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Mark 3: The Will of The Lord

Mark 3: The Will of The Lord The first opposition to the ministry of Jesus was ‘very close to home’. We are called to serve even when the going gets tough. The religious leaders are next to oppose Him and they challenge Him at the source, saying he has a demon. God is life and there is no death in God. They can’t control Jesus and so they accuse Him. Perhaps the unforgivable sin is to look at the good works coming through the Messiah and to say, it is a work of a demon. Jesus says, My...


Shabbat: Echo of Eternity

Rev. David Pileggi expounds further on the depths of the meaning behind the Shabbat for Israel and us today, in this Sunday Evening Sermon.


Mark 2: Shabbat in Liberty

If we love Jesus we will keep his commandments, so it behoves us to know his life and teaching. There are disputes over the interpretation of the sabbath rules. In Jesus day there were great debates and discussions. In no way does Jesus minimise the keeping of the sabbath. God himself rested on the seventh day; the sabbath celebrates redemption; it is about creation and redemption; a taste or down payment of the rest that is to come in eternity. It is essential and important as it becomes...


Matthew 28:Trinitarian Life.

Matthew 28:Trinitarian Life. It is not by accident that trinity sunday comes a week after pentecost. When we talk about the trinity it is abstract, intellectual and embarrassing. How do you defend and explain it. In many ways it should be left a mystery. The context is that after the resurrection Jesus is sending his disciples out; He wants them to go into all the world. Jesus is seen to have authority, raising up students who became disciples, who reflect the character of the teacher....


John 16 - Shavuot, Pentecost

John 16 - Shavuot, Pentecost The day of pentecost - feast of weeks, celebrating the wheat harvest. This feast began to be associated with the giving of the Torah and it falls fifty days after passover, as the giving of the Law, and as Christians, the giving of the Spirit. It is not simply the giving of the Law versus the giving of the Spirit. These are in fact similar and tell us about the character and grace of God, when he gives us an unearned gift. Readings: Exodus 34:22-35, Romans...


Luke 24 - D-Day

Luke 24 - D-Day The season between the pouring out of the Holy Spirit and the ascension presents us with the tension that exists in what is happening here on earth and in heaven. If God is good, why are all these things happening? The story begins in the Garden; Jesus message is the Kingdom. The deity of Jesus is right there in front of us as demonstrated in the period of time from the resurrection and ascension. The ruler of this world is judged. The cross and resurrection was our D-Day,...


The Tragedy of the House of Herzl

David Pileggi lectures of the tragic lives of Theodor Herzl's family. Herzl died young in the midst of his Zionist project, leaving his widow and children penniless. His children never found stability, and all died awfully young. We ask for grace for the audio quality as there were many birds chirping where this lecture was given.


John 15: Jesus, ‘Friend of Sinners.’

John 15: Jesus, ‘Friend of Sinners.’ The gospel of John clearly demonstrates what friendship is all about. There is an invitation to come and investigate. The friendship that Jesus is offering us is modelled on his relationship with the Father. The basis of biblical friendship is the way the Father loves the Son. Jesus is found in the bosom of the Father. In order for there to be friendship there has to be relationship. Readings: Acts 10:44-48, 1 John 5:1-6, John 15:9-17


John 15: Abide in Resurrection Reality.

John 15: Abide in Resurrection Reality. God is looking for a people, to inhabit and to indwell. So what difference does the resurrection make, and what is our witness? Resurrection Reality is life and victory, from the beginning God gives us a choice; choose life or choose death, be obedient, guard and cultivate the garden. The Gospel of John is written to disciples. Abide is to stay in, to stay with me, to dwell with me. How does this produce life? In understanding the relationship that...


John 10: The True Shepherd

John 10: The True Shepherd Here in the Middle East rain is a blessing, and it is also a blessing in the prophetic scripture as it speaks about one central event that has taken place, the restoration of Israel to their homeland. Reflected in today’s readings, the shepherd and the sheep, is a theme that runs through the scriptures, this also speaks of God’s regathering of his ancient people. The seventieth year is important as it signifies the shabbat rest of the land. We are still waiting...


Reconciling Israel and the Nations

As Israel celebrates 70 years of statehood, we offer this teaching by David Pileggi on Israel's calling to be a blessing to the nations. Many in the Middle East are drawn by Jesus' command to "love your enemy," but most say that it is an impossible ideal. David shows us how God, in the Trinity, models relationship for us. David then updates us on how the Holy Spirit is working in the hearts of Israel's predominately Muslim neighbors, bringing forth the first fruits of the Father's promise...


Luke 26 - Behold my hands and my feet!

Luke 26 - Behold my hands and my feet! Jesus will bear the marks of the cross for eternity, they are not the marks of defeat but are a mark of his triumph; however none of His bones were broken. What comes out of these wounds and suffering? He has empathy with our pain, He has entered into all of those human experiences, He has passed through all of these things. When he says, “Go and be my witnesses”, we are also the broken. What does that allow us to do? It allows us to do as Jesus has...


Holocaust: Predictable, Avoidable, Repeatable

As we mark Yom HaShoah -- Holocaust Remembrance Day -- we offer this lecture by David Pileggi challenging us to investigate the causes of the Holocaust, to learn how atrocities were perpetrated by ordinary people, and to cry out humbling to God for grace lest we fail to do right in the face of such evil. Thanks to the Center for Judaic-Christian Studies for allowing us to share this teaching with you.


John 20: Great grace was upon them.

John 20: Great grace was upon them. The resurrection creates a community. The summary of community life is that it has one heart and soul. God is always looking for a people to inhabit and to glorify Himself through. In our passage the disciples hid for fear of the Jews, but no Jews were after them! They had locked the door and Jesus walked in saying, “Peace to you! Shalom!” This peace is a divine revelation. We don’t have to live in fear. Sin destroys the witness of the resurrection....


Mark 16 - I Am the Resurrection

I Am the Resurrection In the gospel of Mark, Jesus is tested in a way that we find in no other gospel. He is tested in the wilderness, by the religious and civil authorities, internally in the Garden of Gethsemane, but also by his own disciples who are slow to believe. The testing is to bring Him to maturity. We also will be tested, so that we know what is in our hearts and as a way of discipline to keep us on the narrow way. This is evidence that God loves us. The reality of the...


Mark 11 - In remembrance of Me

Mark 11 - In remembrance of Me Rev. Eime takes a look at the early origins of Easter and encourages us to celebrate it because on it God did something amazing. God does amazing things and intervenes in the earth, these things are worth remembering. The first thing he did was to say, “Go make a calendar … make sure you celebrate passover! I don’t want you to forget, so every year, retell the story;” reminding us of the story we already know. How do we remember? By doing …. retelling the...


Jeremiah 31- The Angel of the Covenant

Jeremiah 31- The Angel of the Covenant Guest speaker, Director of CMJ UK, Alex Jacob looks at some of the historical aspects of CMJ. For new testament writers this passage is vey significant. Jeremiah 31 is one of the most important passages that leads people to faith. The CMJ founder, Joseph Samuel Levi, became a believer through this passage saying, “These words, I have never heard before, this man and the reading he shared made a deep and lasting impression on me and I was challenged...


John 3: God so loved

John 3: God so loved This could be said to be “The gospel in miniature”, if our interpretation of the verse is correct. Consider this in the context of what it is to give a gift, in the biblical sense. Is a gift is given with no strings attached? This is not something that the bible knows. Gifts were given in the expectation of response and to form relationships. One may not have earned the gift but one must still respond. God, out of his love gives life, he does not need ‘pets’; this life...


John 2: The zeal of your house

John 2: The zeal of your house - That God would dwell amongst us. Rev. David Pileggi looks at the cleansing of the temple. Jesus, in clearing the temple comes in after he turns water into wine at a wedding; at the same time demanding holiness and passion for God … this ultimately get Him killed. It is mentioned in all four gospels. In studying Jesus’ life we should compare all four gospels. We should note that there is a certain difference in John’s account; here he is not coming to...


Mark 8: The Season of Lent

Mark 8: The season of Lent. The idea of Lent comes from the 40 day fast of Jesus. Fasting was already a part of the Jewish world. Jesus is preaching a message of the Kingdom of Heaven but changes his direction and now focuses on death and resurrection; we have a clash of expectations! We have a tendency to reject the idea of suffering …however it does produce patience and character. The concept of discipleship comes also from the Jewish tradition. The idea is to look like the master; Be...