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Jumping 3 Stories Headfirst Saved My Life (Pt. 1)

On episode #6 of "Amazing Testimonies Podcast" Rob Decker shares his testimony about how life pushed him over the edge (pun intended). Rob decided he had enough and decided to kill himself by jumping headfirst thru a 3rd story building window (hitting the ground)!!! “My eyes slowly opened and as they began to focus I found myself staring at darkness…small glimmers of light shining in the distance…the moon barely lighting the night. My mind snapped into focus as I became acutely aware of the...


Abducted by terrorists! Saved by God! (PT1)

On this weeks' episode of Amazing Testimonies Podcast, Kule Joram. Growing up with his family in Uganda (East Africa), Kule Joram's daily life was not easy. During his childhood, Kule recalls a horrific event that occurred which deeply impacted his life in both a positive & negative way. One day, the village where Kule and his family lived was besieged and brutally attacked by a group of muslim terrorists. The villagers where no match for the terrorists who had guns. Most of the villagers...


Suicidal Vietnam vet says to God: “Prove that you’re REAL!” (PT2)

On this weeks' program, part #2 of Norm Rasmussen's powerful testimony...."The Morning God Became Real"! Emotionally raped from his Vietnam war experiences, sunken deep into alcoholism, in a broken marriage that was headed for divorce, fed up and depressed beyond hope...Norm was staring suicide directly in the face!!! Don't miss this powerful conclusion to Norm Rasmussen's moving testimony and true story!!! Listen now as Norm Rasmussen testifies about, “The Morning God Became Real” (PT2). If...


Suicidal Vietnam vet says to God: “Prove that you’re REAL!” (PT1)

Norm Rasmussen grew up in the 1950s in a small logging community called Bates, Oregon. Norm and his 5 siblings were reared in a dysfunctional home were constant fighting between his parents were practically a daily norm (no pun intended). In 1966 after graduating high school, Norm enlisted into the U.S. Army. One year later, Norm found himself stationed in the war of Vietnam. Having experienced the horrors of the Vietnam war, Norm returned home to the U.S. an emotionally and mentally...


Devout Muslim Finds Jesus at Twin Towers on 9-11

Charles Featherstone is a writer, journalist, singer/songwriter, and pastor who for many years was a devout Muslim until he met Jesus at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Charles H. Featherstone is the author of The Love That Matters: Meeting Jesus in the Midst of Terror and Death (Cascade Books). Tune-in now and listen to Charles share his life's testimony about growing up in the suburbs of southern California, going to school being constantly teased, taunted and picked on by...


How a 30 year Mormon/ Brigham Young University professor found Jesus!

Amazing Testimonies Podcast: Episode 1 On this premier episode of "Amazing Testimonies Podcast", Dr. Wilder shares her amazing testimony and journey out of Mormonism and into the light that is Jesus Christ! Since accepting Jesus as her Lord and savior, Dr. Wilder has dedicated the remainder of her life to Jesus in Christian ministry. Lynn spent 30 years in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (a.k.a the Morman Church). Dr. Wilder was tenured faculty at Brigham Young University (a...