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To-The-Point Conversations About the Bible, Theology, and Current Events.

To-The-Point Conversations About the Bible, Theology, and Current Events.
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To-The-Point Conversations About the Bible, Theology, and Current Events.




The Christian's Fight Against Racism

As we remember the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's assassination, we reflect on his final speech given in a Memphis church hours earlier. "Be concerned about your brother. You may not be on strike. But either we go up together, or we go down together. Let us develop a kind of dangerous unselfishness." For a predominately white church in 2018, let us consider the insight in King's line here - are we our brother's keeper? In other words, do white Christians have a...


Being Against is Easy; Being For is Hard

Do you ever notice how difficult it is to publicly like the thing that everyone else seems to hate? Hating is very in. We live in a rage culture were it seems like everyone is "anti" something. Sometimes that makes sense - anti-bullying, anti-drug, anti-racism - but what does it mean to be FOR something? If we're anti-racism, are we FOR diversity and cultural respect, and do our actions reflect that? Being for something is much more difficult and involved than being against something. As...


Lessons from Joshua

At Arrowhead Church, we just wrapped up our 10 week teaching series on the book of Joshua. There are things in the book of Joshua that are so practical and relevant to our everyday life that you don't see anywhere else in the Bible. Today on the 10 Minute Think Thru, we reflect on some of those lessons as we close this teaching series.


What does Luke 19:40 Mean?

If you've been around church for very long, you may have heard a worship leader say, "If we don't worship God, then the rocks will cry out." It's a common sentiment taken from Luke 19:40 and in church culture, it's a verse that is quoted often. So what does it mean? Is that true- if we don't worship, will creation worship instead, perhaps even in literal avalanches? That's what our topic is today on the 10 Minute Think Thru.


What does Romans 6:23 Mean?

Many of us are familiar with Romans 6:23, which states "For the wages of sin is death." But often, when this verse is preached, we are told that it is referring to hell rather than a physical death. Why is that? Is this verse about hell? In this episode, we go into detail about Romans 6:23.


Who are You?

As we try to make a podcast that is more helpful to you, we'd like to know who you are! In this quick and unusual episode, we just ask that you'd provide a little bit of feedback to help us better serve content that you'll find useful.


"Thoughts and Prayers"

As our nation grapples with the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School, the common sentiment "Thoughts and Prayers" has come under scrutiny. As with other global tragedies in the recent years, social media was flooded with people wishing "thoughts and prayers" to the victims and families of the shooting. To some, this well meaning message is a worthless throwaway phrase that neither comforts nor motivates any counter action. We decided to consider the merit of this argument. Does sending...


Is Leisure Biblical?

Work is hard. Whether you are a full time parent or out in the job market, the curse of hard work is ever looming. So when you finally have some free time, how do you spend it? Do you feel like you're just working for the weekend? In this episode, we consider the concept of leisure time and how we can rest in a God-centered and healthy way.


Singleness in the Church

We talk a lot about marriage - not just at Arrowhead Church, but at most churches. That's a good thing, sure, but what about those of us who aren't married? On average, about 30% of a church's congregation is unmarried. Whether single by situation or by choice, what messages does the Bible have specifically for people who are unmarried?


Keeping Technology in its Proper Place

Many of us feel like we watch too much TV, or spend too much time on Instagram, or feel too anxious when we're without our phone - compulsive use of technology can be not only unhealthy, but positively draining. Last year, Andy Crouch published a helpful book called, "The Tech-Wise Family," which explained how to use technology in a healthy way. Today, using Andy Crouch's book as a spring board, we dissect 6 ways to keep technology in it's proper place.


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