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My Experiences At The Potter's House

This Sunday on RTR we talk with a former employee and a former elder at the Potter's House. Rhonda K. Phillips is the author of the book "You Don't Know My Real Testimony" and David Lee is the author of "Sunday Morning Stick Up". They will be talking about their experiences while there, and what ultimately led to them leaving. Join us every 1st and 3rd Sunday at 10am EST by calling 929.477.1395! www.4realtalkradio.com


Stay Woke??? Christianity and the Conscious Movement

You may have heard it referred to as the Hotep Movement... On the next RTR, we will be discussing the so-called "Black Conscious Community" with special guest Anthony Pollard. Can the Black Conscious community be taken seriously? What are some of their key tenets? Why do they so vehemently oppose Christianity more than any belief system? What makes one conscious? Call 929.477.1395, this Sunday at 10am EST. Real Talk Radio, every 1st and 3rd Sunday at 10am EST! www.4realtalkradio.com


For God and Country?????

There has been a lot of divison in the country with the nomination, election and swearing in of President Trump. One of the biggest divisions is within the Body of Christ. Some christians prayed for Trump to win, while others prayed for Clinton. Does God play political favorites? Should Christians be as involved with politics as we are? Are you more Christian than American, or vice versa? Join RTR live at 10 am est as we interview Keith Giles from www.keithgiles.com and talk to him about...


The Death of Bishop Eddie Long

On this episode of RTR, we will be discussing the death of Bishop Eddie Long and people's reaction to it. Listen live at 10am est by calling 929.477.1395 www.4realtalkradio.com


The Ministry

In most churches, you will find a multiple of ministries. From jail ministry, to the flag ministry to the singles ministry. Why so many ministries? What exactly is "a ministry", or what is ministry? Is it a program, a group of people or what? Join RTR this and every Sunday at 10 am est by calling 929.477.1395 www.4realtalkradio.com


"Race, Faith and Social Unrest in America - The Vent Session"

We are all trying to make sense of this tragic week in American history. Why did Alton Sterling and Philando Castile die at the hands of police? Why were officers killed in Dallas? What should be the Believer's response to racial and social injustice? Is it wrong, prideful or sinful to acknowledge it? Or is it wrong NOT to? This has been a very difficult week in America. Real Talk Radio is here to talk about it. Call 929.477.1395 to listen live, and press 1 to vent. www.4realtalkradio.com...