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It features teachings by Pastor Dennis Kreiss of Pine Grove Community Church.

It features teachings by Pastor Dennis Kreiss of Pine Grove Community Church.
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Winston, OR


It features teachings by Pastor Dennis Kreiss of Pine Grove Community Church.




Pine Grove Community Church 1729 Buckhorn Road Roseburg, Oregon 97470 541 672-7278


Jesus Cleanses the Temple

John 2:12-25 It is somewhat surprising that the temple courts had deteriorated into a cattle market. For thousands of years, the Temple has been the most sacred of holy places to the Jew. For centuries the Jews have prayed with their faces turned toward the site of the temple in Jerusalem. The Jews were very zealous over their temple. Jesus was even more so consumed with love for His Father’s House. What can we learn from this encounter? The Zeal for God’s house has consumed me. Has it...


Jesus: Miracle Worker

In first century Israel, a wedding was a “huge event.” There was no TV, no radio, no theatre, and very little entertainment, so a wedding was one of the biggest and most elaborate events of a lifetime. Jesus was about to bless marriage and demonstrate that he was the Messiah with his first miracle


Jesus - The Call to Discipleship

Some people, from the moment of conversion, follow Jesus with a passion that is unmatched; they never look back. They are disciples. Some follow at a distance, and will admit readily that they lack zeal for ministry and the drive to serve Jesus; they never catch on. Some of them even drop out after a while. And then there are others who need a little prodding. They are sincere seekers. They may even begin well. But it seems to take time, extraordinary circumstances and several calls from...


The Real Temptation of Jesus

Today we will look at the “Real Temptation of Christ” as it is recorded in Scripture. And the questions we have about the temptation of Christ is these: Was Jesus tormented by guilt, shame or remorse; was he torn by his own desires and the call of God?. Was he a lonely, masochistic soul full of self-contempt, writhing in inner agony, fear and doubt over his voices and visions. Was he nearly wrenched away from his mission because of temptation?


Jesus Lamb of God

Thousands of pilgrims are baptized annually in the Jordan River where John the Baptist baptized. John preached a message of repentance to prepare his people for the coming of the Messiah. One sunny Judean day, while John was preaching, Jesus made his way to the Jordan and listened. As the day wore on, many made their way down into the water to confess their sins as evidence they were repentant and ready for their Messiah to come. Jesus waited. At the climactic moment, He also descended...


The Courage of Joseph

Some decisions are very difficult to make. Some problems are thornier than others. Some have long-term consequences that threaten our reputation and our dreams. Yet, sometimes those problems are not what they seem to be on the surface. Sometimes it takes some serious, unhurried, thoughtful deliberation before we can see God’s plan for our lives. Joseph and Mary are in love! They are betrothed to be wed within the year... that is until Mary turns up very pregnant – with some one else’s...


The Faith of Mary

When God chooses you and he uses you, no matter how many difficulties you have to face, he always impresses on you the joy and wonder of his Grace. He treats the lowly and faithful with a special grace that can be received no other way. In all of history there was only one woman chosen for the honor of giving birth to the King of kings. Mary teaches us that we too can be used by God to change the world.


The Forerunner

Many of us are guilty of selling God short. Take Zachariah the Priest for example. He should have learned the lesson of history from Abraham and Sarah, but if there is one thing we can learn from the lessons of history is that few of us ever learn from the lessons of history. Today it’s our great privilege to examine the amazing life of John, the Baptizer, the prophet and the forerunner of the Lord Jesus Christ. He had the greatest of all privileges among men, to announce the coming of...