad

Episode #100 - Ft King Shad EPISODE 100 was a milestone for the RiseUp family as this is usually a turning point in any business. We featured an awesome interview with “The Hardest Rapper in Buffalo” - King Shad. He has coined the phrase “Rap Worshipper” and has proven his ability through his powerful music. The 2nd hour we discussed the controversial ad by H&M, displaying a young Black Male modeling a sweater with the caption “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle”! Prophet Link gave us his...


Episode 99 - Pastor Roy of On Faith Entertainment - 1218 11.24 PM

Pastor Roy CEO of On Faith Entertainment called in to discuss his ministry and music. Having recently written a book to complement his upcoming album "Savage Truth", his love for God's People is evident. @JoeBossRadio, @ProphetLink, and @EricCornerstone all had great questions and conversation during the first hour. During the 2nd half, Joe played a sound clip of a woman who testified about her past which was rather explicit.... and funny as well. Prophet Link gave us his "Wisdom On...


Episode #98 - 2017 Wrap Up / New Team

In this special edition of Rise Up Worldwide's Radio show, The whole team came into the building to be on air and have a great time. The team includes Randy Bazile (@GreatMindsGreatDesigns) who is our Graphics Designer, Eric Cabrera (@EricCornerstone) our Compliance Officer, Michael Alvarado (@ProphetLink) our Co-host and COO, and of course Joe Boss Scott (@JoeBOSSradio) the CEO and Founder and Host of the show. It turned out to be a great episode filled with laughter, character and story...


Episode #97 - Christmas Mixtape Edition

Episode #97 - Christmas Mixtape Edition We opened up with music and letting everyone know that we plan to play lots of R&P Music this episode, keeping up with the Christmas Spirit. Also, we announced that Joe BOSS’ wife, Natalie Scott will be ordained as an Elder this upcoming week, and she came in to the studio later in the show to talk about it. Prophet Link spoke about Ben Stein’s response to the White House referring to Christmas Trees as Holiday Trees. Joe BOSS’ Invest In Yourself...


Episode #96 - Zaydok The Godhop MC

Episode #96 - Zaydok The Godhop MC Zaydok The Godhop MC called in to discuss his new album entitled "Caterpillar". We dropped a few singles from the album, and also discussed his outreach ministry done through his label Hogmob. He also has his own ministry called Rebel Against the World, or RAW for short. The 2nd hour we had an interesting conversation about Marvel Comics Vs DC Comics and their cinematic universes. Particularly discussing the recent release of the Justice League...


Episode #95 - Live at the Sessions Tour with Aaron Cole, Deraj, & Canon

Episode #95 - Live at the Sessions Tour with Aaron Cole, Deraj, & Canon This episode we had the opportunity to play the live interview we did at the NJ stop of the Sessions Tour. We broke it up into three parts, as we had 3 different artists, Aaron Cole, Deraj and Canon, all on the mic with us. Later in the show, Joe B.O.S.S. gave us the Invest In Yourself Tip, about Blessings and Obedience. Prophet Link’s Wisdom on Purpose was about Wisdom on Love! Playlist Work It Out - Live - Tye...


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