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Ep. 4 | Chad Moore on BEING the Church

Welcome to our final episode of the 2018 year! Today's guest is Chad Moore, the Lead Pastor from Sun Valley Community Church in Arizona. Chad is an amazing communicator and a guy that really thinks a lot about what he does when he's preaching, and who he's reaching. He's very intentional in planning out he thoughts, how they're going to be received, and how he can work in comic book references, "trojan horsed" and spiritual road signs! He's funny, he's a great friend and an even better...


Ep. 3 | Scott Wenig on Touching Your Heart + Moving Your Will

We are glad to have you back for the third instalment of our Clarity Podcast. Today's guest is Dr Scott Wenig. Scott is an amazing speaker, a thoughtful theologian, as well as a man who is passionate about creating clear, concise messages that lead people closer to the Gospel. Scott serves as professor of applied theology, teaching in the areas of homiletics, church history, and pastoral ministry. Tune in as Craig and Scott dive into the essentials of teaching adults as well as teens,...


Ep. 2 | David Hegg + The Three C's of Preaching

Welcome back to our second episode of the Clarity Podcast! We are so excited to welcome in David Hegg for this episode, who is the Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Santa Clarita, CA. David is passionate about God's Word and believes the greatest need in the church today is for pastors to preach the Bible the way it was written. Tune in as Craig and David dive into teaching in your private and public life, the art and science of preaching as well as what it looks like to give your...


Ep. 1 | Larry Osborne on Dripping Wisdom

Welcome to the launch episode of Clarity! Today we sit down with Larry Osborne, the Senior Pastor at North Coast Church in California for a number of years. Larry has the gift of electrifying clarity and you will be challenged and enlightened in this conversation. Larry is the author of books such as Sticky Teams and Lead Like a Shepherd (among many others). Join us today as we get insightful wisdom "soundbites" from this mentor and coach.



In one of our previous Nuts and Bolts episodes, we talked about the process or stages of developing a great message. In today's episode, I'm just going to walk through what that actually looks like in my own life. Now, I'm not saying you should follow exactly this same pattern. I think every communicator has to find their own rhythm for message development. This is what works best for me, but you'll have to find what works best for you.


Message Preparation

The focus today is on the process of preparing clear messages. One of the most common questions I'm asked about preaching is just about my process: how do I go about crafting a message from start to finish? So today I'm going to share what I believe are the six key stages of message preparation. And if I can get a little creative in the way I do that...I'm going to compare it to building a sand castle.


Big Ideas

Today we're going to be talking about what I think is probably the number one most import key to clear communication: having a big idea. Listen, we preach to change lives, right? But the reality is that lives aren't usually transformed minutes after a message, no matter how great it is. Long-term change happens most often in the hours, the days, the weeks or even the months after we've delivered the message...when the Holy Spirit takes truth that we've spoken and applies it in circumstances...



Today we’re going to be talking about introductions, which are way more important than most people give them credit for. In fact, I would say that the quality of an introduction can actually make or break a talk. The quality of an introduction can actually make or break a talk…because your introduction gives momentum to the talk. But, here’s the thing: momentum can be either positive or negative.


Welcome to Clarity

Welcome to Clarity, a podcast all about preaching and communicating for church leaders. The best communicators are ones that are able to deliver their messages clearly and concisely, and that's what we will be focusing on here. We want to pour into your passion of honing your skillset in being an effective communicator, make sure you tune back for our "Nuts + Bolts" mini-series dropping soon.