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Guest speaker Craig Houghton

Special guest speaker Craig Houghton.


Part 12

It is really all about the cross. What we hope in and what we believe is all surrounding the cross of Jesus. It is not the easy way but it is the only way. The only way to eternal life.


Part 11

The lesson from the beginning of chapter 6 is an important one. Bear each others burdens. We all have them and we can all use some help at times. No one is perfect and no one has it all figured out. What we choose to do in life is what we will have to take responsibility for. So let’s choose to love each other.


Part 9

We all want freedom. When it is taken away from us we get frustrated and maybe angry. The problem in Galatia was that they were trading freedom from sin for a long list of obligations to try and keep. Remember God has set us free from the idea of trying to please Him by our actions and has given us freedom through Jesus.


Part 8

A gentle reminder that truth is important. Unfortunately when it is stated as truth it can sound like hatred to those that do not want to hear it


Part 7

This week we look at the ways God sees us. Most importantly He sees us as His children. Being able to see Him that way helps us understand the depth of His love for us and the reason to never go back to where we were.


GALATIANS Jesus+Nothing=Everything - Part 6

Today we look at some promises or covenants God made with His people. The purpose of them really is to push us to faith in Him and in nothing or no one else. We are reminded of the words of the prophet Habakkuk, “The just shall live by faith.” And faith should change our entire lives.


GALATIANS Jesus+Nothing=Everything - Part 5

Why spend so much time on the Gospel? We have focused on it for two full chapters after all so Paul must have thought it important too. Ray Pritchard puts it this way, “When we are wrong about the Gospel, two terrible things happen. Sinners are not saved and God is not glorified”. That sounds important. What it usually comes down to is our proud spirit not wanting to recognize that I am so broken that I can do nothing to help myself and I need Jesus.


GALATIANS Jesus+Nothing=Everything - Part 4

The importance of being authentic and confident in who we are as followers of Jesus is described in the account of Peter. One accusation leveled at Christians quite often is that they are ‘hypocrites’. What that means is that our actions often do not match up with our words. That is a good challenge for us. The real solution to this problem is giving up our agenda and then living out God’s desire for our lives, to be crucified with Christ.


GALATIANS Jesus+Nothing=Everything - Part 3

Today we see Paul returning to Jerusalem to discuss what the Gospel is with the leaders of the church there. He wants to ensure he is on target with his message and he also wants to make sure they are not off target either! At the end of today’s section we see the only real work required of a Christian is to meet the needs of people wherever you find them.


GALATIANS Jesus+Nothing=Everything - Part 2

Looking back in life is something we all do at times. Today we see Paul looking back and reminding us of the power of the Gospel in a life. He reminds the Galatians how they used to be and the changes that come with a relationship with God because of what Jesus did on the cross for them. Good memories of the Good News.


GALATIANS Jesus+Nothing=Everything

As we start a series in Galatians, we start a series that shows us the simplicity of the Gospel and how man tends to complicate it. The account of what happened in Galatia is found in Acts 13 and 14 as Paul cam on one of his missionary journeys. Paul had started the local church there and was surprised how the people had so quickly listened to opposing views of what God required for salvation. Hid letter is written to sort out their bad theology and to reinforce the beautiful message of the...


Colossians 1

Special guest speaker Mike Woods speaks on the incredible credentials of Jesus Christ and how they make him the most influential person ever.


Wait Trust Hope Repeat - Hope

Hope is about expectations. The thing we hope for, or in, says a lot about how our expectations will be met. Hoping in a God who is powerful and faithful will never bring ultimate disappointment. So who are you hoping in today? Don’t be disappointed.


Wait Trust Hope Repeat - Wait

In a busy society we sometimes struggle with the idea of waiting. We generally do not enjoy waiting but God tells us to do it often. Not just wasting time, but rather waiting for God to do what He alone can do. Wait on the Lord.


Wait Trust Hope Repeat - Intro

God uses the writers of the Psalms to consistently remind us to do some things that may seem like a waste of time but it is also a good reminder that we slow down sometimes and rest in the character of God. We are called to Wait and Trust and Hope many times. Perhaps it is God trying to tell us that these are important and that we probably will struggle doing them. Be encouraged today. Hope in the Lord.