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Live engaging Bible Prophecy studies of end times prophecy, and the Book of Revelation with host William Bell Jr, presented with clarity and simplicity. Open dialogues and critiques of major millennial views, in common sense language you can understand. Increase your knowledge and understanding, eliminate your fears and empower your life.


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Live engaging Bible Prophecy studies of end times prophecy, and the Book of Revelation with host William Bell Jr, presented with clarity and simplicity. Open dialogues and critiques of major millennial views, in common sense language you can understand. Increase your knowledge and understanding, eliminate your fears and empower your life.






Feast Days and the Law Part I

When Was the Law of Moses Fulfilled? Is the Covenant which God made with Israel yet valid today? When did it end? What does the text mean in Matthew 54:17-18 that says the Law would continue until heaven and earth passed? Why was Paul and myriads of Jews both zealous for and keeping the law well after the cross event? These and other questions are answred in this and the followup recording. These messages were recorded live in a previous broadcast and are uploaded for convenience for our...


Dialogue With Tim Robinson on Coming of Christ

Some time ago, Tim Robinson, Seventh Day Adventist Preacher joined William Bell for a dialogue about the Scripture's end time. In that dialogue Mr. Robinson and William Bell raised points of interest. Were they able to come to any agreement? The results of that conversation are readily apparent from this friendly dialogue. For additional information visit AllThingsFulfilledw Find your publications, audios, CD's DVDs and boks here. Visit us on YouTube and Facebook Donate


Dialogue and Questions From A Seventh Day Adventist

Almost everyone has questions about the end times and what their destiny will be. They ask about The kingdom of GodThe Age To ComeThe New Heavens and New Earth and more God wants us to experience heaevn on earth. He wants us to enjoy an abundanly life of blessings during this life. Through Jesus Christ and fulfilled Bible prophecy Living Waters become a reality. Leaves from the Tree of Life heal the nations and the the fruit is produced for our sustenance. Listen to this engaging dialogue....


Dialogue on the Coming of Christ With EJ Ben Israel and William Bell

Earlier today Mr. EJ Ben Israel of the Hebrew Israelite community and William Bell, engaged in a dialogue concering the coming of the Lord and its implications for today. The following are some of the questions Mr. Ben Israel raised in seeking to understand the Preterist view. He also had some objections that were addressed: What is consistent Preterism?How is it distinguished from futurist beliefs about Christ's coming?Is the Fulfilled View of Prophecy Anti-Semitic?Was the Preterist View...


What are the 1290 Days and the 1335 Days of Daniel 12?

Daniel 12 speaks of two intriguing times, i.e. 1290 Days and 1335 days. What do these days mean? In this study we will examine the context of Daniel 12 to get an idea of the meaning of this enigmatic concept. This is a brief walk through the significant points of Daniel 12 that help us to understand what the prophet is focused upon with the two time periods. For more information on the end times see our YouTube Channel at AllThingsFulfilled, listen to our live radio broadcast on KWAM 990 on...


Are Children of God Immune To Sin?

It is the belief and teaching of some that a fulfilled eschatology means that individual sin is impossible. Others limit sin to only those who were under the Law of Moses? Is this accurate. Today we will examine some texts which address the topic and offer our thoughts concerning the meaning of these texts. Also, make a note to attend the Memphis Eschatology Conference 2018, which will be held on October 19-20 at the Raines Road church of Christ, Memphis, TN, 33 E. Raines Road. We will have...


The Parousia and the Jerusalem Temple

The temple is at the center of all eschatological passages in the New Testament. This centrality is critical in understanding and applying passages related to Christ's coming and the last days. Evidence of the importance of the temple can be seen in Dispensational writer's and in various religious groups focused on the rebuilding of the temple to complete their eschatological paradigms. In this and future lessons, we explore the interrelated connections between the temple of God and the...


Review of A.D. 70 Theology Book by Curtis A. Cates

The late Curtis A. Cates, former Director of the Memphis School of Preaching (MSOP) wrote a book, The A.D. 70 Theology, subtitled A ReligionThat Overthrows the Faith and Undermines the Hope of Men" published in 1995. This book is considered by some MSOP students and graduates as a refutation of the fulfillment of Christ's coming and all Bible prophecy in A.D. 70. Rather, it contains contradictions, absurd arguments, blatant misrepresentations and omissions and fatal admissions that Covenant...


A Nation Born of Incorruptible Seed

A new nation was born, not in 1948 but many centuries ealier. Most evangelicals overlook the event and opt for an establishment and fulfillment of the prophecy in the modern Iraeli settlement. Does the Bible support this concept. Many Dispensationalists and others would say yes. But upon examination of the Scriptures it proves to be a false paradigm. Those who advocate it zealously affirm it to be true. We will examine the texts which speak of it in today's study.


Some Standing Here Matthew 16:27-28

Some years ago, the group known as the Jehovah's Witnesses taught that "Millions now living will never die" that Jesus would return in their life time. That was about 1914, over a 100 years ago. One would be hard-pressed to find even a handful of the people from that generation living today. So where did people get the idea that Christ would return before some died? From the Lord Himself? In Matthew 16:27-28, Jesus taught that some would not die until they saw him coming in the kingdom with...


Raised Up To Sit In Holy Places - Matthew 8:11-12

Raised Up To Sit In Holy Places focuses on the living. Why seek the living among the dead? The resurrection of many along with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the Patriarchs brings believers into the gates of heaven. Who has access to the Most Holy Place? In this study we will see the temple of God opened giving the believer the opportunity to see God's face. It is another example of the powerful message of Matthew 8:11-12, and powerful text that shows how God dwells with man. Discover how you...


Where Are The Dead Part 2

Where Are The Dead Part 2 A continatiion from Part I of Where are the Dead?, per Matthew 8:11-12 demonstrating the resurrection of the Patriarchs and Prophets and the O.T. saints. Discussion today will focus on Hades and its relationship to the resurrection, the temple of God, and the end of the the law. The kingdom as the resurrection seldom receives the attention it deserves in the study of the resurrection, yet, it is a central part of conversion from the flesh into the realm of the...


Where are the Dead Per Matthew 8:11-12?

Where are the dead per Matthew 8:11-12? Are they yet in Hades awaiting deliverance from the power of sin and death? Has Hades been destroyed? Can Revelation 20:11-15 be used to refer to the time of the end or is it some intermediate fulfillment? These are questions that are raised from those who claim the resurrection is future. They are looking for intermediate comings, destructions, covenants, and more. In this study we will address a few of these points as we continue our exploration fo...


In That Day A Fountain Shall Be Opened

What is the eschatological day referred to in Zechariah 13:1? In that day a fountain would be opend for sin and for uncleanness. Is this a day of the time of the Prophets or is it a day of end times during the apostolic age? In this lesson we will explore some of the details of the prophecy and how to apply it in the Messianic age. Be sure to join us for this study


The Fullness of Israel and the Church

In today's study, we discuss the fullness of Israel, a subject that gets a lot of attention today. Some (Amillennarians) do not believe Israel had a future beyond the cross in A.D. 30. Others believes Israel's future ceased in A.D. 70 at the end of the Old Covenant? Does the Fulfillment of All Things mean the end of the "new beginning" found in Scripture. We will discuss in today's broadcast. For more information visit our website at


Christ Is Israel, the Seed of Abraham

Who is the seed of Abraham? Many have tried to trace their DNA or lineage to Abraham so that they might be called the people or God. Today much fighting over land in Palestine exists because of people claiming to be the blood descendants of Abraham. Yet, by and large, they reject Jesus Christ. Others in America such as Hebrew Israelites also claim to be the blood descendants of Abraham. Another minor group, called Israel only claim the bloodline descendants from Abraham, or even from Adam,...


Of His Kingdom There Shall Be No End

In discussions regarding the kingdom, the Bible says it has no end. Several see the kingdom of God as coming to an end at the very time it reaches the full expression of its reign. In other words, it makes no time to participate in the glory resulting from it's defeat of the nations. Some of this confusion centers on the word "end" as used in several Scriptures. To some, the end means that everything teminates, ceases at that point and does not go a inch further. We will see that this claim...


The Earnest of the Spirit and the Resurrection of 2 Corinthians 5:5

The earnest of the Spirit is a key factor in understanding the resurrection the eschatological resurrection. The meaning and nature of the earnest of the Spirit, also called the guarantee is what insured the saints against nakedness, i.e. bodiless state at the parousia. Resurrection is connected to the parousia and the Spirit had an active part in accomplishing that resurrection. Today's message focuses on the role of the Spirit in resurrection.


The Earnest of the Spirit and the Resurrection Body of 2 Corinthians 5:5

The role of the Holy Spirit is often overlooked or minimized in the discussion of the resurrection body. The outpouring of the Spirit on the day of Pentecost in fulfillment of the prophecy of Joel is a critical key to unlocking the mystery of the resurrection motif taught in Scripture. The future physical body resurrection cannot harmonize with the first century work of the Spirit. Neither can an ongoing earnest of the Spirit fulfill the demands of sound exegesis on the subject. Join us for...


Blessed To Be Dressed Undertsanding Resurrection in 2 Corinthians 5:4-5

The controversy over the meaning of the resurrection of the end times is intense. The controversy is three-fold for the most part between futurists who argue for a resurrection of the physical body from the dirt. Secondly, those who are full preterists who view a completed resurrection/rapture in the first century in 70AD and an individual bodily resurrection at the death of every single believer. This is referred to as the IBD (individual body at death) view. Finally, the corporate body...