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Create a faith-based Financial Life Plan - Episode 28

1. Fran, you worked 20 years in the field of chemical manufacturing and then one day you switched careers to financial planning. What led you to that decision? 2. There must have been some hardships when you changed careers. What were some of those and how did you navigate them? 3. In your bio, you say that guiding Christians in financial stewardship is a passion. Tell us why this is? 4. You've created a website to guide Christians in their financial life. Tell us about this website and...


Your 30-60-90 Day Plan - Episode 27

Hi, this is Mark Jones and today I want to share a story about how I completely overhauled the most important ministry of the church and did not lose one member. But before we get into that, I want to thank you for listening to Coaching Christian Leaders. I truly appreciate your support. Since episode 22 we have been studying how to lead change in your organization. We learned that all changes go through three distinct phases. First, something must end. Then the second phase is what...


How to Lead Your Church through the Wilderness of Change - Episode 26

There is a place where any great opportunity for change can die. It's a no man's land, a wilderness, filled with temptations and riddled with the bones of past failures. How do you avoid such? Today, we cover just that. So about four episodes back, episode number 22, we started looking at how to lead change. At, first we considered two simple questions that will help your board or congregation consider changes. Then we began to look at Dr. William Bridges ideas on change and transition....


How To Rebound From Sin and Failure - Episode 25

Can you ever recover from failure and sin? Will God ever use you again? Or are you stuck on the sidelines, never to serve again? Pastor Bill Baldwin answers these questions. Currently, Bill is the Senior Pastor of Harvest Church in Albemarle, North Carolina. He is also the author of the book, Rebound: Rising From Failure Back to Purpose and Destiny. Bill Shared Rebound: Rising from Failure Back to Purpose and Destiny Closing Thoughts Please share this episode, especially with those...


How to Communicate Change to Your Congregation - Episode 24

How to Communicate Change to Your Congregation This year, 2019, we are focusing our efforts on how to lead change. In episode 23 we addressed in part how to end something. Dr. William Bridges in his book Managing Transitions tells us that change begins when you first end something. Ending the current thing is part of starting something new. Dr. Bridges separates change from a transition. When you when you decide to change something, say your service times, that is just a change. A...


Five Coaching Questions To Help You End a Ministry - Episode 23

In the last episode, episode 22, we began to learn how to lead change. All leaders must have a clear idea of how to take their organization through change. This ability to lead change is essential. The good news is ability is something we can learn. And the steps that I will be covering with you can be applied to big changes or small changes. As I said in the last episode, I greatly value the work of Dr. William Bridges. Dr. Bridges wrote several books on change, both on personal change...


How To Lead Change - Episode 22

There will come a time, probably sooner than later, that you will need to make a change. You will need to change something at your church. Over the next few episodes, we will look at how you can lead your church through change. The principles I will cover apply to big changes as well as small. Obviously, changing your worship music is a bigger change than changing your carpet color. But the steps are the same. Now, Over the past 12 years, I have taken the church I pastor through several...


Small-Town Pastors' Conference - Episode 21

October 8-10th, 2018, I attended the RHMA Small-Town Pastors’ Conference. RHMA stands for Rural Home Missionary Association. This conference was held in Lancaster Pennsylvania. It was a great conference. Why? Well, I want to share some of the reasons I enjoyed it – who was there, what I learned – and then encourage you to consider attending the next one. There is on scheduled for April 8-10, 2019 in Morton Illinois. Morton is about 10 miles southeast of Peoria. The primary speakers for...


Simple Tools to Build Your Church - Episode 20

Hugh Plappert is a businessman, an innovator, and a man who loves Jesus Christ. And Hugh loves to help churches grow and help churches disciple their people. Today, Hugh will share how his product, is a great tool that will help both small and large churches reach people and disciple people. Hugh Shares ChurchGrowthinaBox.comHow to Launch a Disciple-Making Year Without Hours of Meetings Resources Church Growth in a Box Website Upcoming Webinar - How to Launch a...


How to Uncomplicate Discipleship - Episode 19

Today we visit with Dr. Warren Haynes, the author of the book Discipleship Uncomplicated. Dr. Haynes is the National Director of Contextualized Leadership Development for Gateway Seminary. His work puts him at the forefront of leadership training and disciple-making. Today he shares from his book, Discipleship Uncomplicated. He shared Discipleship Uncomplicated - Contact Information His email: Resources His book, Discipleship Uncomplicated His website;...


Teach Kids to Fall in Love with Jesus - Episode 18

Why is it essential that kids fall in love with Jesus? What must be done to ensure children and youth retain their faith as they grow up? How do you teach and disciple young people? These are some of the questions Ben Palacz and Tony Trussoni answer today on Coaching Christian Leaders. Ben Palacz is the Family and Children’s Discipleship Pastor at Curtis Baptist Church in Augusta, Georgia. Tony Trussoni is the Student and Family Pastor at Faith Family Church in Finksburg, Maryland. These...


Using Creativity to Share Christ - Episode 17

God, in His wisdom, has chosen to use people to share His Son, Jesus. That outreach starts in the local community and involves teamwork and creativity. Today we meet a man who is doing all of the above - Dale Kline. Dale is the Creative Pastor and a Campus Pastor for Lifesong Church. Dale will help us understand the leadership role of campus pastor and also understand the place creativity plays in ministry. Dale Shared MindShare Contact Information Dale's email:...


Hope for Combat Veterans and Their Families - Episode 16

When a combat veteran returns home, the war doesn't end. An enemy, unseen to us, continues to attack. But this battlefield is spiritual, not physical. And the wounds suffered are divorce, addiction, homelessness, and even suicide. Reboot Combat Recovery is making a difference. This 12-week faith-based course helps combat veterans rebuild their lives and experience a breakthrough in their personal battle with combat trauma. In this episode, we sit down with Bryan Flanery, the Engagement...


Moving a Community Toward Christ - Episode 15

God uses people to accomplish His purposes. And God is using Adam Feldman in Ellicott City, Maryland. Adam is a community leader, a lead pastor, an author, and a coach. He is the lead pastor of Metanoia Church. He is the author of two books, Journaling: Catalyzing Spiritual Growth Through Reflection and Addressing the Spiritual Formation Needs of a New Church. He is a coach who works with church planters. And he is a recognized community leader as the chair for The One EC Recovery...


God is Here! - Episode 14

Pastor Jim Hosey shares his experience with revival. On February 3, 1970, God showed up on the campus of Asbury College. Revival broke out, it lasted over 180 hours and then spread throughout the United States and beyond. Jim shares his personal experience at this revival in Wilmore Kentucky as well as the movement of God later in Tennessee. Books One Divine Moment by Robert E. Coleman Spontaneous Revivals: Asbury College 1905-2006 Firsthand Accounts of Lives Transformed by Robert...


Develop a Sexual Integrity Plan - Episode 13

Dr. John Thorington of Restoring Hearts Counseling shares his expertise in counseling teens, couples, and church leaders who struggle with sexual addiction and other compulsive behaviors. Dr. Thorington is a licensed professional counselor. He is also certified as a Sexual Recovery Therapist by the American Association of Sex Addiction Therapy. He holds four degrees—a BA in Religion and Psychology, a Master of Divinity, a Doctor of Ministry degree, and an MA in Community Counseling. John...


Integrity in Leadership - Episode 12

Welcome to Coaching Christian Leaders. My name is Mark Jones and I coach Christian Leaders. Today we will be looking at the first of many biblical teachings on leadership. When I meet with leaders, a common statement that I hear from them is this, “I just want to finish well.” I can appreciate that. I too want to finish well. But what I believe these leaders are really saying is that they want to maintain their integrity throughout their time of service. So today the biblical leadership...


The Possibilities and Pitfalls of Coaching Executives

Dan Brown is an experienced executive who has worked in financial services, banking, asset management, and software solutions. He has served with Fortune 100 companies as well as non-profit organizations. Dan has been awarded the Chief Information Officer of the year award and was the Atlanta Telecom Professional of the year in 2012. These days, Dan brings all of this experience forward, serving as an executive coach. He coaches senior executives as well as mid-career executives. You can...


Self-Publish And Extend Your Reach - Episode 10

Today we will sit down with Brandon Boone. Brandon is the pastor of Red Hills Southern Baptist Church in Enoch Utah. He’s the author of the blog as well as the author of the book, The King's Sermon: The Sermon on the Mount and Life in the Kingdom of Heaven. The reason I wanted to interview Brandon is his experience with publishing The King's Sermon. Brandon took the self-publishing route. I am convinced that many of you are sitting on a former sermon series, a...


Women Rescued from Porn - Episode 9

Crystal Renaud is a certified Life & Leadership Coach and speaker. She is also the author of two books, Dirty Girls Come Clean and 90 Days to Wholeness. In 2009, Crystal founded the Dirty Girls Ministry, which is to help women with pornography addiction. Crystal holds certifications in Professional Life Coaching, Treating Sexual Addictions, Extraordinary Women, and Caring for People God’s Way through the American Association of Christian Counselors. She shared 1:00Dirty Girls...