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Civil Disobedience - Part 2

There is a very real battle over the headship of Christ. Just what is the Headship of Christ? It can be condensed to this revolutionary thought: “Christ is the head over all things in the church.” (Ephesians 1:22). This must be the fundamental guiding principle of every genuine New Testament Church. Anything less is the usurpation of the authority of Jesus Christ. Christ is in charge of the church, and no one else. We are to be subject to Jesus Christ in all things. The Principle of Dual...


Examining Civil Disobedience

In the midst of the Covid 19 crisis, the church has been faced with a crisis of its own. Never in our lifetime have we faced the ordered shut down of the church. Should Christians disobey unjust laws? The Basis of Civil Disobedience View #1The pacifist position “Christians should never engage in Civil Disobedience.” If you obey evil laws you are devoid of values. (Exodus 1:20) View #2 the activist position “Christians should disobey any time man’s law transgresses God’s law!” Jesus “Render...


The Essential Father

What’s the biggest underlying problem in our society? If you were to ask me, I’d say it’s men without God. But there is another problem, almost as big and pernicious; it’s the scourge of fatherlessness. The Prophet to Dads This message to dads is so important it’s __________________. John the Baptist came in the spirit and power of Elijah. Luke 1:17 The Message to Dads Fathers need a heart for their children! 1. The Children of Israel being reconciled with the patriarchs. We need to line our...


Addressing Racism

I’d like to have a conversation about racism with you. Our country is in turmoil. I am heartbroken over the mistreatment of George Floyd. Protests, vigils, riots and looting have spread around the world against racial injustice and police brutality. Rioters are tragically destroying and looting our cities. Our way of life is under siege. What is happening around the country is inexcusable and criminal. We have lost all sense of sanity and civility, and we are not listening to one another. We...


Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the number one cause of mental health issues. And the pandemic made all of us more anxious. You can feel your muscles tighten. Your heart rate goes up. You have trouble breathing, like you are being smothered. You might even have experienced panic attacks. Ok. Are you anxious yet? Take a deep breath. Today I am going to give you a few practical exercises to help you in these difficult times. Make a ___________ to Rejoice 4 You must make a mental decision to change your...


When Justice fails

When Justice fails Acts 25:1-12 The Heart of the Matter There is nothing so outrageous as injustice. If injustice weren’t so hurtful, it would often be hilarious because it is so wildly fanciful. When injustice is deliberate, we wonder, how in the world did we get into this jam, and what do we do to fix it? There is a Christian way to deal with injustice. Our attitude must be gentle and our response should be firm. It is far better to suffer injustice than to do injustice. The Background of...


Fear of Conspiracy

Once upon a time, conspiracy theories used to be the bizarre beliefs of odd folks wearing tin hats. Not anymore. I want to give you some balanced and biblical advice on how to handle the many conspiracies that will be coming to your inbox. My advice to you is this: Stick to the knitting. The spreading of falsehoods hurts our witness. “Do not give false testimony.” Exodus 20:16 • What difference does it make? • What can you do about it? • How does this help you live for Jesus? People who are...


Overcoming the Fear of Armed Conflict

At any time, about 50% of Americans struggle with the fear of war. Some people are paralyzed by the fears and trauma they suffered on the battle field. And yet there is one thing that can comfort us from our fears and keep us safe in the arms of Love. Trust in Jesus. If you, by faith, find strength, solace, help and courage in the God of refuge, you will finally be able to find peace. Find Strength in Dependence on God 1-3 • War came against him (3b) • An army encamped around him (3a) • A...


Overcoming the Fear of Isolation

Loneliness levels have reached an all-time high as Americans have been isolating at home! Isolation has a profound effect on the human body and brain! When people are cut off for long periods of time they can suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, memory issues, concentration issues, paranoia and fear. That is why the church is so essential! Having a church family is essential for your mental and spiritual health! Today we are going to learn four skills that will help you to overcome the...


Overcoming the Fear of Corruption

Did you know that the top fear of Americans is the fear of government corruption? Nothing scares the bejeebers out of Americans more than corrupt government officials. Fear will ruin your life! It may be that one day we will have to live under the hard hand of a Nero who condemns Christians to the lion or a Pharaoh who throws children into the Nile; no matter who your leaders are, it is the Christ follower who lives by faith who will live the best. Tyrants are Bad! 1-6 They only take care of...


Overcoming the Fear of Poverty

There is a psychological term for the fear of poverty: Aporophobia. It is the fear of losing it all and living in destitution. The discussion is not a matter “if” there are hard times coming, the question how will you face them? In faith or fear. Choosing to live by faith today is harder than letting fear control you; but tomorrow, you’ll regret choosing fear, and you will never regret choosing faith. “Where does your provision come from?” My God shall supply all your need by Christ Jesus....


Overcoming Fear of Sickness

We are living in times of unprecedented fear! Just read the paper or watch the news to catch the latest sensationalized headlines about the pandemic that is captivating the world. Everywhere you look there is fear inducing, bad news. Fear is paralyzing. Unfounded fear is a liar and a thief. It will play with your mind and steal your hope. There are two ways to live; You can live in faith You can live in fear. “Twenty-eight percent of Americans suffer from an anxiety disorder.” 24 million...


Hope Rising

Today's message is about the early Christians during the 1st persecution in Jerusalem, who were hiding from the authorities. We will tell the story of how the Apostles, and other eyewitnesses of the Resurrected Christ, like Joseph of Aramathea encouraged them in their fears. This has great application to our own fears during the Covid 19 crisis. The Seeds of Conflict - Acts 4 The first hint that our faith was not welcome was just days after Jesus ascension. The Apostles were preaching and...


The Last Gasp

The Carona Virus hits extremely hard. It has overburdened hospitals and taxed medical teams. Even so, in the darkest hallways in the world, God is doing an amazing work. He has caught their attention, and I hope he has your attention. Today we are going to talk about the very last King of Judah, named Zedekiah. And although God did everything in his power to get Zedekiah’s attention, the last King of Israel was so stubborn and stiff necked, that he simply refused to listen. Because he and...


Religion and Politics

Religion and Politics The Gospel meets political expedience Acts 24:22-27 The Heart of the Matter The human heart is easily side tracked by matters of little importance for the long run. Among other things we value convenience, wealth and popularity… Things that appeal to our sense of comfort, prestige and ego. But in light of eternity our self-focused desires are worthless as a million dollars are to a caterpillar. The Background of the Book Once again we find Paul in prison. This time for...


The Last Kings of Judah

In our passage today, the last five kings of Judah did not have good ethics! They were not into humble service, they were self serving! They were so abusive of their power that they just had to go! Their ethics were so detestable that God cast them out of his sight. Some were cowardly when they faced the enemy and simply caved. Others were so stiff necked that they resisted God to the very end, when finally the entire nation was conquered and carried away. Christianity Has Been Handling...


The Last Days of the Last Good King of Judah

Today we are going to look at the last days of the last good king of Judah! He chose to do right at a young age and never looked back because he challenged himself at every stage of his life to go deeper. He was never satisfied with what he had become. It was his every day tenacity that resulted in a powerful revival in the nation. Josiah was an amazing King. And what we learn from him is that we should worship well, live bravely and die like a believer. Amazing Passover 1-19 What if this...


How to Defend yourself

Defend yourself How to defend yourself when accused Acts 24:1-21 The Heart of the Matter You’ve heard the Scriptures like “Turn the other cheek,” and “If your enemy asks for your shirt, give him your cloak as well.” And you wondered is it wrong to defend ones self? There is a time to be silent, and there is a time to give a defense. When your time comes, God wants you to give the best defense of your Christian character possible. Of course the best defense is a blameless life. Background of...


How God takes care of His own

How God takes care of His own Acts 23:12-35 Heart of the matter Difficulties are an expected intrusion in life. But extraordinary problems cause intense introspection. When things are bad we tend to question ourselves: "Maybe I'm doing something wrong! Maybe I made the wrong decision!" Sometimes problems look like obstacles to God's plan when really they are just the Master's way of moving us to where He wants us to be. Background of the book Paul is imprisoned. The situation is volatile....



ON TRIAL FOR YOUR FAITH Acts 22:24 -23:1-11 Heart of the Matter Sooner or later you may end up in the interrogation room. Sooner or later your faith may become an issue. There is much confusion on what a Christian is to do with the courts. But what if you were on trial for your faith? How should you respond when caught up in the system? Background of the Book Now that Paul is in custody in the fortress of Antonio, the Commander wants to know the cause of the riot. A disturbance such as this...