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Coach Patricia Benjamin discusses relationship dilemmas, marriage, sex and matters of the heart from a Christian perspective with her guests. Counsellors/Therapists regularly join.

Coach Patricia Benjamin discusses relationship dilemmas, marriage, sex and matters of the heart from a Christian perspective with her guests. Counsellors/Therapists regularly join.
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London, United Kingdom


Coach Patricia Benjamin discusses relationship dilemmas, marriage, sex and matters of the heart from a Christian perspective with her guests. Counsellors/Therapists regularly join.




Young Fatherhood? Does it ruin your life or is it the making of you as a man

Speaking to our guest Jason who shares his experience of becoming a young father at age 21. He talks about the pressures, the expectations, the way it changed his thinking and the effect on his relationship. Listen in


Do you Love Yourself? If not, why not? We discuss

So do human beings constantly need to be reaffirmed to love themselves? On this show our callers ring in and tell us reasons why they feel people do not love themselves. These include lack of affirmation, poor self-esteem, result of bad break ups, poor body image, unhealthy or toxic relationships, lack of self knowledge and more. Listen in.


3 Things to Tell Your Wives - Stephan Labossierre

Love Expert Stephan speaks on a few things on this show: such as 1) how to get out of the "friend zone" 2) what needs to be the case for a man and woman to be "just friends" 3) the best weapon a woman can use to protect herself in relationships 4) should your wife's best friend be a man? 5) why your wife need to hear you say 'you're beautiful'. and much more... listen in here


Black Woman Heal Day

More day, Lilada stood up in church and gave her testimony about being sexually abused. By her step-father. She told her mother who decided to stay with her new husband. After that Lilada says, 'I disappeared'. If her mother didn't seem to want to put her daughter's safety and protection first then who would? From then on, enboldened by her candour, other young black girls and women began to turn up in Lilada's Living Room. All with their own stories of sexual abuse. Thus began...


First Love Yourself - Fly & Fabulous with Deya Direct Smith

Here we are with the Fly and Fabulous Deya (Direct)Smith who says the essential thing we need to do is First Love Yourself which is why she teaches on Fly and Fabulous. I personally loved Deya's direct style. Its honest. Its provocative and its real. Instead of your pain breaking you, your pain shows you your purpose. Your pain pays the price for you to stand powerfully and deeply in your purpose and your very reason for being. Get inspired and listen in......


The REAL Truth behind Men and Commitment with Jack A Daniels

Jack A Daniels says men do not have a relationship problem but they have a responsibility problem. He says Quit being afraid to commit to someone other than yourself. So why do men say they cant find a quality woman? Jack goes all the way in and explains that a lot of men are their mothers! Often they are paying their mothers back through the way they treat women. Shocked?? Hear what's behind the anger now. Find out the truth now on this show. Listen in....


Porn Addiction, BDSM/Sex Shame and the church....with Carrie Lloyd

With so many young people eager to lose their virginity, with society being less and less interested in sexual purity, with many young people troubled with porn addiction, where does society go from here? Why are so many 'respectable' men and women becoming addicted.....? Is it a matter for the government? Or should the church break its silence? If you have an issue with porn addiction, have a listen. Journalist and author of The Virgin Monologues, Carrie Lloyd is my guest and being a...


29 Days to Great Sex - Sheila Wray Gregoire

We certainly don't need 50 Shades of Grey here, Sheila gives us ways of rebuilding our sex lives after a drought! Did you know that libido is a use it or lose it phenomenon, Listen in......


Fifty Shades of Grey - What's Behind the Shades.....? **Adult ears only

this show is for adult ears only. We discuss the appeal among christian women of the best selling novel and movie, 50 Shades of Grey. What need does it meet? What is behind the appeal? Is there an issue regarding dominance and submission? Is there any ambiguity when it comes to leadership from men. Why does this film which glorifies a man who requires total control and dominance manage to garner such a huge following...... Listen in - Sex therapist Alison Mitchell and Counsellor Janet...


7 Things Men Get WRONG in Relationships with Stephan Labosierre

Guys, Coach Stephan Labosierre breaks down 7 crucial areas where you are going wrong when it comes to dating and relationships, especially christian men. Stephan covers it all, celibacy, sexual compatibility, recreational dating, entertaining Miss InBetween in fruitless relationships, not dealing with personal issues and more.... listen in


Mum has gone, but talking helps! Josephine and Jael's Story

Josephine and Jael are sisters and are talking for the first time, sfter a period of 27 years, about the loss of their mum. Mum died unexpectedly at age 39 whilst they were 12 and 9 respectively. Its been a long and lonely road, with times of depression and hurt. But now they are talking as a family and old hurts can now be recognised and healing can begin. Therapist Janet McNish explains the grieving process. Listen in...


Coping with Losing My Mum - Jemma's Story

When your mother dies unexpectedly when you are just 17, how do you face it. If mum was your world and the centre of the family, how does it ever recover? Jemma shares her story and talks about the depression, the despair, failed suicide attempts and finally the road to peace, forgiveness and acceptance. Listen in here......


Bishop John Francis - Fireside chat with Patricia Benjamin

Its a real one to one with Bishop John Anthony Francis, the Senior Pastor of Ruach City church. Meet the man behind the ministry and hear the heart that beats with hunger and love for God and his people. The interview is full of laughter, wit, and wisdom and gives us a real insight into what makes this ministry so explosive and ever increasing.


Why Rape Victims Keep Silent!

In the light of recent allegations against actor Bill Cosby, many people have asked the question," if this is true why did you wait until now to speak out." There are many reasons why victims of rape or sexual abuse keep silent and on this show myself and Counsellor/Therapist Janet McNish and Sex Therapist Alison Mitchell discuss several of these reasons and look at the effects of rape not only on its direct victim but their husbands and partners. Listen in


Dangerous, Toxic, Addictive Love with Dr Ryeal Simms

On this Show we discuss the addictive power of toxic love. Discussing Whitney and Bobby's relationship in the light of the new WhitneyMovie and asking what kept them together despite them clearly not being good for each other. Dr Ryeal Simms gives insight into toxic relationships and explains ways to break free. Plus HOT TOPICS with Richard Oluyinka talking incestuous relationships as well as father and daughter relationship boundaries!


The Break Up Season and the No Contact Rule - Natalie Lue

Well, if you have gone through the break up season you need to hear this show. Relationship Adviser and Blogger, Natalie Lue of Baggage Reclaim breaks down the importance of the No Contact Rule and the best way forward after relationship break-ups!


Sexual Purity - Carrie Lloyd and The Virgin Monologues

Author and journalist Carrie Lloyd, our dating girl in Louboutins, speaks with me here about sexual purity! Her brand new book, The Virgin Monologues, examines the Christian dating scene with transparency and humour. We talk here about the challenge of sexual purity, dealing with shame when we don't manage it, and the necessity of compassion for ourselves.


Lamar Tyler on the Real Love Show - Black and Married with Kids!

Lamar Tyler and his wife Ronnie are the power pair behind the multi-awarded site, This is the web's Most Popular destination for guidance on black marriage and parenting. Lamar speaks here on black relationships, family and marriage. He also talks about their exciting new initiative, The Marriage Academy. Great conversation, listen in......


In Conversation with Spiritual Life Coach - Tera Carissa

Tera Carissa joins me and shares candidly on life and love and ministry. We cover everything from purpose and destiny, singleness and preparing for marriage, overcoming dysfunction, and winning over adversity. Topics such as law of attraction and 'the secret' come up. Are such things in the bible? Listen in......


This is Why You're Single with Aaron Curry

Have you ever wondered why you’re single? If you are having trouble finding the right person, My chat here with author Aaron Curry, as we discuss his best selling book, This Is Why You’re Single,is for you. This book provides essential realizations AND offers solutions to bring us closer to a healthy and happy relationship. Its time to change the thinking, the patterns or behaviors that cause relationships to fail. While marriages are on the decline, it doesn’t mean the right person isn’t...