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A 4 1/2 minute daily broadcast, in which Ron Hutchcraft uses humor and the Bible to present practical applications for daily living. Regularly, Ron clearly introduces spiritual seekers to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

A 4 1/2 minute daily broadcast, in which Ron Hutchcraft uses humor and the Bible to present practical applications for daily living. Regularly, Ron clearly introduces spiritual seekers to a relationship with Jesus Christ.
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A 4 1/2 minute daily broadcast, in which Ron Hutchcraft uses humor and the Bible to present practical applications for daily living. Regularly, Ron clearly introduces spiritual seekers to a relationship with Jesus Christ.




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Jumping Before You've Heard It All - #6482

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_11-15-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) When I was in high school, I was a part of Youth For Christ's very active Bible Quiz program. Now, it was a long time ago, but I still remember a lot that I learned in studying books of the Bible in this highly competitive atmosphere. Read more...

A Funeral For a Ghost - #6481

Monday, November 14, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_11-14-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) We've always found our family in the comic strips. Yeah, frequently one of the kids would come to me with some cartoon in the newspaper and say, "Here we are, Dad!" And we were, sure enough. And it was often that comic strip—maybe you've seen it—Family Circus. The man behind it obviously has had children of his own. For example, whenever the parents find...

Facing the Flame - #6480

Friday, November 11, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_11-11-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) Because we have so many Native American friends in the Southwest, I was carefully watching a ravenous wildfire in eastern Arizona. You know, when you are told to evacuate, honestly you never know if you'll have a home to come back to. Read more...

Who Stole the Cross? - #6479

Thursday, November #10, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_11-10-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) Somebody stole the cross! Go figure.Well, I mean that was a news story that got my attention a while back. The missing cross was a six-foot-tall metal structure that was embedded in rock and concrete, and it was perched high up on Sunrise Rock in the Mojave Desert. Veterans actually placed it there to honor those who've died fighting for their country....

The First Church of Yeah But - #6477

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_11-08-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) You hear a lot about plea bargaining in court cases these days, but plea bargaining...that's not a new idea. Every child learns the art of negotiating his way out of his disobedience. You might call it the art of "yeah, but." For example, "You don't have your homework" says the teacher. "Oh, yeah, but the dog ate it." Or, "My grandma died." For the sixth...

Hold Your Fire - #6474

Thursday, November 3, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_11-03-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) I realize now that I really wasn't ever going to make it as a tennis player. Oh, I played the most with my son. And, I think I had a decent serve for a beginner. But I had trouble returning my son's shots. Now, I think you'll agree that is a basic skill for succeeding in tennis. You do have to get it back to the other guy. Actually, that's important in a...

A Roller Coaster World - #6473

Wednesday, November 2, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_11-02-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) My children love roller coasters. They did not get it from me. When my dad took me on the big "thrills and chills" coaster at our city amusement park, I needed counseling for years to come! Of course, you don't have to buy a ticket these days to get a wild ride. Just invest in the stock market. Talk about ups and downs! And Wall Street's wild rides...

Undelivered Messages - #6471

Monday, October 31, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_10-31-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) When I walk in the door at our house, I'm often greeted by a lot of phone messages. And sometimes I don't get the messages. That's frustrating! I mean, it depends on who takes the message, how busy they are when the phone message comes in, what there is to write with, what there is to write on, and of course you can also depend on where it gets set down,...

Big Men, Big Mistakes - #6469

Thursday, October 27, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_10-27-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) Wait! I thought Humpty Dumpty was just a nursery rhyme. You know, the big egg who sat on a wall, but had a great fall. Turns out he's got a lot of company these days—sitting on a high wall, and smashed by a big fall. Take one of the world's most powerful financial figures, for example, in a $3,000-a-night Manhattan hotel suite one night, and then the...

Still There After the Storm - #6468

Evang3300 Wednesday, October 26, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_10-26-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) The land is flat around Joplin, Missouri. And then after the great tornado that hit there, much of the town was leveled by that F-5. It was just heartbreaking devastation as far as the eye could see. But you know what? In the midst of all that devastation, there was still one thing still standing. A reporter commented on it as the camera...

The Terminator - #6467

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_10-25-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) My three kids once gave me the most unique gift. It was called The Terminator. It wasn't as bad as it sounds. It was this little black, plastic control device. It looked sort of like uh...that remote control switch for a television, and it had three buttons on it. One said Missile Launcher, and when you press that button, it was supposed to make the...

How to Handle Frustrating People - #6466

Monday, October 24, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_10-24-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) There's a mountain in northern New Jersey that has the most intriguing view in the area I think. It's called Garret Mountain; it's right over the city of Paterson, New Jersey. Patterson happened to be at least when we lived near there, the fourth poorest, middle-sized city in America. Now, if you just drove around Paterson—that's all you saw—you would...

Watching Him Drown - #6465

Friday, October 21, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_10-21-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) It was a 911 call that alerted the first responders. A man was slowly wading out into San Francisco Bay, inching his way to ending his life there. Pretty soon a group of firefighters, along with a crowd of 75 people, were watching as this desperate man went a little deeper and a little deeper, and sadly occasionally glancing back at the shore. They stood...

Surprises in the Storm - #6464

Thursday, October 20, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_10-20-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) It was some years ago, but I remember when they closed our local airport. Yeah, there was a violent storm at Newark airport, and thousands of people had their plans suddenly changed. Storms have a way of doing that. Did you ever notice that? There's a snow storm, for example, and schools and businesses oh, they all had their plans made for the day, and...

Spiritual Termites - #6463

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_10-19-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) Let's say that someone steps on the wooden backstairs of your house. Imagine what they do when all of a sudden one of those stairs caves in. Okay, whose fault is it the stair caved in? Well you could blame it on your friend and say, "'Bout time you went on a diet, isn't it buddy?" Or could it be that it wasn't their weight that really made it collapse?...

Missing You - #6461

Monday, October 17, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_10-17-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) We say a lot of things we don't really mean. For example, when we sign our letters, sincerely yours—now have you really been sincere about everything you said sincerely yours about? Or how about this one, the check is in the mail—well, sometimes yes, sometimes no; maybe just an intention. Here's a classic one that we often don't really mean, "Hey, let's...

Worth the Wait - #6460

Friday, October 14, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_10-14-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) The San Diego Zoo? Oh, it's one of the largest in the world, and our family had a chance to visit there. And we were told that the best way to see all of these terrific animal exhibits was to take the tour bus. Well, they were right, but when we got to the tour bus there were two lines. Read more...

The Collapse Of a Two-Legged Bridge - #6459

Thursday, October 13, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_10-13-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) When a bridge collapses it's always inconvenient, and sometimes it's tragic. Some years ago, I remember a bridge on the New York throughway near Albany, collapsed. It collapsed actually, under the pressure of heavy floodwaters, and several vehicles plunged into that raging river and it took their occupants to their death. Now it isn't always that tragic,...

Nothing To Hide - #6458

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_10-12-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) It's amazing what a difference a camera can make. Some years ago there was a very popular TV series that lasted for years and kept getting reincarnated, pioneered by a guy named Allen Funt. Now he was pretty well known in his time, and the reason he became well known was one thing. He became the creator of a program called Candid Camera. And he proved...

The Most Special People On Earth - #6457

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 {enclose http://mp3.hutchcraft.com/web/awwy/A_Word_With_You_10-11-2011.mp3} Download MP3 (right click to save) Special people tend to get special treatment. Did you ever notice that? For example, look at what we serve for dinner when the boss is coming over or some out of town friends. It's kind of interesting when special people come and your kids look at you and say, "Mommy, I like it when guests come." And then you find out the reason why. "We never have this...