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BONUS: Nic Payne’s testimony and his story into full-time worship ministry

Nic Payne is a recent guest of the podcast, sharing what he calls the #rehearsalrevivalproject. One of the things that didn’t make the main episode was his testimony and his story of how he got into full-time worship ministry. It’s a great story of the church coming alongside someone that was at rock bottom and trying to put his life back together. And as Nic continued to grow within the church, his first paid role within the church was NOT within the worship ministry.


Nic Payne on the #rehearsalrevivalproject, using rehearsal to cultivate relationships and disciple those that serve

What if your mid-week rehearsal could be more than just the mechanics of learning the songs for Sunday? Nic Payne is the Director of Worship at Grace Church in Roseville, MN. As the church was focusing on discipleship and adopting the philosophy “we want something for you, not from you” in regards to serving, Nic saw the opportunity to use rehearsal to pour into the people that serve within the ministry. And now he’s encouraging other worship ministry leaders to do the same under the name...


Todd Fields on developing worship leaders to be their authentic self and calling out gifting in others

Whether he realized it or not at the time, Todd Fields was created to create leaders. Whether it was with Louie Giglio at 7:22, at North Point Community Church in Atlanta or now with the mentorship ministry he started called Worship Circle, there are countless worship leaders in the world today that wouldn’t be who they are without Todd pouring into them little by little. This conversation is about how over the years Todd has helped others be their authentic self, realize who they are in...


Aaron Green on music licensing, using copyrighted material in church and what is considered “fair use"

Using copyrighted music is an integral part of our Sunday morning services. CCLI covers many of the basics, but what about making a live CD of worship songs? What about using a Chris Tomlin song in your mission trip slideshow video? What about creating a parody for Mother’s Day? Aaron Green is the co-founder of, and he has seen it all. He works with churches and music publishers every single day, and he’s the go-to guy when you need to seek permission to use someone...


Luke McElroy on unleashing and pursuing your God-given calling as a creative and going to the gym creatively

There’s a lot of things that seem to prevent us from discovering the creative calling God has for us. For Luke McElroy, it was hitting wall after wall in his impatience to understand what God was calling him to do. For others, it’s not feeling like your creativity is enough or even not believing you’re created to be creative in the first place. This conversation with the SALT Community leader is about discovering and unleashing your God-given calling and some practical ways to work out this...


Marty Taylor on the importance of authenticity and vulnerability and moving away from the wow factor on Sunday

What do you do when, right in the middle of dress rehearsals of one of the biggest events your church does, you discover you’re not that church anymore? That what you’ve done for years and years no longer seems appropriate. That’s the question that Church on the Move was faced with in 2015 as Marty Taylor was leading the creative arts department. What seemed like a creative decision on the surface turned out to be a cultural decision towards vulnerability and authenticity. Find show notes...


Jeff Hall on how Life.Church Worship creates a thriving environment for their musicians and more than “just a gig"

As the associate central ministry leader of worship for Life.Church, Jeff Hall plays a big part in crafting the culture within the worship ministries at their 30+ different campuses—especially when it comes to the musicians in the band. So many church musicians have a story where they felt used or only valued for what the church could get out of them, but Life.Church musicians seem to thrive in their culture. In our conversation, we talk about how making the expectations clear paves the way...


Andrew Stone on leading tech people and the importance of clearly defining the expectations (COTM Prod Ethos)

As the production director and chief audio engineer at Church on the Move in Tulsa, OK, Andrew Stone is one of the best pastors to tech people I’ve ever seen. During the 15 years he’s been with COTM and all the years on the road with national touring artists, he has pulled together a list of ten statements—a production ethos if-you-will. In our conversation, we don’t necessarily talk about what these statements mean. Instead, it’s a conversation about how they came to be and why it’s...


Stephen Brewster on leading creatives in ministry, helping them find success and the benefits of being more than a doer

As the creative arts pastor of Freedom House Church in Charlotte, NC, Stephen Brewster leads creatives every day to create music, graphic design and every thing else to share the hope of Jesus through the local church. In our conversation we talk about how to lead creatives—to provide the guardrails but still allow them to do what they do without stifling them—and how to think of yourself as a leader instead of a doer. No matter the size of your church, there are benefits to building a team...


Dave Dolphin shares the backstory of his faith, leading worship and Practical Worship

In this introductory podcast episode, host Dave Dolphin shares how it all begin. He shares the story of his personal testimony, how he started leading worship and how he knew he was called to be a worship pastor full-time. Find show notes to the podcast episode at