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Andy Peck talks to Christian leaders about putting their faith into action.

Andy Peck talks to Christian leaders about putting their faith into action.


London, United Kingdom


Andy Peck talks to Christian leaders about putting their faith into action.




Mental Health Matters - Bob Stradling and Heather Churchill

The director of Waverley Abbey College and Head of Counselling, on why the challenges of mental health needs to be part of every leader’s outlook.


Steve Elmes and Rob Stevens, Healthy disagreement

The Ministers from Bookham Baptist Church, near Leatherhead on navigating leadership disagreement on approaches to same-sex attraction.


Counselling for Pros and Amateurs - Bob Stradling and Heather Churchill

The director of Waverley Abbey College and Head of Counselling, on whether counselling might form part of a leader’s ministry


Bidding for £30,000 to help the homeless - Paul Garratt

The Head of Business Development at Cinnamon Network UK on the new Project Lab competition aiming to support charitable efforts to help the homeless.


Worship language that honours God - Neil Bennetts

The songwriter and CEO of The Worship Foundation on the language of worship and how we can best lead worship in the local church.


Making decisions as a leader - Viv Thomas

The former International director of Operation Mobilisation and founder of 'Formation' looks at decision making as a leader. How do we hear God? what role does common sense and our own desires have within making decisions as a leader. How can we make better decisions by learning from the bad ones.


Leading as God intends in the kingdom of God - Bruce Collins

Bruce is one of the leaders of New Wine Cymru, sharing his experience of helping a local church in Harrow to transition towards a church more missional and open to the Spirit. He looks at the importance of understanding the different groups in most churches: the radicals, the progressives, the conservatives and the traditionalists. A wise leader keeps an eye on each group to ensure unity as the transition is made.


Leading Christians in the workplace - Ros Turner

Ros is director of Operations with Transform Work UK and shares how to encourage Christian groups within the workplace and provides wise approaches to engaging with other faiths and religions. There are now hundreds of Christian work place Groups, many of whom are taking advantage of the equality legislation that encourages large firms and companies to make space for religious grouos within the workplace.


Leading authentically - Will Van Der Hart

Will is a Pastoral Chaplain at Holy Trinity Brompton. Based on his book, The Power of Belonging, Will looks at being vulnerable as a leader and how shame works against out engagement with others. He shares why 'success doesnt equal securit'y and touches on his own mental health issues and the importance of being authentically present in our leadership. Why 'fake it to make it' is lousy career advice and why he hates the phrase 'becoming the best version of ourselves'


Leading as God intends in the kingdom of God - Dallas Willard

In a special series looking at archived versions to celebrate 700 shows, Andy Peck talks with Dallas Willard. He is now with the Lord (May 2013), but served as Professor of Philosophy at University of Southern California. The conversation from 2010 picked up on themes from his book, Personal Religion, Public Reality? Towards a knowledge of FaithIt looked at the four questions we all have to face in life, what is meant by the kingdom of God, what self denial is and isnt, how Jesus sees our...


Developing the leadership in everyone - Trevor Waldock

As we celebrate 700 shows a look back into the archives for a special 6 week series: No. 1 Andy talks to Trevor Waldock, the founding director of Emerging Leaders a charity that works with young people in Africa, India and the UK to unlock leadership potential. The show outlines his belief that we all have some level of leadership potential. We all have the chance to write our story going into the future, and this story can involve others. Will we pick up the pen?


David McNee

Join Andy Peck for The Leadership File, featuring conversations with Christian leaders about their experiences of leadership. The show is aimed at leaders of churches, charities and companies.


Joe Shurmer

Andy Peck chats to Joe Shurmer, a man with a vision to see a Christian Festival on the Isle of Wight, on how God has opened the doors and restored his health


Emma Ineson

Andy Peck chats to Emma Ineson the bishop of Penrith, on her book: ‘Ambition:’ What Jesus said about Power, Success and Counting Stuff.


Russell Godward

Andy Peck chats to Russell Godward, an Essex based who left his role as a pastor to work with the Move network and reaches hundreds in the same neighbourhood.


Lloyd Tomer

Andy Peck chats to Lloyd Tomer, the former pastor in Illinois who has taken his pastoring into the business world and why he’s not given up work, even in his 80s.


Paul Coulter

Andy Peck chats to Paul Coulter, the head of Ministry Operations at Living Leadership on the challenge of helping leaders become disciple-makers.


Amanda Bindon and Mike Royal

Andy Peck chats to a host of top Christian leaders popping in to offer wisdom and advice


Ian White

Andy Peck chats to Ian White, recently retired Baptist Minister about re-invemting your leadership for a larger sized church


Andy Kind

Andy Peck chats to Andy Kind, the comedian and preacher on how to use your humour to communicate, and when not to.