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Teach Kids to Fall in Love with Jesus - Episode 18

Why is it essential that kids fall in love with Jesus? What must be done to ensure children and youth retain their faith as they grow up? How do you teach and disciple young people? These are some of the questions Ben Palacz and Tony Trussoni answer today on Coaching Christian Leaders. Ben Palacz is the Family and Children’s Discipleship Pastor at Curtis Baptist Church in Augusta, Georgia. Tony Trussoni is the Student and Family Pastor at Faith Family Church in Finksburg, Maryland. These...


Using Creativity to Share Christ

God, in His wisdom, has chosen to use people to share His Son, Jesus. That outreach starts in the local community and involves teamwork and creativity. Today we meet a man who is doing all of the above - Dale Kline. Dale is the Creative Pastor and a Campus Pastor for Lifesong Church. Dale will help us understand the leadership role of campus pastor and also understand the place creativity plays in ministry. Dale Shared MindShare Contact Information Dale's email:...


Hope for Combat Veterans and Their Families - Episode 16

When a combat veteran returns home, the war doesn't end. An enemy, unseen to us, continues to attack. But this battlefield is spiritual, not physical. And the wounds suffered are divorce, addiction, homelessness, and even suicide. Reboot Combat Recovery is making a difference. This 12-week faith-based course helps combat veterans rebuild their lives and experience a breakthrough in their personal battle with combat trauma. In this episode, we sit down with Bryan Flanery, the Engagement...


Moving a Community Toward Christ - Episode 15

God uses people to accomplish His purposes. And God is using Adam Feldman in Ellicott City, Maryland. Adam is a community leader, a lead pastor, an author, and a coach. He is the lead pastor of Metanoia Church. He is the author of two books, Journaling: Catalyzing Spiritual Growth Through Reflection and Addressing the Spiritual Formation Needs of a New Church. He is a coach who works with church planters. And he is a recognized community leader as the chair for The One EC Recovery...


God is Here!

Pastor Jim Hosey shares his experience with revival. On February 3, 1970, God showed up on the campus of Asbury College. Revival broke out, it lasted over 180 hours and then spread throughout the United States and beyond. Jim shares his personal experience at this revival in Wilmore Kentucky as well as the movement of God later in Tennessee. Books One Divine Moment by Robert E. Coleman Spontaneous Revivals: Asbury College 1905-2006 Firsthand Accounts of Lives Transformed by Robert...


Freedom from Pornography and Sexual Sin - Episode 13

Dr. John Thorington of Restoring Hearts Counseling shares his expertise in counseling teens, couples, and church leaders who struggle with sexual addiction and other compulsive behaviors. Dr. Thorington is a licensed professional counselor. He is also certified as a Sexual Recovery Therapist by the American Association of Sex Addiction Therapy. He holds four degrees—a BA in Religion and Psychology, a Master of Divinity, a Doctor of Ministry degree, and an MA in Community Counseling. John...


Integrity in Leadership - Episode 12

Welcome to Coaching Christian Leaders. My name is Mark Jones and I coach Christian Leaders. Today we will be looking at the first of many biblical teachings on leadership. When I meet with leaders, a common statement that I hear from them is this, “I just want to finish well.” I can appreciate that. I too want to finish well. But what I believe these leaders are really saying is that they want to maintain their integrity throughout their time of service. So today the biblical leadership...


The Possibilities and Pitfalls of Coaching Executives

Dan Brown is an experienced executive who has worked in financial services, banking, asset management, and software solutions. He has served with Fortune 100 companies as well as non-profit organizations. Dan has been awarded the Chief Information Officer of the year award and was the Atlanta Telecom Professional of the year in 2012. These days, Dan brings all of this experience forward, serving as an executive coach. He coaches senior executives as well as mid-career executives. You...


Self-Publish And Extend Your Reach

Today we will sit down with Brandon Boone. Brandon is the pastor of Red Hills Southern Baptist Church in Enoch Utah. He’s the author of the blog as well as the author of the book, The Kings Sermon: The Sermon on the Mount and Life in the Kingdom of Heaven. The reason I wanted to interview Brandon is his experience with publishing The Kings Sermon. Brandon took the self-publishing route. I am convinced that many of you are sitting on a former sermon series, a...


Women Rescued from Porn - Episode 9

Crystal Renaud is a certified Life & Leadership Coach and speaker. She is also the author of two books, Dirty Girls Come Clean and 90 Days to Wholeness. In 2009, Crystal founded the Dirty Girls Ministry, which is to help women with pornography addiction. Crystal holds certifications in Professional Life Coaching, Treating Sexual Addictions, Extraordinary Women, and Caring for People God’s Way through the American Association of Christian Counselors. She shared 1:00Dirty Girls...


When You Stop Learning You Stop Leading - Episode 8

William Attaway is the lead pastor of Southview Community Church in Herndon Virginian, a professor of Biblical Studies at Washington University of Virginia, as well as a teacher of Old and New Testament Survey at Itawamba Community College. He holds a PhD in Old Testament Studies with an emphasis in archaeology. He is also a John Maxwell certified speaker, coach, and teacher. William has authored two books: Lead: Leadership Lessons from the Not So Minor Prophets and 97 Leadership Nuggets...


An Interview with Brigadier General David B. Warner - Episode 7

If you want to change an organization you must first change its leadership. That's the ministry of Officers' Christian Fellowship (OCF). OCF’s Vision is the military community positively impacted through Christ-like leaders. OCF's Mission is to engage military leaders in Biblical fellowship and growth to equip them for Christ-like service at the intersection of faith, family, and profession. Today we sit down with Brigadier General David B. Warner, the Executive Director of OCF. General...


An Interview with Ryan Churchill - Episode 6

Today we sit down with Ryan Churchill, the author of The Covenants, Christ, and You. Ryan was a great guest. He shared the origin of the book and the power of the Covenants in understanding our identity and that of Jesus Christ. The Covenants, Christ, and You cover the seven biblical covenants. The reader begins the journey in Eden and travels all the way to the New Covenant. Ryan Shared: :302:316:197:5010:3011:2214:2215:52 Contact Information: Ryan's email...


An Interview with Dr. Curtis McDaniel Jr.

Today we speak with Dr. Henry Curtis McDaniel Jr. Dr. McDaniel is the founder and president of the Center for Reaching a Post-Christian Culture. Dr. McDaniel graduated cum laude from Columbia International University and he obtained a Master of Divinity from Covenant Theological Seminary. He earned two doctorates - a D.Min from Fuller Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. from Duquesne University. Dr. McDaniel is the author of two books - When I Need God the Most and God Is All My Hope and...


An Interview with Jake Delich

Recently I interview Jake Delich. Jake and his wife Elizabeth have planted a church in Sweden and are now helping with a church plant in Puerto Rico. I should point out that this interview was recorded prior to the hurricane Maria. Jake and his family did come out of Maria in good shape but the situation in Puerto Rico is serious. Jake Shared: 2:165:266:299:0010:5213:4516:1218:0020:5022:1123:3026:2031:3633:38 Contact Information email Please support Jake and...


An Interview with Dr. Sam Serio - Episode 3

Every week God gives us opportunities to help those affected by porn, abortion, rape, casual sex, a sexless marriage, same-sex attraction, or childhood sexual abuse. But often we fall short. Sadly, our response causes more harm. Today on the Coaching Christian Leaders podcast we will meet Dr. Sam Serio. Dr. Serio is the author of the book, Sensitive Preaching to the Sexually Hurting. He will share with us his insights on how to help those who have been sexually wounded. Dr. Serio...


What is Possible? - Episode 2

For the past 18 months, this podcast was called The Real Pastors podcast. Real Pastors released monthly interviews with pastors and missionaries about their calling and their work. Now that the podcast has been rebranded to Coaching Christian Leaders we will continue to interview those in ministry, especially pastors and missionaries. But we will add coaches and others in leadership. In addition, I will feature coaching specific episodes. So what you will hear in this episode is a...


Coaching Christian Leaders is Here - Episode 00

For the past 18 months, you have known this podcast as The Real Pastors Podcast. But now it is time to make a change. So I am rebranding the podcast. The podcast will now be called Coaching Christian Leaders. Why are you doing this you ask? There are a few reasons. So what will be the new format? I will continue to interview guests who have a story or an expertise that will benefit you the listener. I will also be releasing coaching specific episodes to help leaders move forward....


Create a Men's Ministry to Widows, Widowers, and Single Parents - Episode 17

Over 14 years ago, Pastor Herb Reese noticed a void in the church. There was no lasting ministry to the widows, widowers, and single parents. So he created one - New Commandment Men's Ministries. New Commandment Men's Ministries helps churches recruit, train, and deploy teams of men to help widows, widowers, and single parents. Herb and the ministry have been described in the monthly publications of Rev Magazine, Leadership Network, Promise Keepers, and Man in the Mirror. It has been...


Planting Churches in Argentina - Episode 16

God is working in Argentina. In a valley, not far from Cordoba, God is spreading the good news of His Son, Jesus. To accomplish this, He is using Tito and Adriana Ramirez. Tito and Adriana have an ambitious plan to plant 15 churches in the Punilla Valley of Argentina. The Punilla Valley is located west-northwest of Cordoba Argentina. Tito and Adriana Shared Contact Info Please email Tito and Adriana at Please support Tito and Adriana through pray and giving....