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Reaching Out to People in Need – CrossTalk S3E18

Today I would like to invite you to listen to a conversation I had with my friend, Bill Adkins. Bill and his wife Linda have a wonderful story about how they chose to help a young single mom and her 4-year-old daughter. That was nearly 15 years ago and both mother and daughter are still an important part of their life. Not only is this story worth sharing in its own right, but it led to a great conversation about how Christians can think outside the box when reaching out to help people in...


Christians Dealing with Anxiety – CrossTalk S3E17

Today I would like to invite you to listen to a conversation I had with my friend, Caleb Cochran. This is a conversation about suffering with various types of anxiety. Caleb isn’t a psychiatrist or medical professional, he’s an evangelist for the church in Rockville, Maryland and he is personally suffered with anxiety, so he has a heart for ministering to others who suffer in this way. Whether or not you personally deal with anxiety, you likely know someone who does. So this is a relevant...


Teaching Children the Bible – CrossTalk S3E16

Today I would like to invite you to listen to a conversation I recently had with two of my friends and co-workers, Rosalyn Miller and Mikie Kindsfather. These wonderful Christian ladies work as the children’s education coordinators here at the church of Christ on McDermott Road. They have so many wonderful thoughts to share about the importance of children’s Bible classes, some practical thoughts on how to make Bible classes what they should be, and even what kids can gain from being in the...


Struggling with Same Sex Attraction – CrossTalk S3E15

Let me say before I introduce today’s conversation that the subject matter is for mature audiences only and may not be suitable for children. My guest today is my new friend, Clint. He and I began corresponding recently via email about how the church should minister to those who identify as LGBTQ. Because Clint also struggles with same sex attraction and because in the past he lived a gay lifestyle, he has a unique perspective. In this conversation, we discussed whether or not Christians...


Church of Christ Social Network – CrossTalk S3E14

My guest today is my friend, Brandon Edwards, who just helped launch the first private social network for churches of Christ. It is called, "Aggos." Regardless of your religious background, I think you will find this conversation interesting. Brandon is a brilliant guy and he is constantly trying to find new ways to bring Christians together and reach the lost with the Good News. I hope you enjoy this conversation. Be sure to check out Aggos.com.


Christian Identity Crisis – CrossTalk S3E13

My guest today is my my very good friend, Michael Monday. In this conversation we discussed our identity as Christians and building real relationships with our church family. What does it mean to be part of the family of God and are we really enjoying the blessings of being part of that family? I think you will be challenged and encouraged by this discussion.


Making Room for Humor in the Church – CrossTalk S3E12

My guest today is my friend and co-worker, Barrett Bingham. He is a high school minister, a podcaster, and an occasional stand-up comedian. He co-hosts a podcast with another member at McDermott Road called, "Off the Rails." Barrett is a lot of fun and during this conversation, we talked about why we should make room for a sense of humor in the church. There are quite a few laughs along the way, but Barrett also has a lot of very insightful things to share about faith and emotion. I believe...


Women in the Church – CrossTalk S3E11

Wes and Dan Chambers recently had a phone conversation and discussed the role of women in the church and how various passages of Scripture are interpreted by people on both sides of the arguments. If you are interested or concerned about this issue, I think you will find this conversation helpful. Some of the passages discussed in this episode are 1 Timothy 2:9-15; 1 Corinthians 11:2-26; 1 Corinthians 14:26-40.


Redeeming the Human Body – CrossTalk S3E10

You might be surprised to know that the Bible does not teach that the body is just a vehicle for the spirit. Human beings are not, as some have suggested, "a spirit with a body." Listen as Wes and his friend Jacob Rutledge, who preaches for the Dripping Springs Church of Christ, discuss what the Bible actually teaches concerning the importance of the human body and how the body will be "redeemed" in the resurrection. The apostle Paul wrote that we wait eagerly, "for the redemption of our...


How Christians Should Use Social Media – CrossTalk S3E9

On this week’s episode, listen to a conversation Wes had with Jacob Rutledge, who preaches for the Dripping Springs Church of Christ in Dripping Springs, Texas. Jacob and Wes discuss their thoughts on how Christians should use social media. If you use social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram then I think this conversation will give you some things to think about. Social media certainly has positive uses and has a tremendous amount of potential, but it's also possible to do damage to...


How to Teach and Encourage New Christians – CrossTalk S3E8

On this week’s episode, listen to a conversation Wes had with Curtis Hartshorn, who preaches for the church of Christ in Checotah, Oklahoma and is the author of the book, “My First 52 Days.” This book is designed to help guide new Christians during the first few weeks after they are baptized. Curtis has a heart to share the gospel and to help new Christians mature in the faith. I know you will be encouraged by our conversation. And if you are interested in getting a copy of his book visit...


What Teens Think About God and the Church – CrossTalk S3E7

In this episode, Wes visits with Matt Mead and Kyle Beard. Matt is the Family Life Minister and Kyle is the Middle School Minister here at the church of Christ on McDermott Road. The conversation we had was about teenagers and their theology. What do teenagers today think about God, the church, the Bible, and living the Christian life. Matt and Kyle, along with the rest of our youth family ministry team, do a tremendous job. I think you will gain a lot of insight from this conversation.


Raising Kids to Follow Jesus – CrossTalk S3E6

In this episode, I have a conversation about Christian parenting with one of the elders at McDermott Road, Tom Ward, and his son, Jake. We discuss how Tom dealt with conversations about God and science, how the church plays a huge role in shaping young people, and how sincerity is more important than perfection. I hope you find this conversation encouraging.


Experience Spiritual Transformation – CrossTalk S3E5

Summary: Listen to the conversation I had with my good friends, Reggie Hutchings and James Sumners (on the phone). These men share their thoughts with me on how the Lord has transformed their lives and how He is still in the process of transforming their lives. We discuss what sorts of things stand in the […]


Women and Grace – CrossTalk S3E4

Summary: In the conversation you’re about to hear, I visited with two new friends, Belinda Phillips and Lee Ann Kemp. These ladies have their own website and podcast. You can check it out at TheBibleandCoffee.com. In this conversation we talk about their mission to help other women understand and embrace the grace of God. I […]


Modern Slavery and the Mission of the Church – S3E3

According to International Justice Mission there are over 40,000,000 slaves globally. I want you to hear a conversation I had with my friend, Brandon Edwards. Brandon has lived in various countries around the world and has seen oppression and injustice up-close and personal. He has spent time with victims, perpetrators, and heroes who are actively working to stop human trafficking and slavery. I’ll warn you, this is a challenging conversation, but it’s an incredibly important one.


Race and the Church – CrossTalk S3E2

Summary: In this episode, issues are discussed like, why are there “white churches” and “black churches,” why do we struggle to discuss issues about race with our brothers and sisters in Christ, and what can we do to start seeing things from other people’s perspectives. Wes had this conversation with two of his friends, Haven […]


Married to the Preacher – CrossTalk S3E1

In this episode of the Radically Christian CrossTalk Podcast, Wes and his wife, Hollee, talk about being a ministry family. For the last thirteen years, since the day they were married, they have worked together in various ministry roles. Listen as they discuss some of the challenges and blessings of being married and raising kids while working in full-time ministry.


Having Spiritual Conversations (Recorded Live) – CrossTalk S2E26

This is the 50th episode of the CrossTalk Podcast and the final episode of our second season. The discussion on this episode revolves around why the goal of the CrossTalk Podcast is to inspire others to have spiritual conversations. This episode is unique because it was recorded while doing a Facebook Live broadcast, so you will hear Cameron McElyea reading some of the Facebook comments and questions so that Wes, Sam, and James could respond live. We hope you find this episode edifying.


Dealing with Grief – CrossTalk S2E25

In this episode we are joined by Charles Goodnight, who serves as a hospice chaplain and the leader of a grief support group at Baker Heights church of Christ. We discussed how to deal with grief, how being a Christian helps one deal with grief, and how Christians can help one another deal with grief. We hope you're edified by this discussion.