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SAL#86 We Are Different & That’s OK

We Are Different Biblical Christians are now a minority and that's OK but it does mean that we need to prepare our kids a little differently. In this episode I interact with an article (Read It Here) called "Christians Are A Minority And Kids Need To Know It." Enjoy the show! ______________________________________________________________________________________ So what did you think? Give us your feedback, email us at Like us on Social Media: FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM Rate &...


SAL#85 Undistracted Devotion To The Lord

Encouragement To Singles Singles in the body of Christ are in a unique season of life where they can be undistracted to do the work of The Lord. I pray this episode encourages you to use your time wisely and for the benefit of The Body. ______________________________________________________________________________________ So what did you think? Give us your feedback, email us at Like us on Social Media: FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM Rate & Review on iTunes Support Our Work:...


SAL#84 Why Pastors Are Committing Suicide

A Burden Meant To Be Shared Could the way that most churches are run, today, be contributing to pastors committing suicide? Check out these thoughts from Dustin Segers and see what you think. ~ Follow Dustin on FB and hear more from him on his podcast, Bible In The Raw ~ Check out another episode on the topic ______________________________________________________________________________________ So what did you think? Give us your...


SAL#83 Some Apologetics & Parenting Tips From The 1880’s

So what did you think? Give us your feedback, email us at Like us on Social Media: FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM Rate & Review on iTunes Support Our Work: PATREON Find Out More About Aletheia Church Visit BTWN Network The Idol Babbler! Check out his blog posts and insights Song Credit: Intro: Collective Soul "Shine" Outro: Seeds Family Worship “Delight Yourself"


KIDScast#12 Teach Us To Pray

Teach Us To Pray Prayer is a huge part of the christian life so we go throughout all the scriptures to learn how to pray. You'll get a bunch of tips, examples and hopefully some encouragement about how and why of prayer. _________________________________________________________________________ So what did you think? Give us your feedback, email us at Join Our KIDScast Family! Check out the original Shine As Lights Podcast Like us on Social Media: FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM...


KIDScast#11 Use What You Have

Gifts And Talents We're joined by comedian Ben Price who not only provides some laughs but he also issues a heartfelt encouragement for kids to pursue Christ and use whatever gifts they have, for His glory. Ben Price: Check Him Out! Ben's impersonations have given him recognition all over the world. He was a Grand Finalist on Austrilia's Got Talent and has even been featured in movies such as Ray Comfort's "Audacity". Be sure to check out more of his material. Website Facebook YouTube...


SAL#82 The Influence Of Music

The Influence Of Music Aristotle once said "Music has the power of producing a certain effect on the moral character of the soul, and if it has the power to do this, it is clear that the young must be directed to music and must be educated in it" It's no secret that we listen to, has an influence on our life. Houston We Have A Problem Right now there is a whole generation that is being influenced in the wrong way, because the music they listen to. This is not only a problem in the world...


SAL#81 The Aroma Of Your Home

The Aroma Of Your Home Voddie Baucham says, " Our homes must be rife with the aroma of love. Those who visit us should notice immediately that they have left the world of self-serving, egocentric, narcissism and have entered a safe harbor where people value and esteem others above themselves. Outsiders should enter our homes and never want to leave. Our Neighbors should find excuses to just visit and get another wiff of the fragrant aroma of love. The broken hearted should long to be near...


SAL#80 In All Things, Give Thanks

Always Thankful The command is given to us in 1st Thessalonians to give thanks in everything. This can be a tall task but today, I want you to encourage you to look around and realize how much you have to be thankful for. In addition to that, lets talk about even the challenges. How can we give thanks in difficult times or when something happens that we don't necessarily like. _________________________________________________________________________ So what did you think? Give us your...


SAL#79 The Heavens Declare | SAL KIDScast

The Heavens Declare The Glory Of God Look around you at the colors, the beauty, and the design. They all scream of a marvelously awesome creator. The heavens declare the glory of God and the sky, the work of His Hands. Lets talk about how creation gives a wonderful testimony that leaves all men without excuse when it comes to their knowledge of God. _________________________________________________________________________ So what did you think? Give us your feedback, email us at...


SAL#78 Some Really Good News | SAL KIDScast

The Good News Do you know what you do when you have good news?? You tell someone about it!!! Actually, you want to tell EVERYONE, especially if it's not just good news for you but will benefit others too. I've got some really good news for you. Here it is... Because of His great love and while we were still sinners, God became a man to deal with our sin problem. Two thousand years ago, Jesus was sent as The Savior of the world. He lived the perfect life which we could never live and took...


KIDScast#1 Get Excited To Learn & Do

WELCOME TO THE KIDScast! Were so excited that you and your family decided to join us for the 1st, ever, episode of the Shine As Lights KIDScast! Are you ready to learn and do!? In Colossians 1, Paul says "We are asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, so that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to Him, bearing fruit in every good work and growing in the knowledge of God". We hope this show will equip you to learn...


SAL#77 Taste And See | A Journey Through The Psalms

Taste And See That The Lord Is Good I love the Psalms because they contain such rich theology and literally deal with so much of life. The emotion displayed is always grounded in truth and you get such a clear picture of God in all His glory and strength! I want you to taste and see that The Lord is good, so come along as we read through a bunch of our groups favorite Psalms and talk about the reasons why they love them so much!...


SAL#76 It’s Time We Unleash The Body Of Christ | The Priesthood All Of Believers

Unleash The Body Of Christ According to Scripture, every member of the body is a priest who is to minister to each other and the world around them. It's the job of able teachers to equip and then unleash them to do the work of the ministry. Is this what we see happening or have we delegated "the ministry" to a select few parts of the church? Lets have a conversation about the priesthood of all believers _________________________________________________________________________ So what did...


SAL#75 Your Pastor Is Likely Tired, Lonely And Neglected

Caring For Your Pastor Statistics show that your pastor is probably tired, lonely and neglected. Does the way we've structured our churches lend to this and what can the Body of Christ do to bear the burden of these men? Lets talk about how we got here and what we can do to improve. _________________________________________________________________________ So what did you think? Give us your feedback, email us at Like us on Social Media: FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM Rate & Review...


SAL#74 The Shine As Lights KIDScast

Shine As Lights KIDScast We are excited about our new project called the Shine As Lights KIDScast!! It's going to be a way to come along side of parents to equip kids to walk as children of the light! We will be doing daily devotional videos on our YOUTUBE Page and a weekly 10-15min long podcast! _________________________________________________________________________ So what did you think? Give us your feedback, email us at Like us on Social Media: FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM...


SAL#73 The Early Church On War & Killing

War & Killing There is much debate about the role of Christians in war and whether or not they are ever justified to take a life. The early church was not silent on the issue so in this episode we're gonna take a look at what they had to say on the matter. Read the article, discussed: HERE Previous Episode On Christian Non-Violence For more on this topic, please check out Episode 64: Sheep Among Wolves: A Conversation About Christian Non-Violence...


SAL#72 The Blessed Life, According To Jesus | A Believer’s Rest

The Blessed Life Jesus sat down on a mountain and taught about those in His Kingdom who are blessed. Their qualities and attitudes stand in stark contrast from what the world would consider a blessed life. Read JC's Article: Here Resting In Belief The Book of Hebrews talks about rest for the believer. Does it come from inactivity or a Person? Read JC's Article: Here The Idol Babbler Both topics today are from JC Rooney's writings, I am proud to be partnered with. His blogs will be featured...


SAL#71 Decently And In Order, Yes. But In What Order? | A Letter To The Colossians

In What Order You're probably very familiar with the term liturgy or an "order of worship" but is such a thing in the Bible? Lets explore it a little, together, and talk about what "elements" Scripture says should be present when we gather. Colossians We wrap up the episode with another installment of our "Large Chunks Of Scripture" through Paul's letter to the Colossians. We hope this episode encourages you to walk as children of The Light...


SAL#70 Seven Ways We Can Minister To Each Other

Seven Ways To Minister These seven ways come from the book "Life Together". I found them to be really encouraging and they challenged me to sharpen up my dealings with others in the Christian Community. I hope they do the same for you! Also, a special shout out to our PATREON supporters! _________________________________________________________________________ So what did you think? Give us your feedback, email us at Like us on Social Media: FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM Rate &...