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Three guys sharing their feelings, their heart and their opinions on everything from pop culture to theology.

Three guys sharing their feelings, their heart and their opinions on everything from pop culture to theology.
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Three guys sharing their feelings, their heart and their opinions on everything from pop culture to theology.




Ep. 21: React-O-Vision: Pizzy G, Pizzarino, & PMan Izzy

This week on ChristCore Movie Review: The Revenant News: Daredevil Season 2 Motion Poster Podcast: Interview With Darkness Divided Tech CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2016 Sony president announces ‘Ultra,’ new 4K video app that allows users to buy and stream movies on Sony Android TVs USB-C Hub answers the prayers of Macbook users Griffin Travel Power Bank for Apple Watch Fitbit unveils new ‘Blaze’ fitness-focused smartwatches ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ will be shot with RED’s 8K...


Ep. 22: Conversations: The Nerd Stigma

This is a total first world problem discussion #thestruggleisreal. At times I find that there is a stigma put upon people, who aren’t kids anymore, but still enjoy things typically religated to kids i.e. video games, Comic Books, Movies, etc. I don’t really get it and I just wanted to discuss it for a bit. […]


Ep. 21: Conservations: Drugs Are Bad MKay?

More and more the legalize drug debate is in the forefront of our American Culture. Whether it’s medical marijuana or the legalization of marijuana it’s becoming increasingly difficult to not deal with it. Should it be legal? Probably not, but it looks like it’s going that way so how do we as believers deal with […]


Ep. 20: Adventures in Dreaming

Do you have dreams? Not like Martin Luther King did, nothing that serious. Do you dream? More importantly do you remember your dreams, interact with your dreams or have re-occuring one. Well, Bryce does and wanted to discuss it. Mark, being the most spiritual of the three, challenged us to reclaim that one-third of our […]


Ep. 19: Should We Overcome Voter Apathy?

Who better to talk about politics and voting than three people who don’t know a lot about politics. Mark brings up the interesting subject of voting when you don’t really like any of the candidates and Bryce discusses his difficulty with voting and caring in general about the presidential election in general. What are your […]


Ep. 18: Conversations: Heart Problems

In the past three months Bryce’s life has been dramatically changed. He went from healthy to heart problems in a matter of months. In fact, at the time this podcast posts he will have just gotten out of surgery to get a ICD (Pacemaker + Defibrillator). It’s been hard working through all the emotions that […]


Ep. 17: Conversations: Are Our Schools Churning Out Factory Workers?

Anthony, who is studying to be a teacher, brought up a statement recently made by Maynard James Keenan, frontman of the band Tool, about the education system in the United States. Though Mark and I don’t know much about the in’s and out’s of the system we did our best to keep up and at the […]


Ep. 16: Conversations: Hollywood Trends We Hate

We have a dream, slightly less impressive than MLK’s, that one day Hollywood will stop making terrible movie choices and make consistently good. Let’s be honest, that’s probably a pipe dream. But we wanted to take a minute to vent about some horrible things we see happening. What about you? What Hollywood trends are bugging […]


Ep. 15: Conversations: Your Opinion Sucks!

Everyone’s got an opinion but not all opinions are worth having. Of course everyone is entitled one but let’s face it, most opinions come about through hearsay. What do you need to have an informed opinion? What gives an opinion weight? Is Donald Trump as much of a tool as he seems to be? Let’s discuss… […]


Ep. 14: Conversations: What Is Your Go To Music Of Choice?

Let’s face it, we all have that band or artist that we go to when we’re fed up with the radio or need a pick me up. If you’re like Bryce you obsessively listen to one artist until you’re lovely wife Bethany can’t stands it no more! Anthony, Mark and Bryce discuss some of their […]


How do you comfort someone during painful times?

Life is rough sometimes. The trouble is within the church it's often hard to go to people for advice without being told Christian cliche's or having scripture quoted at you. Anthony and Bryce discuss how we feel people should respond to those they love who are hurting. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Be sure to e-mail us at with your thoughts on "The One."


Ep. 13: What kind Of Media Should Christians Consume?

Let's face it, there's a lot of junk in TV, Movies and Music. Violence, Drugs, Sex, Adultery are common, even expected. It can be difficult as a believer deciding what kind of media consume and what not to. Where do you draw the line in your own life? What do you base your convictions on? We discuss this and more in this weeks episode. Let us know your thoughts on the matter. Do you think we're wrong? Where do you draw your lines? Let us know at or leave us a...


Ep. 12: Is Truth Important?

Every seems to live with their own set of rules. We live in a "Well that's true for you, but not me" sort of world. Social, Moral and Cultural norms change daily. How does a Christian stay centered amidst all the change? Does the Bible have truth to speak into our modern culture? Bryce, Anthony and Mark discuss. Let us know your thoughts? Where does God's truth fit into your day to day life? Let us know at or leave us a message at 916-572-7185.


Ep. 11: When Faith and Public Office Meet

We've all heard the story of Kim Davis a county clerk who denied gay marriage certificates to couples who came to her office. She was recently arrested, put in jail and soon after released. Many were outraged at her conviction, some of us were not. Do you think the sentence was to harsh? Do you agree with her decision to deny gay couples marriage certificates? Tough questions, let's talk about it. Let us know your thoughts, you can e-mail us at or give us a call and...


Ep. 10: Why Do Christian Movies Suck?

There is an essence of cheesy-ness to Christian movies that is palpable. Why is that? Is it budgetary restraints? Lack of Christian talent? Or something else. Mark, Sierra and Bryce discuss. What do you think? Are we being to hard on Christian filmmakers? Maybe so. Do you disagree with us? What's your favorite or least favorite Christian movie? Be sure to e-mail us at podcast@christcore.netor call as 916-572-7185.


Ep. 9.5: Would You Rather? (Bonus Episode)

Sometimes it's fun to lighten the mood a bit with total ridiculousness. Mark gets silly with the classic road trip game "Would You Rather?" Let's have some fun! Got any good 'Would You Rathers?" let us know at or leave us at message at 916-572-7185.


Ep. 9: Compassionately Pro-Life

The topic of abortion is back in the headlines due to some comments by GOP Candidate Mike Huckabee in support of Paraguay's decision to force an 11 year old rape victim to term. "Let nobody be misled, a 10-year-old girl being raped is horrible, but does it solve a problem by taking the life of an innocent child?" What should the churches response be in the face of such a tragedy? Should women be forced to carry products of rape to term? Bryce, Mark & Anthony discuss. Please let us know...


Ep. 8: Is it safe to go to the movies?

Following the shootings at theaters in Antioch and Alabama, should theaters be equipped with more security (e.g. metal detectors)? Would you pay a little extra for tickets, to ensure your safety? Bryce & Anthony discuss their reaction to what seems to be an increasingly dangerous culture. Be sure to e-mail us at with your thoughts on “The One.”


Ep. 7.5: Our Musical Journey (Bonus Episode)

In this “get to know us” bonus episode Bryce, Mark, Anthony and their friend Ryan sit down to talk about music. Specifically the music that they listened to throughout their life. We’ve all listened to some crazy music over the span of our lives, sometimes it’s fun to look back and laugh about it. So we did! We’d love to hear aboutyour musical journey! Be sure to send us an e-mail at or leave us a voicemail at 916-572-7185.


Ep. 7: Movies for 2015 (The Good, The Bad and Most Anticipated)

Spoiler Alert, we love movies! Well… maybe not such a spoiler. Regardless, we wanted to talk about the movies we loved, laugh at the movies we hated and discuss the movies we’re most excited to see. Compare your lists and let us know what movies we forgot! Be sure to e-mail us at with your thoughts on “The One.”