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Unmasked | Part 2: Pastor Jennifer Long

We all wear masks at some point in our lives. Some of us more than others. Some of them are intentional masks we put on to try to cover up the parts of us that we think are inferior or don’t measure up. Many times we have masks, though, that we don’t even know we are wearing. But God knows who we really are underneath all those masks. And God wants us to know who we are, too! Actually, the more we know who we are the more we are able to know who God is. Join us this weekend as we learn to...


Unmasked | Part 1: Over-Ruled - Pastor Mike Schreiner

Rules. Written and unwritten. We have them in every area of our lives: in our relationships; at school or the office; when we drive down the road; even in religion. Consider that Judaism has 623 rules, and that doesn’t even include rules for marriage and asset ownership. But here’s the Good News. Jesus UNMASKED RELIGION. He simplified the rules. A lot! Join us this weekend as Pastor Mike unpacks the deeper reason why Jesus gave us a single, Golden Rule which OVER-RULED all the others.


Vision | Reaching For It (wk 4) - Pastor Mike Schreiner

You’ve heard the phrase, “really reaching for it.” We all have an “it” that we reach for. So does God… sort of. You see, God’s “it” is actually people—persons who haven’t experienced salvation. So how does God “reach” these persons? Through other people—you and me. Join us this weekend as Pastor Mike explains how God has intentionally placed each of us to extend His REACH, and why we must commit ourselves to Really Reach for It.


Vision | Rich Relationships (wk 3) - Pastor Mike Schreiner

When asked about the most important of all commandments, Jesus wasted no time responding. He said it was all about relationships--"Love God with all you have and love others as yourself." Why? Because that's all we take into eternity. We don't take our possessions or accomplishments. Eternity is about having perfect relationships with God, ourselves, and others. Join us this weekend as Pastor Mike teaches us how to begin experiencing a little heaven on earth by building ridiculously rich...


Vision | Refresh (wk 1) - Pastor Mike Schreiner

The Pause that Refreshes In 1929, Coca-Cola launched a new, three-year ad campaign: The Pause that Refreshes. But the original "Pause that Refreshes" campaign was launched by none other than God at the very beginning of time. After six intense days of creating the universe, God created a seventh day called "Sabbath." The purpose was to stop, rest, and delight. Join us this weekend as Pastor Mike returns from his sabbatical and shares why God still campaigns--even commands--His people to...


Backpack Impact (wk 3) Pastor Steven Mitchell

Mental Health Today’s young folks have a ton of issues to deal with. When we prepare ourselves, our family, and our friends for school, one thing we must keep in mind is, mental health is a real issue for our young people. Whether it is depression, anxiety, or any other mental health factor, we are all impacted either directly or indirectly. We need to remove the stigma of mental health so that we can be a community of faith which rallies around our kids just like Jesus does.


Backpack Impact (wk 2) Pastor Keith Scarborough

The Internet Issue This week we continue our series Backpack Impact. Throughout the year Morning Star Church helps kids who receive free breakfast and lunch at school during the week by providing food to backpack home and eat over the weekend. While this is a great way to serve our community we wanted to take a few weeks to talk through the main issues our kids are facing beyond hunger. To that end, we interviewed several local education professionals and discovered the three main problems...


Backpack Impact (wk 1) Pastor Jennifer Long

It’s time for school! Time to get back to some structure and get back to the basics. We want our kids to have the right things in their backpack so they’re ready to head off to school. But our kids are up against an awful lot these days. The constant barrage of social media, technology, the struggles with bullying, self-esteem, anxiety, and depression - it's just a lot more to deal with and is having a greater impact than just a decade ago. How can we as parents, grandparents, educators, and...


Summer Playlist (wk 7) Bishop Robert Farr

Stay in Love w/God


Summer Playlist (wk 6) Pastor Keith Scarborough

“Dying For A Living?” This week Pastor Keith will be taking a nostalgic look at his past working as an actor/director in a Wild West theme park. Keith tells us that in those days he "died for a living" and in this message, he looks at how Jesus tells us we must die to ourselves in order to live. You're not going to want to miss the video we are showing from the early 1990's that follows Pastor Keith in a day in the life of a cowboy who never wins a gunfight! This is a great weekend to...


Summer Playlist (wk 5) Pastor Ron Watts

“Do you want to get well?” – John 5:1-16 Sometimes we get so used to being sick that it’s all we know. Living in sickness can become a new normal and leaving it to move towards health sounds good on the outside, but can actually be terrifying. Change is hard – even when that change involves getting better. We’ll consider that reality as we look at the powerful story of healing at the Pool of Bethesda.


Summer Playlist (wk 4) Pastor Sean Gladding

What if there is something other than the binding that is holding the bible together? What if it is a Grand Story - a Story many of us have yet to hear, including those who may have been reading the bible our whole life? Looking through the lens the apostle Paul provides in Romans 8.18-25, guest speaker Sean Gladding will begin with Genesis 1, and will take us on a journey through scripture hearing this Grand Narrative all the way through to the Revelation 22. The hope-filled Story of the...


Summer Playlist (wk 3) Pastor Jim Preisig

A pink slip. A diagnosis. A death. It doesn't matter what we call it, or the form it takes, storms are never too far away. How we handle the storms makes all the difference. Jesus is how we build a life that can withstand storms, a life that is Unshakable.


Summer Playlist (wk 2) Rev. Brad Kalajainen

Many people go through life truly feeling that God probably is not pleased with them. Sometimes we think of God like we thought of the "Principal's Office" in middle or high school. "God wants me to shape up, get in line, stop my bad habits, or whatever." The truth is that God is for you, not against you. One verse from the Old Testament book of Zephaniah will forever change how you think and feel about God's presence in your life.


Summer Playlist (wk 1) Dr. Emanuel Cleaver III

Life is a journey and we aren't on it alone. God's plan is that we travel together, with each other and with Him. Join us this weekend for a special sermon titled: "Are You There" based on Acts 10:9-10 from ECIII. "Are You There" highlights the thought that we are all on a spiritual journey, and we are not there yet. While on our destination to move closer and closer to God, we can still experience God on the journey.


Shipwrecked (wk 6) StewardSHIP

We are calling our final installment of our Shipwrecked series: StewardSHIP, and before you tune me out I want you to know this is NOT a message about your money. Most of the time when a church talks about stewardship they are trying to get you to give more money (not that there is anything wrong with that) but not this weekend. This weekend we are going to talk about one of the most sure-fire ways to avoid a shipwreck in your life. This foolproof plan requires an attitude adjustment that...


Shipwrecked (wk 5) DiscipleSHIP

Discipleship sounds like a fancy five-dollar word but, the truth is, discipleship is a lifelong journey where we become more fully devoted to Jesus and to His people. In this message, Bruce will call people to take the next step forward in their discipleship journey. He'll use his own journey to illustrate how God’s amazing grace – prevenient, justifying and sanctifying have been at work as he's followed, Jesus Christ.


Shipwrecked (wk 4) LeaderSHIP

Rev. Kim Blackwood asks what is a leader anyway? Is it just the person who lucked into the job or is it more than that? Join us this weekend as Pastor Kimberly Blackwood discusses biblical leadership and shows us how Jesus was the best at leading by example.


Shipwrecked (wk 3) RelationSHIPS

Life is not always smooth sailing. We often find ourselves shipwrecked after running into the waves and rocks of life. Sometimes, we choose to try to navigate these difficult times on our own. We can believe that it will just take a little extra effort or that we do not want to burden others with our problems. God, however, has a different idea for how we deal with the shipwrecks in our lives. Join us this weekend as we look at God's plan to get us back to calm waters.