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Shadows of the Cross

Here we discuss different examples of the crucifixion in the old testament and how these sorts of correlations can build our faith and help us in our Bible Study. Genesis 40 – the Visions of the Butler and Baker Joshua 10 – the 5 Kings of Canaan Numbers 21 – the Fiery Serpents John 3 … Continue reading Shadows of the Cross →


Diligently Teaching our Youth

In this episode we discuss what I would consider a most relevant problem facing our youth and all of us. How do we handle the electronic age? Especially as more and more people see their electronic identity as separate from who they are? Deuteronomy 6 Matthew 7:15-20 James 2:14-26 Galatians 5:16-26



This episode is all about endurance! We start by discussing the benefit of a test of your “physical” will and how that can help with our spiritual endurance. We then shift and focus in on more specifically discussing 3 separate lessons on endurance from the book of Hebrews. Hebrews 4:4-13, 16 – Striving to Enter … Continue reading Endurance →


The Resurrection

On this episode I talk about THE world’s issue. Death. The answer is outlined through scripture and one that we often overlook in how we talk about our faith. “Heaven” is what we say, but resurrection is the explanation and the answer to death. Listen along and as always please reach out with any questions/comments … Continue reading The Resurrection →


Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

On this episode I discuss the importance of recognizing the sin of the world around about us as well as the sin in our own lives. We take a look at Ezekiel 9, II Peter 2, I Timothy 1, Romans 2 as well as make reference to I Corinthians 8, Romans 14, Genesis 3, Titus … Continue reading Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide →



In this episode I am joined by my good friend and preacher Brian Orf. Brian has a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and has preached in Texas, Oregon, and now in Missouri. He and I discuss the knotty balance of Unity and Holiness and hopefully provide a good thought provoking conversation about the difficulty of … Continue reading Unity →



In this episode I discuss the importance of compassion. I do so by working through the text of Matthew 14 and try to show how compassion isn’t generated by making a list of things to do, but by seeing the world the way Jesus did.