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Push The Narrative is back after a week off due to technical issues. This week we talk about humility, and how it relates to us now. What is it, and what does it look like. As always leave us some feedback or email us your thoughts or questions. Also, please consider rating and reviewing our podcast on your favorite podcatcher.


Wrestling with Grief (and How a Soul Works)

In this experimental bonus episode, Ross takes a trip down a memory of a recent family loss. Don't worry... we'll have another episode in the regular format later this week. Skyler Frieling edited this episode to make it tug at your heart strings just a little bit more. Subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts or whatever podcast platform you use (we're on all of them) and leave us a review and rating. Have something to add? Join the conversation on social media! Facebook:...


Complementarianism w/ Jason Farley

This week the guys talk about Complementarianism. Jason Farley joins the conversation, while we explore what it means to be men and women complementing each other in a life and in marriage. We also explore whether or not the term complementarianism is a helpful term in the long hull. As alway if you like what you hear please like our social medias to keep up to date. Also give us a review on your favorite podcatcher or on itunes, it help more then you can know! Social links Facebook:...


The Infinite Sea w/ Brad Edwards

This week on the Podcast, Gabe and Justin talk to Brad about who God is. We reflect on who God was to us, who God is to us now, and getting ok with not knowing everything about God and how he acts. If you like what you're hearing, drop us an email or a review it helps more then you can know! Social links Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EfftheDirt/ Wordpress: https://pushthenarrative.wordpress.com/ Twitter: @pushthenarr Insta: @pushthenarrative


Agreeing to Disagree Part 3

This week the Guys talk about Egalitarianism. What is it? How it looks in the Bible? Is it Biblical, and if it is... how far is to far? That and more on this week's episode of "Push The Narrative." New to the podcast? Subscribe to the show on whatever podcast platform you use and give us a rating. Have an idea of what we should talk about next? Let us know on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pushthenarr Thanks and have a great week!


Agreeing to Disagree Part 2

This week the boys talk about Calvinism for the second part of Agreeing to Disagree, with Ross taking the helm! Being our Calvinist leaner he guides us go through T.U.L.I.P, and then we discuss the implications and the reality of Calvinist's beliefs We also got recording upgrades, so we are slowly getting to a level that is top notch for you guys! Here is the article link to what Ross reads from for verse references and the like!...


Walk Up/Walk Out? (It's Both)

This week Ross is gone but we have Gabe again! Justin and Gabe talk about the student Walk Outs and the March For Our Lives Movement happening in the wake of mass shootings.


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