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WYV7 Christian Broadcasters Network is a talk forum broadcasting real life people who have experienced real life situations sharing their story. To be a guest contact us @ (980)202-2915

WYV7 Christian Broadcasters Network is a talk forum broadcasting real life people who have experienced real life situations sharing their story. To be a guest contact us @ (980)202-2915


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WYV7 Christian Broadcasters Network is a talk forum broadcasting real life people who have experienced real life situations sharing their story. To be a guest contact us @ (980)202-2915






Financial Confidence #PODCAST #96 In Spite of What It Looks Like How To Beat Financial Stress

In Spite of What It Looks Like You Can Learn How to Beat Financial Stress with Lynn Demmons In this episode, learn how to handle the stress of a financial crisis, help reduce your stress and get motivated to take control of your financial life. Schedule a consultation at demmonsenterprise.as.me.


Blessed #PODCAST # 28 Yoga for Traumatic Times

Host Dr Raykel interviews Teela Allen who shares some Yoga poses to help you and your family relax while they are locked in and we are dealing with traumatic times especially during this Coronavirus pandemic. To be a guest and share your story contact us @ https://www.wytv7.org/blessed. Subscribe to our Youtube channel


Victory Talk #podcast #9 Comfort Over the Coronavirus

Victory Talk ends their first season with inspirational message this season to keep you encouraged. Listen to Larissa & Branden Gaddis' season finale of Victory Talk as they share Comfort Over the Coronavirus to give hope and peace during this pandemic. Subscribe to our youtube channel to get more inspirational and educational message. Visit us @ wytv7.org


Rise & Shine #PODCAST #15 Speak Up, Get Clients!

Speak Up, Get Clients! 🙌🏽 This week on Rise & Shine with Dr. Sunny☀️☀️: Master Speaker Trainer, International Speaker and Author Arvee Robinson will tell you how to use public speaking as a marketing strategy! Do you want to instantly grow your business? Attract more clients? Develop leads and make more money? Perhaps you want to be a superstar in your industry. If you're ready to take your public speaking skills to a new level, get your message out to the world and change lives for a...


Financial Confidence #PODCAST #94 Level Up While Helping Others

True Financial Confession of Guest Pam Parker shares with America's #1 Financial Coach Lynn Demmons on how we should level up while helping others get to a level of success.Pam shares her story of growing up and the changes of the banking industry. To be a guest and share your financial story contact Lynn @ https://www.wytv7.org/wytv7-financial-confidence. Subscribe to our channel.


Simply Fit #PODCAST #10 3rd Rock Essential Keeping You Simply Fit

3rd Rock Essential keeping your family simply fit and health protected check out this product Chelated Silver Oxide( a bacteria buster) Host Sandy White is at it again getting simply tips to keep you and your family fit. Listen in as she and her Guest Guerry Gruene /Founder of 3rd Rock Essentials share a conversation on organic products. Guerry says, if you can't put it in your mouth why put it on your skin. To know more about this products that has a history of wiping out spectrum of...


Blessed #PODCAST #27 Be the Sunshine To Make Others Happy

What makes you happy? Host Dr Raykel and Guest Crissy Butts share a conversation of being the sunshine that makes others happy and smile, and spending building family time and relationships. Crissy is a Happiness Coach who loves people and doing what she does. To be a guest on Blessed and share your bless story visit us @ https://www.wytv7.org/blessed


The Bridge #PODCAST #49 Coronavirus: Walking in Faith Not in Fear

Walk in faith and not it fear as the pandemic of the Coronavirus causes chatter around the world. Host Tina Boyle Whyte and Guest Mariah Everts shares a conversation on the coronavirus not being the crown people of faith wear. Mariah gives a prayer to the listening audience. To listen to more of series of educational messages from the Bridge subscribe to our channel. To be a guest share your message contact us @ https://www.wytv7.org/the-bridge


Financial Confidence #PODCAST # 94 Better Is On Its Way

Just when you think things are good. Better is on its way it's up to you to claim it and receive it. Listen in on more True Confession with America's #1 Financial Coach and Guest Cheryl Pope Clark. To be a guest contact us @ wytv7.org. Subscribe to us to stay up to date with all our inspirational stories.


Simply Fit #PODCAST #9 Jump Into Spring: A New Beginning

Good bye Old Man Winter, It's time for new beginnings as we jump into Spring. Watch Sandy White share some new beginning challenges to get you and your family actively involved this year. Try new things and take on her challenges. To be a guest contact us @ wytv7.org. Subscribe to us and hear more stories we have to share. https://www.wytv7.org/subscribe-to-us


Blessed #PODCAST #26 Colorize Your Curves With Nikki Free

Size don't matter it's how it fits your curves. Dr Raykel and Guest Nikki Free share a conversation on plus size women and colorizing your curves so the sizes fits you and not what's on the label. To be a guest and share your story. Contact Raykel @https://www.raykeltolson.com/


The Bridge #PODCAST #48 Busting Myths on Sleep Hygiene Part 3

Are you going to bed the same time each night? Have you ever wondered if naps are good or bad? Listen in on the conversation of busting myths about sleep with Host Tina Boyle Whyte and Guest Mariah Everts as they discuss counting sheep good or bad, taking naps good or bad. To be a guest and share your story contact us @ wytv7.org. Subscribe to our channel to stay tune to more stories.


A Place Called Through#PODCAST #7 On the Other Side of Through

Addicted no more! Host Patricia Goings interviews Guest Pandora Lambert who shares she served time in prison and came to know Christ in jail. She had a crack cocaine addiction. She says she has been set free and now shares her story on the other side of through.


The Bridge#PODCAST #47 Tips to Lower Blood Pressure

Healthy Heart. Lowering your blood pressure for a healthier you. Many American's suffer with blood pressure problems for some reason or another. Listen to Host Tina Boyle Whyte and Guest Mariah Everts who will share tips on lowering and keeping your blood pressure low. Always consult your physician when doing something new with your blood pressure. To get more tips on naturopathic medicine/ food is good medicine subscribe to us and watch The Bridge. wytv7.org


Mis- Perfect #PODCAST #4 Intentional Dating in the 21st Century"

Mis-Perfect is back for another episode on "Intentional Dating in the 21st Century" in the "Roaring Twenties Series" Today's guest Roneshia Rudolph and Rev. Courtney Meadows share with our host Melody Wilson, how loving each other through challenges and intention is leading them to the altar this year. To be a guest and share your roaring twenties story contact us @ https://www.wytv7.org/mis-perfect


Rise & Shine #PODCAST # 14 Speak Boldly and Share Your Message!

Get ready to speak boldly and share your powerful message with the world! 🎙This week’s Rise & Shine with Dr. Sunny guest is Vasavi Kumar. ☀️She is a licensed therapist and certified coach. She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, and on V-H1’s Basketball Wives where she coached one of the main stars of the show. If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or speaker… find out the one question you need to ask yourself to get clarity when it comes to finding your voice and creating...