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It features teachings by Pastor Dennis Kreiss of Pine Grove Community Church.

It features teachings by Pastor Dennis Kreiss of Pine Grove Community Church.
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Winston, OR


It features teachings by Pastor Dennis Kreiss of Pine Grove Community Church.




Pine Grove Community Church 1729 Buckhorn Road Roseburg, Oregon 97470 541 672-7278


Jesus Prayed for Me

If God were to pray for you, I would imagine that his prayers would be radically different than the ones you pray for yourself. What if Jesus were to pray for you? What would he pray? We’re about to find out. The Bible calls Jesus our advocate – because He lives to speak to the Father on our behalf. You might say that right now His present profession and occupation is to intercede for us. Jesus is presently praying for me.


Jesus - Vine and Branches Discourse

What if every Christian lived such a Christ like life that his character was overflowing with richness and magnificence? If you set your mind set on spiritual things you will bear rich spiritual fruit! If you want to bear fruit in this life you must abide in Jesus. If you do not abide in Jesus you will live a life of spiritual waste


The Upper Room Discourse

It is amazing what the right environment will do for learning. The disciples were in the right environment for learning. Where was Jesus going to go? What safe haven was Jesus going to flee to that neither they nor any of the other Jews could find him? What would they do without their Rabbi? How would they function in a world without Jesus? How were they supposed to survive alone without the master to guide and teach them? They were now sufficiently motivated to learn, and Jesus was about...


Jesus: Final Week of Turmoil

Is America Under God's Judgment? We have stiffened our necks against the Almighty. In our schools we have abolished prayer, removed the Ten Commandments, and banned the distribution of Bibles. Israel received the Judgment of God! Jesus harshest words were directed against the religious leaders of the nation. If Jesus were preaching today, how would we respond? Would we kneel in repentance to the Savior, or would we become stiff-necked like the Pharisees and plot his death. Jesus turned the...


Jesus: The Triumphal Entry

Jerusalem; it is the Passover AD 33. It is the most important feast of the Jews. Over 250 thousand lambs will be slain to commemorate Israel’s deliverance and salvation from Egypt. Today Jesus will enter Jerusalem and officially present himself to the nation as the King of the Jews for the final time. Today would be the day they must choose their Messiah. The final week of Christ's earthly life was the defining moment in the History of every life. We call it Passion Week. As you hear his...


Jesus - The Kingdom Rejected

Today we’re going to talk about a mistake of another kind. This is not any ordinary mistake… this is a mistake of the most serious kind. Not just an accidental, oops, excuse me mistake, but the willful choice of hardened hearts to knowingly choose against God. We don’t call that an ordinary mistake, we call that sin. Intentional, defiant sin. What I am talking about, of course, is the rejection of Jesus Christ by his own people.


Jesus offers the Kingdom

Significant movements begin from the bottom up, not the top down. Truly important changes in culture begin not from officials or celebrities, but through ordinary people: the little platoons. Every person can and should seek to make a difference in his or her corner of the world. Jesus initiated a grass roots movement. The Sadducees had rejected him at the very beginning of His ministry. The Pharisees followed suit within months. With the leadership of the nation against Him, Jesus sent his...