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SAL#75 Your Pastor Is Likely Tired, Lonely And Neglected

Caring For Your Pastor Statistics show that your pastor is probably tired, lonely and neglected. Does the way we've structured our churches lend to this and what can the Body of Christ do to bear the burden of these men? Lets talk about how we got here and what we can do to improve. _________________________________________________________________________ So what did you think? Give us your feedback, email us at Like us on Social Media: FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM Rate & Review...


SAL#74 The Shine As Lights KIDScast

Shine As Lights KIDScast We are excited about our new project called the Shine As Lights KIDScast!! It's going to be a way to come along side of parents to equip kids to walk as children of the light! We will be doing daily devotional videos on our YOUTUBE Page and a weekly 10-15min long podcast! _________________________________________________________________________ So what did you think? Give us your feedback, email us at Like us on Social Media: FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM...


SAL#73 The Early Church On War & Killing

War & Killing There is much debate about the role of Christians in war and whether or not they are ever justified to take a life. The early church was not silent on the issue so in this episode we're gonna take a look at what they had to say on the matter. Read the article, discussed: HERE Previous Episode On Christian Non-Violence For more on this topic, please check out Episode 64: Sheep Among Wolves: A Conversation About Christian Non-Violence...


SAL#72 The Blessed Life, According To Jesus | A Believer’s Rest

The Blessed Life Jesus sat down on a mountain and taught about those in His Kingdom who are blessed. Their qualities and attitudes stand in stark contrast from what the world would consider a blessed life. Resting In Belief The Book of Hebrews talks about rest for the believer. Does it come from inactivity or a Person? The Idol Babbler Both topics today are from JC Rooney's writings, I am proud to be partnered with. His blogs will be featured on our Podcast feed through the BTWN Website....


SAL#71 Decently And In Order, Yes. But In What Order? | A Letter To The Colossians

In What Order You're probably very familiar with the term liturgy or an "order of worship" but is such a thing in the Bible? Lets explore it a little, together, and talk about what "elements" Scripture says should be present when we gather. Colossians We wrap up the episode with another installment of our "Large Chunks Of Scripture" through Paul's letter to the Colossians. We hope this episode encourages you to walk as children of The Light...


SAL#70 Seven Ways We Can Minister To Each Other

Seven Ways To Minister These seven ways come from the book "Life Together". I found them to be really encouraging and they challenged me to sharpen up my dealings with others in the Christian Community. I hope they do the same for you! Also, a special shout out to our PATREON supporters! _________________________________________________________________________ So what did you think? Give us your feedback, email us at Like us on Social Media: FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM Rate &...


SAL#69 Food, Faith & Fellowship

Food & Faith Lets take a journey through the Scriptures, together, and look at how often food and faith collide. You might be shocked at how often God, in His interactions with man, does so over a meal. Food & Fellowship While we're at it, lets, also, talk about how having meals together can enhance our fellowship. The pattern of the early church was rich with discipleship around the dinner table. We believe families, churches and, honestly, pretty much everybody would be a little better...


SAL#68 Your Marriage Can Be Amazing | God’s Design For Marriage

Decent Marriages Are A Miserable Picture Of Christ And His Church As a light to the world, the Christian marriage should be thriving and amazing! It's a beautiful picture of grace, truth and love! In this show, you’ll learn the purpose of marriage, the roles we each have and tips to keep you on the right path!! Pastor Doug's Amazing Resources God's Design For Marriage (Married Edition) God's Design For Marriage (Pre-Marital Edition) Cross To Crown Ministries Previous Episode With Doug:...


SAL#67 Marry Only In The Lord

Marry Only In The Lord This week I answered a question about being unequally yoked. That, then, lead into a discussion on proper relationships. We talk about who a Christian should marry and what to do if you find yourself covenanted to an unbeliever. Hopefully This Episode Encourages To Build And Maintain Strong, Godly Relationships _________________________________________________________________________ So what did you think? Give us your feedback, email us at Like...


SAL#66 In Chains For The Glory Christ | A Letter To The Philippians

In Chains For The Glory Of Christ In this next edition of our "Large Chunks Of Scripture" Series we look at the writings of Paul while he was shackled up in chains. His perspective on the gospel, Christ and just life in general have a lot to teach us which its why many are so familiar with this section of Scripture. Take-a-ways We talk through one take-a-way for each chapter and I've got the four listed below. Its all about the Gospel Having The Mind Of Christ Press On Towards The Goal...


SAL#65 Consider One Another

Why Do You Gather With The Church? In Hebrews Chapter 10, we are instructed to consider one another as we gather together. What does that mean and how does it actually play out? Consider, Promote, Encourage These are the 3 words that my wife and I zoom in on, in the passage from Hebrews. In the conversation we also look at Acts 4 and 1 John 3 to see how the early church lived this out and what the disciples taught about it as well. We hope this episode encourages you towards greater love...


SAL#64 Sheep Among Wolves | A Conversation On Christian Non-Violence

Christian Non-Violence Do the teachings and example of Jesus, the Apostles and the early church lead one towards a life of non-violence? In this episode I am joined by Pastors, Andrew and Brian from Cell53 church (and podcast) to discuss this question. Debates, Episodes And Other Resources Below are links to resources mentioned in the episode that we would like to encourage you to check out. CELL53 Pacifism vs. Self-Defense Debate CELL53 Episode On Violence Fight - A Case For Christian...


SAL#63 Exalted: Putting Jesus In His Place

Putting Jesus In His Place I'm joined this week by Pastor Doug Goodin to talk about his book, Exalted. He has an immense passion to help Christians live lives that are obsessed with Jesus. Created By Him And For Him Everything is literally about Jesus. His book and our discussion will touch on how to have Jesus Exalted in your mind and in your actions What would change in your life if everything you did was filtered through the lenses of exalting, loving, and serving Jesus? Pastor Doug...


SAL#62 Is Santa Sinful? | Bringing In The New Year

Is Santa Sinful Should we celebrate Christmas without Santa? Some Christians say "yes", some say "no", and we say, "Let's get the cards out on the table, with open Bibles, and talk about it"! Article referenced: Why My Family Doesn't Do Santa Updates Leading Into The New Year As talked about, Shine As Lights will be releasing one more episode next week and then taking a break until 2018! Please consider supporting us with either your finances, feedback or show ideas. We will be taking this...


SAL#61 Everyone Is Loco For Coco

Loco For Coco Disney has a new film out called Coco. Are its themes consistent with a Biblical worldview? Does it have content that we are able to enjoy and watch with our children? Does media influence worldview and are all traditions, good traditions? Join us as we discuss the film, these questions and other related topics. ______________________________________________________________________________________ So what did you think? Give us your feedback, email us at


SAL#60 A Little Of Everything | Evangelism, Creation In 3-D, God’s Sovereignty & Self-Defense/Pacifism

There's a little bit of everything in this episode. We got some evangelism, some Genesis/creation stuff, some chatting about God's sovereignty and wrap up with a small snippet on the self-defense/pacifism debate. Hope you enjoy the show! ________________________________________________________________ So what did you think? Give us your feedback, email us at Like us on Social Media: FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM Rate & Review on iTunes Support Our Work: PATREON Find Out More...


SAL#59 Lions and Fires and Swords, Oh My!

They Faced Down Lions, Fires And Swords God's people are a bold bunch and it's always been that way. Whether you go back to ancient Babylon or into modern day China, they've always been willing to literally be thrown into fires rather than deny the true and living God. Cloud Of Witnesses Because, as Christians, we have this rich heritage to look back on, we should be encouraged and emboldened to cast off our own sin and passionately live for Christ, as well. They serve as shining examples...


SAL#58 Jonathan Cahn’s Paradigm: Prophetic Pattern Or Poppycock?

An Ancient Paradigm Proposed in Jonathan Cahn's new book called "The Paradigm" , is an ancient pattern that is playing out again in our modern days. This week I am joined by Andrew Rappaport of Striving For Eternity Ministries to analyze an interview between Cahn and Dr. Michael Brown about the contents of his book. Think Biblically Our desire in this episode is the help you learn to check what people say about The Word of God, with The Word of God (which I believe is similar to Pirate...


SAL#57 A Lamp For Our Feet And Light For Our Path

The Lamp For Our Feet Scripture claims to be a lamp producing light which shows us the way to go. It claims to be of Divine origin, literally "God breathed", and that it's profitable for every good work. If this is the case, then we would do well to really dig in and get to know its contents. How Jesus Viewed Scripture Much of this episode is looking at how Jesus and the Disciples viewed Scripture. We look at how it shaped their lives and their apologetic. This, then, leads us into the...


SAL#56 Listen Up Young’n | Part 2 | 2nd Timothy

Young Men And Women, Listen Up First and second Timothy are written in such a way that it's basically Paul saying "Hey young man, listen up"! Through two letters, he teaches and guides this young aspiring leader to not only have great doctrine but also great practice. We would do well to learn from the wisdom and knowledge that's dropped within these pages so in this episode we read it and then chat about a few things. Part 2 In this episode we go through 2nd Timothy. Here are the few...


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