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16: Refugees, Sabbath, and Oprah vs. Orpah

What do Liam Neeson, faith healing, hyperbole, lobotomies, BB guns, and false hope all have in common? Well, nothing really. But they do all make an appearance in this week’s episode. Oh yeah, Mark goes to Narnia and Dave gets pummeled with yet another Old Testament Quickfire.


15: Recapitulation, Entropy, and The World’s Worst Bedtime Story

What do we eat when death is no more? Are we the idols of God? Why should I go to church? These are just a few of the issues addressed in this week’s episode! We’ll take a journey into meta-cognition, the character attributes of God, and what it means to not worry and a whole lot more!


14: Capital Punishment, Demon Possession and Shoddy Dishwashing Techniques

What is it about Thanksgiving dinner that makes us all a little goofy? Sure, there’s the ubiquitous turkey with all the fixings, but some people fancy Goat Cheese while others prefer Head Cheese. (C'mon, really? Head Cheese?!?!) Yeah, we know that makes no real sense at this point, so you’ll just have to listen. It’s quite important. Oh yeah, Dave answers some questions too.


13: Fearing God, The Narrow Gate, and How To Read The Bible

If we’re all descendants of Adam and Eve, why are there different races? Who are the 144,000 mentioned in Revelation? And who the heck answers Dave’s questions? This week we hit another great set of listener submitted questions as we discuss salvation, science, Darwin’s finches and sparkly-blue butt bread. Yep, that’s not a typo.


12: Bible Translations, Cursing Figs, and Exegeting Stop Signs

Why did Paul say women shouldn’t speak in church? How do we know when God answers prayer? Why are there so many different bible translations? If this isn’t enough we also have Zombie Tacos, Superhero Jesus, Pot Gardens, and Jesus talks to trees, but not in english. We also learn that Mark wears MC Hammer pants and Dave wants a leisure suit. Who knew?


11: Monotheism, Righteous Anger, and 1.6 Billion Dollars

In this week’s episode, we go deep into the history of the three great monotheistic religions - Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Dave gives us a detailed timeline of their common roots and when, how and why they divided along the way. What happened in 135 and 611 A.D.? Who were the Samaritans? All this and more as Dave partakes in another belligerent quickfire round and Mark talks about his number two.


10: Sex Before Marriage, Religionless Christianity, and Free Beer

Dave attempts to recite the chemical name for Tryptophan Synthase as we hit some killer questions about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Jehovah’s Witnesses and being born in the spirit. More great questions abound regarding cheap grace, and living with your significant other before marriage as Mark gives practical advice on what to say to the boy who wants to date your daughter.


09: Authorship, Hermeneutics, and Hearing God Speak

Are some bible stories symbolic? Why are we blind to our own sin? How do we know when God is speaking to us? All this and more as Mark encourages kids not to study, Dave teaches us some wicked cool Hebrew, doesn’t actually say “butt flow” and can’t bring himself to drink Cocoa Puff milk. Also worth mentioning is Dave’s first Quickfire round and Molly McButter. Yep, it happened.


08: Other Gods, Moral Perfection and High-Five Jesus

What would it be like to be Jesus’ brother? Dave's most embarrassing moment as a Pastor? What about the existence of other celestial beings? All this and more as Dave revisits the topic of henotheism from Episode 3, and unpacks the question of other religious gods in far greater detail. Oh yeah, let’s not forget that Dave has a sexy radio voice and that sometimes Mark forgets to wear pants.


07: Facing Suicide

In this special episode, Mark and Dave have an open and honest conversation on a topic that is very personal to them both. Suicide. Is it a sin? Can God love someone who has taken their own life? How do I deal with my own darkness, or help someone who is suffering in theirs? What do I do with the shame and guilt after losing someone I love to suicide? All of this and more is discussed during this very special episode, and we hope that it will strengthen and encourage you in whatever you or a...


06: Theodicy, Prayer, and Birthing God is Creepy

Why does God let bad things happen? In this canine episode, we address the question of theodicy, learn how to change God’s mind, and take a walk down church history lane with an interesting discussion on Martin Luther and the Reformation. Mark also declares his love for Muppet stuff as Dave offers to sing him a lullaby.


05: Blasphemy, Divine Inspiration, and Jesus Goes To Hell

Once again, Mark Chaffee pummels Pastor David Gaddini with listener submitted questions he hasn't heard beforehand. This week: The unforgivable sin, getting rid of Satan, divine inspiration, the Christian creeds, and more! And if that isn't enough, Dave warns us about the dangers of hot dog sauce, and Mark experiences verbal diarrhea, a moment of brilliance, and apologizes way too much. Oh yeah - if you're a fan of The Princess Bride, we obviously need some help...


04: Dinosaurs, Divorce, and Worship is Like Sex

In this episode, Dave shares his favorite bible verse, makes children cry, and admits his affinities for the DC Universe and flannel graphs. There’s also fire-breathing hippos, and we learn that Mark doesn’t think there is anything funny about cutting off the tip of... well, let's just say we have a lengthy discussion on circumcision.


03: Guardian Angels, Henotheism, and Jesus Eating Bacon

We are starting to get a feel for this whole podcasting thing! Not only do we hit some great questions this week, but we get to hear how Dave played bible roulette when choosing his wife, that if you're going to sin, then sin boldly, and that God forgives everyone but Mark. Oh yeah, and apparently the toilet is clogged again...


02: Swearing, Aliens, Marijuana and Chopping Her into 12 Pieces

Another test episode posted for your listening pleasure! Some interesting questions this week as we spend a little time previewing a potential theme song, learn about the algorithm of the traveling salesman, and that Dave does not in fact have a squeaky butt.


01: Pilot Episode – It’s a Test Run!

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Questions You Never Thought You Could Ask in Church! This first episode was a test run, but we thought we'd go ahead and post it anyway - in all it's raw and messy glory. We may post a few more like this to get the ball rolling so you can laugh at us as we are getting our feet wet!