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#71: Erik Lawson - Church Planting

CHURCH PLANTING God will never promote you beyond what your character can sustain. Church Planting Birthing a church is like birthing a child. Pregnancy- this stage is the planting and growth of God’s vision for the church that He wants to birth through you. It is so important that this “pregnancy” is taken full-term, not birthed prematurely. During this time, it is important to trust the leaders in your life and their wisdom for timing. It’s one thing to stand next to a leader and feel...


#70: Dan Matlock - Be The Church

ABOUT DAN Dan and Kelly Matlock grew up in the Midwest but fell in love with Texas when they moved there in 2003. In 2011 they felt called to start a church in Hays County. Dan loves spending time with his family, being outdoors, playing sports, and driving his motorcycle. He’s an avid football fan in general but a diehard fan of the Green Bay Packers and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. BE THE CHURCH Be The Church: Build an awesome team around you. Before you “have” church, you have to BE...


#68: Rich Birch - Unreasonable Churches

ABOUT RICH Rich is one of the early multisite church pioneers. He served on the leadership team of Connexus Community Church in Ontario, a North Point Community Church Strategic Partner. Currently he serves as Operations Pastor at Liquid Church in the suburbs of New Jersey. Rich is married to Christine and lives in Scotch Plains, NJ with their two kids and one dog. LISTEN NOW iTunes - Episode #68: Rich Birch - Unreasonable Churches Google Play - Episode #68: Rich Birch - Unreasonable...


#64: Brian Jobe - Ask, Seek, Knock

Brian is a husband, father of three, and businessman. He is an OU grad and currently works in the Oil & Gas industry. Brian serves as a high-level volunteer for the Directional Leadership Team at Church on the Move. Brian is the co-founder of the Mountain Men ministry, dedicated to helping men find true life-change through an authentic relationship with Jesus. LISTEN NOW iTunes - Episode #64: Brian Jobe - Ask, Seek, Knock Google Play - Episode #64: Brian Jobe -Ask, Seek, Knock GUEST LINKS...


#62: Paul Daugherty - Navigating Transition

ABOUT PAUL Paul Daugherty, along with his wife Ashley, serve as the Lead Pastors of Victory in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They have two boys, Liam and Benaiah. Paul and Ashley travel around the world speaking at churches, conferences and city wide outreaches. Paul is the youngest son of the late Billy Joe Daugherty, the founder of Victory Christian Ministries. LISTEN NOW iTunes - Episode #62: Paul Daugherty - Navigating Transition Google Play - Episode #62: Paul Daugherty - Navigating Transition...


#61: Daniel McKenna - Maintaining Motivation

ABOUT DANIEL Daniel is a successful multi-business owner and entrepreneur. He obtained an advertising degree from Oral Roberts University. He is currently a partner in Thrive15, a subscription-based online and off-line practical training resource for entrepreneurs. LISTEN NOW iTunes - Episode #61: Daniel McKenna - Maintaining Motivation Google Play - Episode #61: Daniel McKenna - Maintaining Motivation GUEST LINKS Daniel's Twitter Daniel's Facebook Daniel's Instagram Thrive 15 MENTIONED...


#60: Ryan Tauss - Inside the Life.Church Digerati Team

ABOUT RYAN Ryan works at Life.Church as part of the Digerati team, an interactive team of people responsible for the web & app experience, giving, volunteer, and people platform experiences. He has a background as an agency graphic designer. Ryan is an Oklahoma native and OSU grad. He lives in Edmond with his wife, Jennifer, and two sons. LISTEN NOW iTunes - Episode #60: Ryan Tauss - Inside the Life.Church Digerati Team Google Play - Episode #60: Ryan Tauss - Inside the Life.Church...


#59: Jim Wideman - Leadership in the Home

A leader points the way and sets the pace of the home. It’s critical to have goals for yourself and for your family. In Your Marriage: Never quit dating your spouse. Let your kids see you in love with your spouse. Three areas that need intentional attention in marriage: Prayer life/ spiritual life Money Intimacy If you're not working on these 3 areas intentionally, the relationship will struggle. Parenting: Deuteronomy 6 was written for parents. Often times, parents want better for their...


#57: John Mitchell - A Natural Strategy for a Supernatural Calling

ABOUT JOHN MITCHELL John is the owner and operator of Creative Audio Lab in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Creative Audio Lab does custom music creation, music and sound design, and on location audio. In addition, John has launched a site called, a unique music library created by the collaborative team at Creative Audio Lab. John is married and the father of two. LISTEN NOW iTunes - Episode #57: John Mitchell - A Natural Strategy for a Supernatural Calling Google Play - Episode #57:...


#54: Jon Sanders - Dealing with Betrayal

ABOUT JON SANDERS Jon is the founder and head pastor of The Rescue Church, a multi-site church that started in South Dakota. Jon left his career as a full-time firefighter to answer God’s calling on his life to enter ministry. Jon lives in South Dakota with his wife and three children. LISTEN NOW iTunes - Episode #54: Jon Sanders - Dealing with Betrayal Google Play - Episode #54: Jon Sanders - Dealing with Betrayal GUEST LINKS Jon's Twitter Jon's Facebook Jon's Instagram Jon's Website...


#53: Dusty Otis - Stewarding Your Body through Healthy Habits

ABOUT DUSTY OTIS Dusty is the former strength and conditioning coach for Lincoln Christian School and has a passion for physical health. He is currently the Campus Pastor for Church on the Move’s South Campus. He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife and three children. LISTEN NOW iTunes - Episode #53: Dusty Otis - Stewarding Your Body through Healthy Habits Google Play - Episode #53: Dusty Otis - Stewarding Your Body through Healthy Habits GUEST LINKS Dusty's Twitter Dusty's Facebook...


#52: Randy & Dan DeBell - Raising Godly Kids

ABOUT RANDY & DAN Randy and Dan are a father & son with years of experience in ministry. Randy and his wife, Helen, decided to move to Oklahoma with three young sons to get involved in the ministry of Church on the Move. Randy is now the Next Steps pastor for Church on the Move. Dan was raised attending the church and Lincoln Christian School and felt called to ministry during college. He is the Kids on the Move director and oversees ages newborn to 6th grade, along with staff and...


#51: Sam Woods - How to Better Prepare for Communicating

ABOUT SAM WOODS Sam is the youth pastor at Oneighty, the young adult ministry for Church on the Move. He has been involved in Oneighty for almost 18 years after starting as a volunteer. A Florida native, he moved from his home in Destin to attend ORU, where he met his wife and was first invited to attend a service at Oneighty. Sam has grown as a leader and pastor and has become a phenomenal communicator reaching people for Jesus. LISTEN NOW iTunes - Episode #51: Sam Woods - How to Better...


#49: Brady Shearer - A Checklist for Storytelling

ABOUT BRADY SHEARER Brady is a videographer & motion graphics designer living in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada with his wife. He is the creator of the company, a site that provides church leaders with creative skills, pro tips & practical tools for communications, video, & design. Brady loves the Toronto Blue Jays & San Francisco 49ers and enjoys classic sitcoms & The Simpsons. LISTEN NOW iTunes - Episode #49: Brady Shearer - A Checklist for Storytelling Google Play -...


#47: DeVon Franklin- Striving for Success with God at the Center

ABOUT DEVON FRANKLIN DeVon Franklin is an author, film producer, preacher and motivational speaker. He serves as President/CEO of Franklin Entertainment, a new first-look production company with 20th Century Fox. He began his career as an intern for Will Smith and James Lassiter. He was formerly the Senior Vice President of Production at Columbia Pictures and a studio executive at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. LISTEN NOW iTunes - Episode #47: DeVon Franklin - Striving for Success with God at the...


#45: Mike Foster- People of the Second Chance

ABOUT MIKE FOSTER For the past 15 years, Mike has focused his work on helping people flourish in their lives by helping them be passionate about their not-so-perfect stories. Mike is the founder and Chief Chance Officer at People of the Second Chance, a non-profit organization guided by this lofty ideal: that every person on earth deserves a second chance. He is the author of the book People of the Second Chance, as well as the “Freeway” and “Wonderlife” curriculum, helping people find...


#44: Jordan Wiseman- Social Media, Volunteers & Jesus

ABOUT JORDAN WISEMAN Jordan Wiseman is the Marketing Coordinator for the YouVersion Bible app at Life.Church. He got his start in media & graphic design as a volunteer. He then joined the design team at Life.Church and is now part of the chart-topping YouVersion Bible app team. LISTEN NOW iTunes - Episode #44: Jordan Wiseman- Social Media, Volunteers & Jesus Google Play - Episode #44: Jordan Wiseman- Social Media, Volunteers & Jesus GUEST LINKS Jordan Wiseman Twitter Jordan Wiseman...


#42: Elle Campbell - Creating a Lead Small Culture

Elle grew up in Buffalo, New York and worked for quite awhile in youth ministry. She has been a part of the Orange Team since 2013. Currently, she is the director of XP3 Middle School Curriculum, the Lead Writer for Lead Small Weekly, a weekly tool to help churches do small groups better, and a co-author of the book Creating a Lead Small Culture, along with Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy. She has launched a resource website called "Stuff You Can Use" and a bi-weekly podcast known as "You...


#41: Matt McKee - Parenting & Technology

Matt McKee is an experienced entrepreneur as well as a former employee at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX. Currently, he serves as the pastor of students at Horizon Community Church in Cincinnati, OH. His latest passion has been helping families understand how to better use technology and establish safeguards for kids in his latest book Parent Chat. Matt is also a Dallas Cowboys and Bengals fan. LISTEN NOW iTunes - Episode #41 Matt McKee - Parenting & Technology Google Play - Episode...


#38: Dustin Woodward - Leading Under Authority

Pastor Dustin Woodward is the Lead Student Pastor of Copper Point Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Together with his wife, Mandy, they are ministering to over 1,800 students a week through weekly services, satellite campuses, and Bible clubs. Dustin is a gifted communicator and teacher, convicted about speaking the truth as plainly as possible. God has given him a vision and a passion for helping people meet Jesus and each week he shares God’s Word and its practical application in our...