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"Body Snatchers ". / R Doctors Getting Paid Not 2 Heal ?

We will be intervieiwing Master Kameal Oliver, Mollecular Space Bio-Technologist. We will be discussing : Bio-Harvesting. You don't want to miss this one. Be Afraid ! Be Very Afeaid !


State Of The City / Can Baltimore Be Saved ?

Baltimore has been described as America's Shooting Range. Murder Capitol of America. #1 in Sexually transmitted Diseases. One of our main routes 95 is called : "Heroin Highway". The 63% of the City is Black but most live below the poverty line. The Community of Park Heights has beem described as a 3rd world nation. Corruption has been well documented from City Hall to the Police Department. Is there any hope when children are now being shot down in Charm city. We speak with an impassioned...


Supporting Your Own ! Is it a Crime 2 Honor Gospel Recording Artists ?

They make the music that we celebrate our lives too. Especially, Gospel Recoding Artists, but it seems they are never appreciated, respected or shown any honor. Why is there so much hidden and sometimes open anger towards those talented ones whom God has chosen and uniquelly gifted ?


What R U Thankful 4 ? A Community Celebrates

As we have shaed Thanksgiving with our friends & family, are we really appreciative of being Blessed ? Listeners and prior giests are invited to call in and tell us how thet enjoyed their Thanksgiving Holiday. all are welcomed.


A Digital Interview with a Music Executive ! Do you Have What it Takes ?

Have you answered the call ? Are you working at a job when God has told you to record Gospel music, write songs and tavel as a Gospel Singer ? You need info but didn't know where to start ? Let Elevation Radio1 provide some help. Tune in Saturday, November 17th, 2018 @ 5:30 pm.-6:15 pm. as we talk with, Miss Dewanna Hughes, Director of New Talent @ BET. She will reveal what the Gospel Music Enertainment Mainstream is really looking for in a new Gospel Artist. DO you really have what it...


Real Life Action Heroes ! Should Women Be Trained 2 Protect Themselves ?

Is it safe to train women to learn the deadly techniques of Martial Arts ? How far is too far ? In an age where women are exploited, used in the sex trade, beaten at home, date-raped, and attacked without provocation, is being trained like Steven Segal, Micahel Jai White or Wesley Snipes good for a woman ? Our special Guest is Grandmaster Abbey Wilson. She is a Grandmaster of 9 deadly sustems. She is also an ordained minister and talk show host of..."Faith-Walk" Christian Talk Show on You...


R U Ready 2 Take care of Your Parents ? /The Parent Care Fair Solution

It is inevitable ! If your parents are seniors they will need their children to take care of them. So are you ready ? Do you even know the 1st. thing to do ? How to handle mdical issues ? Medicare Benefits ? How to deal with their Real Estate Property ? Legal issues involving court cases ? Estates & wills ? If the answer is NO ? Then you need to attend the .."Parent Care Fair !". So let's tune in and listen to the leading Visionary on this subject...Mnister Tyrone Pettiford.as he...


Rebuilding a Masterpiece- Can God Give You a Make-Over ?

Scripture says ..." Let a man examine himself ". In order to improve any relationship, we should do a self-examination to see if there is room for improvement. There are evaluations in the work world, Probationary periods to assess the compatiability of a new worker to a new company. Romantic relationships need a "Tune-up' to move to the next level. Now the greatest relatioship of them all needs monitoring for our spiritual health, Do you ever wonder what God would say to us about us ?


"Always Bet On Black !: / R U 4 the Black Media Movement ?

Historicallym we have allowed "White Priviledge" to design our image, filled with fraudulent stories, yellow journalism, racism and buffonery. Now it is time ! Mo ! evem past the time to seize our collective & social image and to clarify our TRUTH and establish our right and value in being unabashedly...BLACK ! Our royalty can never be denied and so we take time to share in wisdom to a "General Of Black Media " , Sir David Murphy, CEO of : The National Black Unty News who will share and...


R U A Superhero ? / Do You Have The Power 2 Forgive ?

My Special Guest is the lovely Evangelist Leora Turner. 1st. Lady of the Destiny Changers Deliverance Center, V.P. of Praise Unlimited Minisries, a {raise Dancer, singer, drummer, civil rights activist, congo player, chef, grandmother, mother and wife. In today's complex society many people have to be multi-talented. Especually women. Almsot like "Superheroes" with many gifts and blessings. However, among your super powers, do you have the ability to forgive or is it your weakness ?


Corporate Racism ! / Taking the Profits Out of Digital Slavery

As we look around the state of Maryland and the City of Baltimore, i see the historic head of "Racism" moving silently through quiet places. Hiding in backroom meetings, over lunch in obscure restaurants, sliding through emails, slithering off fax machines, and being dropped conveinently to be discovered along our city streets. In Annapolis posing as "Safety" legislation with a real agenda to revert back to a "White's Only" platform. Where are our Freedom Fighters. Can they win being...


Spiritual Censorship! / Can the Truth Be Told ?

The world is under subjection to lie and to ne offended by the truth, especially Righteous Truth from the Prophets of God.


Shutdown ! / Moving Beyond Accusations

The recent historic events witrssed on thursdayof the Judge Kavanaugh trial should be a reminderthat at anytime accusations can and will be levied against anyone of us. The real question is what do you do ?


Preparing 4 Success ! / Is there a Master Chef N the House ?

Mission Impossible ? A Christian Master Chef that works at a Casino ? Tune in for his testimony and learn more about his Spiritual Assignment. Ibterview with Master Chef Arthur Jones, Jr.


Is It Real Or An Illusion ?

A life changing inteview with Mr. Leon Purnell, Executive Director of the Men's & Family Center in East Baltimore. Mr. Purnell, a graduate of Morgan State University, an HBCU, will discuss hsi role and purpose in helping Men in our city who face challenges and issues caused by Fakery promoted by institutions, churche and Government that mislead those who need help the most. Bombshells will be dropped so don't miss this one. Saturday, September 15th, 2018.


Is the World Controlling the Church ? / The Dangers of Embracing God's Enemies

Bishop Ellis and Pastor Jasper Williams seem to be the center of Ungodly attacks by : the Family of Aretha Franklin, The Media, and even some disgruntled members of the church. There is a decline of hearing, obeying and living the True Word of God, The church has become a micro-cosim of the World and the center of Entertainment. Is there any hope ? We will spreak to Elder James Young, Associate Pastor and 40 year member of the Doswell Cathedral COGIC Church for his input and spiritual wisdom.


Who Shall Speak 4 Us ? Now comes Albert Miller Crusader 4 Justice

A digital classroom session with veteran Attorney Albert Miller. Discussing courtroom procedures,unforgettable cases and the state of legal preparation by regular citizens in today's climate. Honest and transparent, this 30 year veteran of the courtroom, will both enlighten and shock you with the Truth. If you can handle it ?


Are You Ready 2 Show & Tell ? / Elevation Radio;s OPEN House Broadcast

Get to the phone and call us @ : 1-914-205-5353 and talk about the topic near to your heart. If you have any hidden talent, display it. If you need advise ? Share your concerns and we will give it. If you need Prayer ? We will do it. It's the Elevation Radio1 OPEN House !!!


The Business of Life ! / The Crusade Against Suicide

Discussing the signs of Suicide, Stress and the misconceptions pf those [;agued with low self esteem and grief.with Special Guest...Mr. Corey Witherspoon, Youth Activist / Mentor & Behavior Specialist.


Should the Church Repent ? / It's Time 4 a Revival

Discurrion with Dr. Millcent Arnstead about the state of the church and the challenges to women