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A Love That Overwhelms

In week two of our "Love of Another Kind" series, Pastor Frank Bennett shares qualities of a love that overwhelms with a familiar passage in scripture. These Biblical truths can help us share with others a love of another kind.


Love Of Another Kind - Love Like God

In this first message of our "Love of Another Kind" series, Jim Huston shares the truth that our relationships with others should mirror our relationship with God.


You Are Essential

In this final message of our Essential series, Pastor Frank Bennett shares how we are essential through the eyes of God. We are God's greatest desire. We are made from Him, to be like Him, so you could love Him.


The Essential Word Of God

Our Student Pastor, Joe Salvatore, reminds us how the Word of God is Essential in our Christian faith.


Essential Prayers

In this third message of our Essential series, Pastor Frank Bennett shares the formula we can use to assure our prayers are essential. This formula is found in a familiar encounter with Jesus found in Luke 5:1-11.


Essential Giving

In this second message of our Essential series, Pastor Frank Bennett reminds the Church the her giving is Essential to the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to the growth of faith in the individual giver. If we're not giving, then we're not growing. Using a familiar passage about a boy and his lunch, we are reminded that Jesus doesn't want our money. He wants our heart.


The Essential Church - Sermon Audio

In this first message of our Essential series, Pastor Frank Bennett shares how the Church is essential in how it grows your faith and how it divides the truth from the lies in a world lost in darkness.


Benefits Of Wisdom

As we transition from 2020 to 2021, the thing we most need for the new year that was often absent in the previous year is wisdom. Proverbs chapter two gives us the answer on how to get wisdom. But it also gives us the benefits of wisdom. Pastor Frank Bennett shares this powerful Biblical truth that we sure can use in the coming year.


A Simple Hope

Student Pastor, Joe Salvatore gives a clear message on the simple hope of Christmas.


Simple Parents

Mary and Joseph showed us how to respond to moments of crisis in our lives. Those crisis moments reveal the measure of our character. God needed simple parents with Godly character to help raise Jesus. Once we choose Godly character, confirmation comes in many forms. Join Pastor Frank Bennett as he shares about the simple parents in the simple Christmas story.


Simple Christmas - A Simple Plan

From the beginning of creation, God had a simple plan in mind for the redemption of mankind. But it's often difficult to accept that plan because we tend to complicate even the simplest things. God has planned for you to sin. But He has also planned away of escaping it.


For King And Country

Pastor Frank Bennett shares the difference between the Church submitting to governing authorities verses obeying them as Paul writes in chapter 13. We are also instructed how to walk in unity and freedom with Biblical issues that may not be as clear-cut as the major issues explained in chapter 14.


The Practice Of Our Faith

Pastor Frank Bennett takes us to a new and final section of Paul's letter to the Christians in Rome. We move to the practice of our faith in chapter 12, whereas the previous eleven chapters were about doctrine. We are reminded to be a living sacrifice by serving the Body of Christ, loving the Body of Christ, and transforming the world.


Salvation Through The Name

Eternal salvation is as simple as calling upon the name of Jesus. God flipped the script with the new covenant (or promise) through Jesus by drawing people to choose Jesus and following the promptings of the Holy Spirit to live a life of obedience all because of our love for Him. The old way demanded we obey rules because we had to. Now we obey His Word because we want to.


God's Sovereign Choice

Our Discipleship Pastor, Jim Huston, continues in our journey through Romans chapter 9 to explain God's sovereign choice in the world. The more we know God, the more we understand that He works ALL things to accomplish His plans and purpose while using His foreknowledge of things to come. This builds enormous trust and faith in our spirit.


Romans - Walking In The Spirit

Pastor Frank Bennett takes us through Romans chapter 8 as Paul brings the focus of believers walking in the Spirit. There can be no success or progress in the Christian life apart from an utter dependence on the Holy Spirit.


Romans - Freedom in Christ

In this message of our Romans series, Student Pastor Joe Salvatore shares how we are dead to sin but alive in Christ (as found in chapters 6 and 7). We are no longer slaves to sin, but slaves to righteousness through acts of obedience to God's Word and the Holy Spirit.


Benefits Of The Gospel

Pastor Frank Bennett shares the benefits of the Gospel of Jesus. He explains that Paul has finished his argument, in chapters 1-4, that nobody can be made right with God by following the works of the law of Moses. Now Paul turns a corner, to describe what we have gained in being justified by faith. It's true that we have escaped the wrath of God, but being righteous before God means so much more than just not being punished for our sin.


Romans - God's Provision

In week three of our Romans series, Pastor Frank Bennett reminds us that we should not be working towards salvation from the outside, hoping to get things right so God would accept us. We simply need to accept the free gift of salvation from the inside and rely on the Holy Spirit to change our actions and attitudes on the outside. It's all part of God's provision for our sin problem.


Romans - God's Supreme Court

Some Christians may feel as though they have been nominated or assigned as a supreme judge in God's court. God's Supreme Court only needs one Judge...God Himself. After calling out sinful acts in chapter one, Paul's conversation changes to those believers who are judging the lives of others when they themselves have issues. Paul reminds us that we will all face the Judge to answer for our sinful ways.