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Q&A Episode – October 2018

Episode: Matt, Matt, Erin, & Dru discuss your questions. And YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY NEXT! Listen to find out. Help Support OnScript: Visit our Donate Page if you want to join the big leagues and become a regular donor.


Joshua Berman – Inconsistency in the Torah

Dru and Joshua Berman discuss his bold claims in his book—Inconsistency in the Torah—that suggest source-criticism might erroneously ignore cognate literary forms in the ancient Near East, favoring notoriously slippery histories behind each source in the Torah instead. Working through Egyptian and Mesopotamian parallels, Berman discusses how the old paradigm of sources might be insufficient in the face of other comparable literatures. We talk through the book's core arguments, krav maga,...


Douglas Groothuis – Walking through Twilight

Episode: Erin and Dru host Douglas Groothuis for an episode that breaks from our typical Onscript fare. Doug’s newest book, Walking through Twilight is a memoir about his journey alongside his wife as she was diagnosed, and then finally succumbed to a form of dementia called Primary Progressive Aphasia. Doug’s book is raw and painful to […]


Tim Mackie & Jon Collins – The Bible Project

Episode: Tim Mackie and Jon Collins chat with Matt L. and Dru J. about how the Bible Project started, their thesis that the Bible is a unified story, P967, and a wide range of other topics you’ve been dying to learn about. The Bible Project: If you aren’t familiar with The Bible Project, it’s best to […]


Scot McKnight – Colossians and Philemon

Scot McKnight is back, bringing a cosmic Christological vision and wisdom about how the church should handle the topics of slavery and racial reconciliation.


Stephen Chester – Reading Paul with the Reformers

Episode: Live from Nashotah House Theological Seminary in Wisconsin! OnScript host Matt Lynch interviews Stephen Chester. We talk about how Luther & Calvin have taken a whipping by some proponents of the New Perspective on Paul, and how they, and we, need to give them a second look. To that end, we discuss his book Reading […]


Marc Turnage – The Bible in its Ancient World

Episode: Marc Turnage lives and breathes the world of the New Testament, through literature, archaeology, and geography. He’s an expert in biblical Galilee, and comes to us live from the Galilee, where he currently helps direct an archaeological dig at Khirbet el-Araj, the possible site of biblical Bethsaida and home of Peter and Andrew. Since recording […]


Susan Eastman – Paul and the Person

Episode: In this episode, Susan Eastman talks with Erin and Matt about her new book on Pauline Anthropology. The book is a fascinating three-way dialogue between the Apostle Paul, Epictetus, and current trends in cognitive psychology and neuroscience. Eastman’s ability to integrate these three complex disciplines into a single, thought-provoking book is likewise matched by her […]


Matthias Henze – Mind the Gap (Jewish Writings Between the OT & NT)

In this episode, Matthias Henze maps out how people approaching the biblical texts from the NT lens can hop into the world of Hellenistic Judaism to better understand the NT literature.


Mary Katherine Hom – The Characterization of an Empire

Episode: Dr. Mary Hom returns to the show to talk about her soon-to-be-released book The Characterization of an Empire: The Portrayal of the Assyrians in Kings and Chronicles (Wipf & Stock, 2018). But as is normally the case, conversation goes well beyond her recent scholarship … Guest: Mary Katherine Hom is a freelance Old Testament scholar. In addition to […]


Douglas Campbell – Paul: An Apostle’s Journey

Episode: It was half an hour before coffee and cake with the Campbell family, so Chris sits down with Douglas Campbell to interview him on his new book on the Apostle Paul, a particularly racy, fast-paced and electrifying book which Douglas Harink has described as “The best book on Paul since Acts”! Douglas Campbell is […]


Christian Hofreiter – Making Sense of Old Testament Genocide

Episode: Matt interviews Christian Hofreiter (RZIM) on one of the most vexed issues in biblical studies … genocide in the Old Testament. Christian Hofreiter has been pondering this question for a long time, and has written a groundbreaking work on the subject – Making Sense of Old Testament Genocide: Christian Interpretations of Herem Passages (Oxford University […]


Mark Scarlata – Exodus, Divine Presence, and Sabbath

Episode: Matt & Mark get all exodusy in this episode, as they discuss Israel’s founding narrative and its ongoing significance. Topics range from Sabbath, to history, and from divine presence to a new version of the ‘what idea in biblical studies needs to die?’ question. Guest: Revd Dr Mark Scarlata is Tutor and Lecturer in Old […]


Shawn Flynn – Children in Ancient Israel

Episode: In this episode, we discuss the Mesopotamian texts about matters of children to deity relations, families roles, abandonment, child death, and more for the sake of understanding some of the texts of the Hebrew Bible. There exists a clear set of practices in the ancient Near East that show the value of children outside of […]


Cynthia Long Westfall – Paul and Gender

Episode: In this episode, Cynthia Long Westfall talks with Erin about her new book on gender in Paul’s letters, which emphatically is not just a conversation about women’s issues in Paul’s letters. Tune in as Cindy and Erin discuss veiling, masculine and feminine stereotypes, what it’s like to be a woman in the academy, and the superiority of Minnesota […]


Ervine Sheblatzm – Paul, Multiverse Theory, & the Inner Soul

Episode: Brace yourself for a celestial journey through the letters of Paul, the Multiverse, and the inner soul. Prof Ervine Sheblatzm sits down with OnScript host Matt Lynch to discuss his recent book The Apostle Paul, Multiverse Theory, and the Journey of the Inner Soul (2018). If you enjoy science, biblical studies, or both, and want to […]


Listener Q&D

These are your questions, so there are no reasons not to listen. And it gets even better, we've got Chris Tilling joining us as a co-host, and he's here to stay, we think. In this his inaugural episode as an official co-host, we introduce him with a head cold for extra effect. Topics range from violence in the Bible, toilet paper roll, combating cynicism, and more.

Christopher Rollston – The Alleged Isaiah Seal Impression

Episode: We discuss the alleged Isaiah Bulla (clay seal impression) with one of the finest epigraphers in the field. The seal was found by the Temple Mount in 2009 by Eilat Mazar, and first announced in Biblical Archaeology Review last month (February, 2018). Matt L. and Dru J. discuss the find with Prof. Christopher Rollston, who urges caution […]


Paul Trebilco – Outsiders and Insiders in the NT

Episode: What can the language we use for “them” tell us about who “we” are? What do a group’s descriptions of outsiders tell us about the values and self-perceptions of the in-group? The New Testament uses a range of designations for outsiders and, at first blush, some of the terms, like “sinner,” “unbeliever,” and “unrighteous,” […]


Joshua W. Jipp – Saved by Faith and Hospitality

Episode: OnScript welcomes one of its favorite guests, Joshua Jipp, back to the microphone. Host Matthew Bates asks Josh pointed questions that all OnScript listeners are dying to know. Like, “Why, Josh, didn’t you title your book Salvation by Allegiance Alone (and Hospitality) rather than Saved by Faith and Hospitality?” And, “In light of your […]