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Respect for the US Flag and National Anthem

How is it that we have come to a place where the United States Flag and National Anthem are openly disrespected? What is the protest about and is the message clear? Shane, Rob, and Jim discuss the recent NFL players' protests and venture to find the truth about their actions and the laws associated with them.


Hurricanes and Corn Roasters

Rob, Shane, and Jim discuss Hurricane Harvey and shared experiences. We are praying for all affected. City Hope Church is ramping up hurricane relief efforts for people in Texas. For more information or to donate, visit In his excitement, Jim couldn't help but bring up the acquisition of an amazing, trailer-mounted corn roaster...yes, corn roaster. Our podcast is broadcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and TuneIn. Consider downloading a podcast application to...


Path to Better Relationships

Shane Latta join Rob and Jim for lunch and discusses the importance of learning and speaking a person's love language to improve relationship. Based on Gary Chapman's book "5 Love Languages". Shane is Life Development Director at City Hope Church, a multi-site church based in Spanish Fort, Alabama. For information about "Marriage on the Rock", mentioned in the podcast, visit


Holy Line of Decision An Exploit of Faith

Rev. Rick Lindsay sits with Jim, Rob, and Tim and introduces Encourage Men to Pray Ministries and recounts a journey of faith where he anoints America with oil. In the mid 90s, Rick and friend Cecil Ross embark on a mission to draw a "Holy Line of Decision" from South Carolina to California. Do yourself a favor and listen to the end of this fascinating interview. To find out more about Encourage Men to Pray Ministries, visit the website or visit...


Dreams, Hope, and Finding Redemption in Addiction

What is your dream? What would you do, what dream would you pursue if money was not and obstacle? We share some thought of our own and then the conversation turns to a chapter in Rob's life when he overcame alcohol addiction. If you know someone who is, or if you are, fighting addiction to alcohol or otherwise, know that there is hope. There is redemption. You can find joy, peace and contentment. Hosts: Rob Johansen, Shane Latta, and Jim Gates.


Fighting Words

There is so much going on inside of us, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. While we may think that we are alone in the battles we face, we are not. Overwhelming weight of responsibility, fear of failure, feeling of disappointment, and more. Shane, Rob, and Jim get vulnerable and discuss how to overcome and win the battles.


Bobsledding to Truth, Contentment, and Purpose

How can we find truth and purpose in the sea of mixed messages in media, our workplaces and lives? Our pointless discussion rapidly heats up into an exchange about the opportunities we have to find contentment and purpose even if we find ourselves in a difficult places. In the discussion: Shane Latta, Rob Johansen, and Jim Gates. Introduction music by created by Jason Shaw. Thank you sir for your gift and creativity.


Turtle-Eyed Car Riders and Chinook Mechanics

Rob Johansen, Shane Latta, and Jim Gates discuss life changes and how we deal with them. The discussion moves from a turtle-eyed car rider to a Chinook mechanic recruit. After a 22 month sabbatical, we fire up the Process the Truth Podcast with a new cast member, Shane Latta. We're excited to be recording again and hope you are too!


Bathroom Etiquette for Men, Trivial Stuff, and The Talk

So what do you do when your are in a public restroom, duty calls, and the other person walks in? It is one of the dilemmas that many of us face. We don't necessarily answer the question, but we have fun talking about it. Remember the show, "All in the Family"? A memorable episode comes up where Archie and Meathead argue about how to properly get dressed in the morning. We had to tackle that one. Then Matt brings us how and when a dad should talk about our sex organs. Awkward, we know,...


Be Still, B-roll, and Engage

Rob, Matt and Jim talk about what God is doing in and around them. They liken life to being in an accelerating car heading for a cliff and discuss what can be done about it. Here is the Holman Prison Baptism video discussed on the broadcast: Jeff Fulton's podcast "Chase the Light" on iTunes: Matt Gates's blog "Spirit Fighting Flesh":


How Focusing on Teaching Helps Parenting, Growth, and Leadership

In this episode, we interview Terry Gates and Mary Bickel-Gates who have over 100 years of combined teaching experience. While we touch on teaching as a profession, the bulk of our conversation is focused on helping children, and ourselves, grow and learn through honing teaching skills. You will hear several valuable tips and methods to improve parenting and leadership. Terry and Mary founded The Hoenny Center (, a non-profit organization focused on studying peer...


The Shocking World of Human Trafficking Exposed - Part 2 of 2

In this episode, we continue the revealing discussion about human trafficking. Eye Heart World exists to fight human trafficking through helping raise awareness, prevention & aftercare. Eye Heart World was born in 2010 when Brian and Season Russo decided to take action against human trafficking in an innovative way. For the first awareness event they organized, Season and her mother, Denise Foster, created 30 bags, hoping to raise funds for a safe home in their community. Supporting the...


The Shocking World of Human Trafficking Exposed - Part 1 of 2

We had the opportunity to talk with Brian and Season Russo, Founders of Eye Heart World, about human trafficking, its effects, and how their organization is fighting to end it. Human trafficking is the business of buying and selling people for the purpose of physical or sexual exploitation. It is modern day slavery. HERE ARE THE FACTS as reported on Eye Heart World and Polaris Project Websites: Read more hotline statistics here.Read stories of survivors who called the hotline for...


Storytelling Seeing

On today's episode we talk about the art of storytelling and how developing relationships can help you through everyday life.


BONUS - The Stupidest Things We've Ever Done

You'll laugh as we share some of the stupid things we've done. Unfortunately most of the stories involve contribands; thankfully, we're not in jail, no one was hurt, and we lived to tell about it. Email: Website: iTunes: Process the Truth Podcast


Finding Freedom from Addiction

Rob Johansen, one of our hosts, and Greg Sharp talk candidly about their addictions, family struggles, and how they found freedom, hope, and happiness. Greg, a medical professional, became addicted to prescription drugs in a desperate pursuit of perfection. At a medical conference, in the midst of hundreds of attendees, Greg realized the speaker's message on addiction in the medical field convicted him to the core and he entered rehabilitation. Rob became addicted to alcohol, brought his...


Failure and Success

On today's episode we talk about how to deal with failure and success, how God works, and how God can make good come from failure.


BONUS: The Challenge and Process of Forgiveness - with Jeff Fulton

We are sometimes consumed with hurt and anger. While we we want to find relief, it can seem difficult to exercise the simple act of forgiveness. Jeff Fulton, Communications Pastor for CityHope Church, talks with us about forgiveness and why it matters to him.


Wholly Content, Holy Creative - with Jeff Fulton

Many times, we find ourselves less than happy about doing what we do right now, focusing on what could be. Could it be that our current position is exactly where God wants us? We sit down with Jeff Fultion, Communications Pastor at CityHope Church and discuss this and as well as church marketing, an often tabu subject.


Two Adult Sons and a Dad Talk Marriage

What started as a simple interview with Nick Gates about his engagement, turned into a family discussion about marriage. Rob poses questions to the three: one married 29 years, one two and the other engaged.