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The Pool Of Bethesda – Encounters With Christ – [ep. 70]

Invalid for 38 years, Jesus approaches a man who has been waiting around to be healed, but seemingly keeps missing the opportunity. When Jesus presents him with an opportunity to be made whole, the man instead replies with an excuse. How often do we look Jesus' promise right in the eye and instead of offering surrender, offer excuses?


The First Disciples – Encounters With Jesus – [ep. 69]

Jesus displays the power of the gospel and our potential impact as disciples spreading that word in the world. Calling his first disciples Jesus beckons them (and us) to be fishers of men, but that comes at a cost. The disciples walked away from their livelihoods, their families, and their comfort zones to follow Jesus, trusting God to provide the whole time. If we are to be true disciples of His word, we too must lay down all we have for him and make Jesus our first priority.


The Rich Young Ruler – Encounters With Jesus – [ep. 68]

Sometimes we approach Jesus not really looking for an answer, but instead just want to be commended with how we're living our life. This encounter with Jesus goes along those lines - an encounter with Jesus is a radical life experience, leaving ones priorities completely flipped upside down, that is unless it doesn't. Unwilling to put Jesus above the things that the rich young man has deemed so important he leaves this encounter with Christ sad, when instead he could have left fulfilled and...


Woman At The Well – Encounters With Jesus – [ep. 67]

She was ostracized in society, and went out of her way to avoid the crowd. Jesus see's through the social climate, and speaks to her heart. There is so much happening in this passage that crescendos to Jesus revealing that He indeed is the Messiah.


Responses To Faith – Encounters With Jesus – [ep. 66]

Jesus responds to acts of faith no matter of big or small. Today we see a story of two people who encounter Jesus and see him respond to their acts of faith. Jesus, and only Jesus is the one to turn to in their respective situations - which begs the question do we respond to life the same way? Do we seek encounters with Jesus filled with faith in our hearts or just long shots of hope?


Distractions and Numbers – Navigating Media – [ep. 65]

Is media a blessing or a curse? How easy is it to become distracted by the numerous ways to entertain ourselves? Is your time being spent on the things that really matter? David writes in the Psalms that to gain wisdom one must number their days. As we wrap our series on media consumption we explore how much of our time is devoted to media, and if that time is well spent and worth it.


All About The Internet (almost) – Navigating Media – [ep. 64]

The internet truly has ushered in a new age of information. All the knowledge in the world is at our fingertips. But what can also be a wonderful place of data, information, and the trade of wisdom and knowledge can breed misinformation. In a environment where opinions often trumps facts, and a platform for just about anyone to have a voice (regardless if that voice is qualified, competent, or even correct) our digital landscape is potentially filled with pitfalls.


Music – Navigating Media – [ep. 63]

Music is a very powerful media in society. There are so many different genres, interpretations, and ways for us to consume music. Entire decades can be defined by the style of music that was popular at that time. Even in our Christian community music can be a powerful experience, and also divide congregations. So how do we as Christians approach music as we encounter it in our daily lives? Is the Christian music industry a great vessel for the gospel, or just in it for profits? zer discuss...


Screen Time pt.2 – Navigating Media – [ep. 62]

Today we continue our conversation on screen time and media consumption. Where as Christians do we draw the line? Is there even a line at all? How does Netflix, TV programming, and movies fit into the Christian life? We'll discuss all that and more.


Screen Time Part 1 – Navigating Media – [ep. 61]

Today we're starting a new series taking a look at media intake, and entertainment options for Christians. How do we navigate our media choices? What are the Christian options compared to the secular options, and do they even compare in quality and value? We'll be leaning on Connor's movie "expertise" as we talk movies and screen time today in part one of our discussion on screen time.


To Live Is Christ – Stuff Paul Said – [ep. 60]

How can death be considered a gain, a good thing? Paul's famous words from Philippians can seem almost extreme for some people. Is he really only suggesting that the only real reason for living is Jesus and we actually gain more in death? Today we'll explore Paul's words in our conclusion of the "Stuff Paul Said" series.


False Teachers & True Riches – Stuff Paul Said – [ep. 59]

God is more interested in saving humanity than he is in showering us with material blessings. Paul warns Timothy of these false teachers in his church, who are preaching an easy gospel and have their eyes fixed on profit. But this warning doesn't just apply to Timothy, but extends to us as well.


What Can Separate? – Stuff Paul Said – [ep. 58]

Being a follower of Christ has it's privileges, and it's not just to ensure where we go when we die. God's love is so powerful that it impacts our lives on earth as well! This also means that there is nothing powerful enough to separate us from that love.


Thanks In All Things – Stuff Paul Said – [ep. 57]

Being thankful, no matter the circumstance isn't just a suggestion God makes to us. It his His will in our life that we maintain a thankful attitude. This is obviously easier said than done, but is essential to our daily Christian walk. So today we'll look to Paul's words in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 and talk how we can live a life of thankfulness.


God’s Masterpiece – Stuff Paul Said – [ep. 56]

Do you consider yourself a masterpiece? You should! Today we'll dive into Paul's words in the second chapter Ephesians Paul says because of Christ Jesus we are indeed a masterpiece. Sometimes we undervalue ourselves, and often don't think ourselves worthy to carry such a title. Today we discuss exactly why we truly are a masterpiece.


Pleasing To Who? – Stuff Paul Said – [ep.55]

Are you a people pleaser? What other people think of us can often have a very profound effect on our behavior. When we seek to please people and mold our identity to what people expect of us, we run the real risk of living a life displeasing to God. Are you more concerned of fitting in with the world around you or fitting into the life God calls us to live? We’ll dive into Galatians 1:10 as we explore these words of Paul.


While We Were Still Sinners – Stuff Paul Said – [ep. 54]

In Romans 5:8 Paul tells us that Jesus died while we were still sinners. So often we find the need to sort of clean ourselves up before we come to Christ. Or we try to strike things out on our own and convince ourselves that what we do on our own is good enough. This couldn't be further from the truth. No matter what we do we fall short of God's expectations. There is a clear need for someone to intervene and save us from our ways.


What About Paul? – Stuff Paul Said – [ep. 53]

The apostle Paul had some pretty important things to say. Responsible for almost half of the New Testament, Paul is arguably the most important voice for the Christian faith next to Jesus. From ruthless persecutor of Christians to one of the most outspoken proponents, Paul's word are nothing short of revolutionary.


Conformity – The Feels – [ep. 52]

Weather we like to admit it or not, we're all conforming to some sort of standard in our life. Weather it's to belong to a organization, social circle, or maintain an image we adhere to the unwritten rules to belong. Paul cautions us not to conform to the world, but instead be transformed by Gods word. So the question we must ask, am I conforming to what the world wants, or to what God wants?


Grief – The Feels – [ep. 51]

Grief, whatever the source is an inevitability in our life. So how do we as Christians handle grief? Is it ok for us to mourn? How does God feel when we experience grief? We'll explore scriptures to answer these questions and compare how Christians experience grief versus how the world does.