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Fight Your Fight

When going into battle, a soldier rest on the assurance of his training and reliability of his weapons. In 1 Samuel 17, David does just that...confronts the enemy relying on his training and his weapons. King Saul tries to put his armor on David, but David let's him know that it is untested for this battle. You have to be willing to take off what people try to put on you. In the "battles" of everyday life, we as Christians must rely on our training by the Holy Spirit, and the reliability...


Get Up Walk

No matter who you are, in life, we will face issues, situations and challenges. Like the man in John 5, we find ourselves laying on our "mat" hoping to be saved from the circumstances. However, there are times when God will request that we get up, pick up our mat, and walk. See, God doesn’t always change our outer circumstances. But He always desires to changes us. He calls us into a new way of being, seeing, acting, speaking, thinking. When we stand and rise to that new life we discover...


The Enemy's Pursuit

Oftentimes, when When God is about to reposition your life, know that the devil will begin to attack. The enemy doesn't want to reach your promise, and knowing that he can't take it from you, he will try to delay, distract, discourage, and deny you from it.God isn’t surprised by the attack and what He said He would do He will do.Using Exodus 14, Pastor Antonio brings light to the moment that Israel found itself between a "rock and a hard place". They were getting close to the promise, all...


A Mother's Request

Imagine having an issue that you are at your wits end about, and you go to God, and He answers you first with silence, only to be succeeded by apparent rejection. Is this the "just" God that you've always heard about, or is He just a "god" that really isn't concerned about your circumstances? In Matthew 15 , we have a story of a chance encounter between Jesus and a Canaanite woman who is confronted with the same situation. A revelation of who Christ truly is changes not only her life, but...


God Of The Valley

Have you ever faced a valley before? Where it seemed that you were out numbered, surrounded, and completely and totally helpless? In 1 Kings 20, the Israelites found themselves in a similar situation. The scripture says that Israel is so out-numbered that they look like 2 small herds of sheep. Could you imagine the fear that gripped the hearts of the army of Israel? Discouragement and despair must have filled their minds. Thoughts of giving up; surrender must have been the discussion of...


Preparing For The Blessing

In 2 Kings 3, we find the armies of Judah and Israel out in the middle of the desert with no water to drink, and was about to face a battle with the Moabites. They had a big problem to solve and didn't have the answers. How many times have you felt the same way? However, someone in the camp knew to inquire of the Lord, through the prophet Elisha, but what he tells them to do next seems to be counterintuitive to a solution. God will often use foolish things to confuse the wise, as He...


Fire Power

When God was about to answer the cries of the people, He first had to show one the fire. Pastor Antonio walks us through the burning bush experience of Moses, showing us how to walk with grace on fire. Before God raised Moses up as a deliverer, he had toexperience the fire of God!“Get on fire for God and men will come and see you burn.” ― John WesleyThe fire of God will reveal, refine, and rouse you. We have to learn not to run from the fire, but to use it for our power, and God's glory....


Arise And Shine

In Isaiah 60, the prophet starts the chapter with a clarion call directed from God, telling the people to arise and shine! This summons comes after a people have been dejected, depressed, and seemingly denied. However, God is calling them to a new position; calling them out of their darkness into His light. Pastor Antonio uses this common verse to demonstrate how we must get into the right position so that we too can shine for God. The light has already come, and the glory of the Lord is...


Let The Dead Bury The Dead

At some point in our lives we all have to face the death of something. While physical death is hard, it's also other things in our life that are dying or dead that can take its toll on us as well. Relationships, career, marriage, finances, thoughts/emotions, etc., are all things that when they come to an end can cause us trauma.God never wants you to not let your pain get ahead of your purpose.We must remember that if it's dead, our sovereign God knows it, and could have kept it alive. He...


God Loved The World

It is not hard to see why John 3:16 is one of the most famous, most often memorized, most cherished verses in the Bible. But because of that it an also be the most cliche verse, thereby causing the reader to totally missed the power it contains. Tightly packed into this verse are 8 of the greatest realities that exist.God. Love. The world. Gave. The Son of God. Faith. Perishing. Living.These are the greatest things that can be, but the revelation is hidden in plain sight. On a day...


Stretch To Reach Goals

We all have goals, and as seen over social media with #goals, they can be tied to relationship, financial, career, weight, and other life goals. However, the most important thing to remember is that we can't believe the lies that stop us from reaching our goals. Using Peter (in Acts 4), Pastor Antonio shows how we can overcome thelimitations, intimidations, and expectationsthat hold us back. Through it all, we come to understand that the real goal may not be accomplishing the goal, but in...



This is the time NOT to give up on your dreams! Why because we are entering a season of accelerated destinies. This means that what may have taken you 6 months to do, will be accomplished in 6 weeks. Using Elijah's story of waiting on the rain, Pastor Antonio teaches that like Elijah, we must get into a birth position of expectation.May the signs and open heaven you have been praying for appear, and may your pace pick up with such anointed supernatural acceleration coming upon your destiny...