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Ecclesiastes And the peace of Meaninglessness

This week, Justin is solo again and so he chooses to take the time to kinda run down where he is at now that he has had time for his mind to catch up with his body. He takes about Life and how there is comfort in the fact that everyone meets the same end, and that nothing really matters untell the judgment of man.


Omni: Is God Omniscient?

Hey listeners! This week, We talk with Andy Hermon of Theology Dosen’t suck about if God is omniscient. This episode highlights a miriade of nuanced language usage differances between Andy and Justin, and it shows that while Andy and justin have a sort of chasim between how they preseve God, They can still love and respect one another and know that the other is desperatly seeking God. Enjoy!


Omni: is God omnipotent?

This week, Gabe and Justin start there dive into the Omni natures of God. Starting with the omnipotent nature, we walk through what we think, feel, and what scripture says about God being all-powerful. This Episode was awesome because it is the first time that stark differences between Gabe and Justin surface for the viewers to see!


How To Deconstruct Well

This week, Justin runs you guys through Deconstructing well! Why? Because Justin believes that life is a perpetual state of deconstruction and reconstruction of thoughts and ideas. This episode gives you some helpful steps toward analyzing your faith or ideas about life even in a healthy meaningful way!


Knowing Jesus Is Supreme

This week Gabe flys solo! while running around in his car Gabe talks about how knowing Jesus may be more important then anything else in your life. Whether you agree or not wrestling with this topic is an important part of our faith.


Conflict Management

This week on the podcast, we are joined by Josh Patterson of the Theology Doesn’t Suck Podcast. Justin and him talk about why the church generally is so bad at handeling conflict. Also, this week, Gabe is out of town hangin out with a bunch of Vineyard people and Ed Stetzer so be on the look our for his return next week!


What Is Masculine

This week Gabe and Justin Tackle the Gillette ad. We discuss what we think toxic masculinity is, we talk about the ad in general, and what it means to be a man in Biblical terms. This episode was an interesting one because neither one of us saw the ad when it originally came out, so we are coming to it with fresh eyes. Hope you all enjoy the episode and as always feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or comments.


The Pop-culture Prophet and Social Media

This week, the guys talk with Elizebeth-Ann from the Pop-Culture Prophet Podcast! We had a great conversation about celebrity culture, growing up in the South, and whether social media and copycat mentality have permeated the Church. Give Pop Culture Prophet a follow, and be sure to let us know what you think!


Sin Is Crouching

This week, Gabe and Justin explore what Sin is and how sometimes it seems to be a consuming creature. We talk about Ancient cultures and how their Gods may or may not take part in convincing u to sin. We talk about what the serpent was and what Genesis means when it says …they have become like us. We hope you enjoy the episode, let us know what you think with a rating or review on iTunes or where ever you listen, or drop us a line at pussthenarr@gmail.com For more information and the entire...


Justin's Sermon

This week on Push The Narrative, Gabe and Justin finish up there series on sermons by going through Justin’s first sermon ever. The sermon was about Asking God and people you trust question and how to do that well. The format of this podcast and the last two have been a sort of movie commentary like series. Which tries to get at some of the deeper thinking behind sermons and what goes into them.


Happy New B-year-isode

What is up listeners! This year has been long and crazy, so we sit down and recap our favorite momments in the show and just catch up. Mr. Ross Holcomb is back on again to talk to us about how the show has changed since he has left and our Editor in cheif jumps on as well to part take in the festivities! we look forward to another year of pushing the narrative of christianity with you guys, enjoy!


Gabe's Sermon PT. 2

This week, Gabe and Justin finish up part 2 of Gabe’s sermon. If you haven’t already look up part 1 where we start a deep dive on the process and thought behind how Gabe writes sermons! as always we hope you enjoy the content, and we would love to get feedback on what we are doing or get ideas of what to try from you guys. you can find us on Instagram, Facebook, or email us at pushthenarr@gmail.com!


Gabe's Sermon PT. 1

This week, Gabe and Justin start a series of Episodes in which they look at sermons that each of them did and have a wider discussion no what they mean and are doing in their sermons. this episode is part listen to the sermon and part Gabe talking about the sermon it is kinda like a movie commentary. hopefully you guys enjoy this, let us knwo what you think by emailing us here: pushthenarr@gmail.com.


Do Sermons Matter Anymore?

This week, Justin and Gabe talk about sermons and whether or not they have validity anymore. They talk about things that they like and dislake about sermons, what they think is the most effective way of preaching to people, and if listening solely to sermon audio but not joining a church is a good idea. also here is a rough metaphor drawing HAHA!!


What Is The Value Of Christian Higher Education

This week Gabe and Justin have the Guys from Theology Dosen’t Suck on! Andy and Josh are a pair of amazing dudes who are seeking to create cross theological camp conversations. We have them on to talk about the differences of oppinions on the value of Christina college or seminery. Gabe went to the vineyard institute, Andy is in seminary, Josh has some college, and Justin is self taught. The differences of oppinions create a great conversation of what value there is or isn’t to going to...


What Does The Church Need To Do To Re-engage People?

This week we talk about engaging people, the way that the church can improve and grow, and the way we interact with the world. Let us know how you think the church can improve on this! Also, be on the look out for next week’s episode where we have our first legitimate guest!


What Are We Listening To?

This week with it being Thanksgiving, we do a light episode of what we are listening to. We go through our podcast, audiobooks, and even talk about pastors we like hearing sermons from.


Following Jesus and Making Decisions

This week Justin and Gabe finish out the conversation they started last week about making decisions and following Jesus. This week they focus in on the question, ”can we kill?” The hosts take into account the old testament and the new testament along with the overarching narrative of the Bible and the revelation of God’s nature in Jesus. This week was a ton of fun to record and streched both hosts so hopefully you guys enjoy!


Making Decisions and Following God

This week, Gabe and Justin talk about making decisions as a Christian and whether or not God gives you freedom to make decisions on your own. We also talk about hearing God’s voice in our lives. This episode ends up being a two-parter! Stay tuned, everyone!