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Interviews with student ministers about student ministry, hosted by Steve Cullum

Interviews with student ministers about student ministry, hosted by Steve Cullum
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Interviews with student ministers about student ministry, hosted by Steve Cullum






044: Leadership Pathway with Sean Badeer (The Student Ministry Podcast)

In episode 44 of The Student Ministry Podcast, Steve interviews one of his co-workers and fellow pastors, Sean Badeer. Not only does Sean lead the Connections Ministry at Steve's church, but he also serves with an organization called Leadership Pathway. Their goal is to connects young leaders with churches for a residency program that helps them grow in various ways in preparation for a life in full-time vocational ministry. So if you are are a church looking to invest in the next generation...


043: Co-Leading with Jeremy Nelson and Mike Eilers (The Student Ministry Podcast)

In episode 43 of The Student Ministry Podcast, Steve interviews Jeremy Nelson and Mike Eilers on how they go about co-leading their student ministry in Indianola, Iowa. Jeremy has been in paid ministry for a while, and Mike came into it recently after volunteering for quite some time. If you currently lead a ministry alongside a partner or a team, you'll want to take notes from these guys. Email Jeremy at Email Mike at Call Jeremy and Mike at...


042: Programming Adjustments with Steve Cullum (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 42 of The Student Ministry Podcast is all about Steve's upcoming adjustments in his student ministry programming. Back in episode 20, Steve talked about his own story and a bit about what his current ministry looked like. Almost two years later, it's time to make several adjustments, and today, we're going to talk about them: what they are and why they are being made. Huge thanks to the Download Youth Ministry community on Facebook, as well, for all the help they provided in...


041: Orange Conference 2019 Recap with Tom Bump (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 41 of The Student Ministry Podcast is all about the Orange Conference 2019. Not only is the format a bit different, but it is also quite a bit longer (sorry about that). For this episode Steve sat down with Tom Bump, one of the other Orange Bloggers to unpack and process all they learned at OC19. Tom also appeared on episode 28 of the podcast for the OC18 recap. He is the host of the Kids Ministry Collective Podcast, he does ministry coaching, and he leads in family ministry at his...


040: Creating Encounters with Jason Scott (The Student Ministry Podcast)

On episode 40 of The Student Ministry Podcast, Steve speaks with Jason Scott. Not only is Jason the Minster to Students at his church in Roswell, GA, but he also leads The Worship Collective, a place online to find musicians, speakers, and production people for your next event. In this episode, Jason talks about how he got into ministry, how he creates encounters for his students, and how to get involved in The Worship Collective. With over 26 years of student ministry experience, Jason has...


039: Ministry Expectations with Austin Williams (The Student Ministry Podcast)

On episode 39 of The Student Ministry Podcast, Steve talks to Austin Williams about expectations in student ministry, for the student pastor, the leaders, and the students. Austin is currently the high school pastor at his church in Villa Rica, Georgia. Not only is he a part of a thriving student ministry, he also has a podcast of his own. In this episode, Austin and Steve discuss the importance of attitude and equipping within the context of student ministry. We hope you enjoy it. Follow...


038: Youth Pastor Compensation with Dan Navarra (The Student Ministry Podcast)

On episode 38 of The Student Ministry Podcast, Steve interviews Dan Navarra. Not only does Dan lead the High School Ministry at Monte Vista Chapel in Turlock, CA, but he is also the co-founder of the Youth Pastor Compensation Survey. In fact, he has recently started a new website called The YP Comp Pros, which is an amazing resource for youth pastors regarding compensation, taxes, housing allowance, and other pieces of the financial side of ministry. If you have any questions surrounding...


037: Kids Ministry Real Talk with Zach Yaciw (The Student Ministry Podcast)

On episode 37 of The Student Ministry Podcast, Steve interviews the host of the Kids Ministry Real Talk podcast, Zach Yaciw. Zach is also on the kids and family ministry staff at Village Church in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Listen in as they talk about partnership between kids and student ministry, multi-campus kids ministry, and more. Check out Kids Ministry Real Talk at Follow Zach's podcast on Instagram: @kidsministrypod Follow Steve on Twitter:...


036: Longevity in Ministry with Tim Uhls (The Student Ministry Podcast)

On episode 36 of The Student Ministry Podcast, Steve interviews his own youth minister, Tim Uhls, who is now serving as the children's minister at First Christian Church in West Frankfort, IL. Tim has served in ministry at the same church for 30 years. For many years, Tim provided oversight to both children’s and youth ministry, but in the last couple years, he has shifted his attention more to children but still has several areas of youth ministry he oversees, too. Tim has a wealth of...


035: National Youth Workers Convention 2018 (The Student Ministry Podcast)

On episode 35 of The Student Ministry Podcast, Steve changes it up a bit and interviews 11 different youth workers. While in attendance at the National Youth Workers Convention in St. Louis this year, Steve did some blogging and posted a ton on Twitter, but he also had the chance to speak with a lot of other youth workers. We want to thank these 11 for lending us a few minutes to talk about some highlights. If you want to learn more about what happened at NYWC 2018, head over to Steve's...


034: Overcoming Burnout with James Sabin (The Student Ministry Podcast)

On episode 34 of The Student Ministry Podcast, Steve interviews James Sabin, the youth and family pastor at Kingdom Church in Westover, WV. Over the past few years, though, James has been struggling through burnout and all that has come from that. Now, on the other side of it, he shares his story to hopefully help others who are in similar situations or prevent others from going through similar situations. Follow James on Instagram: @jamessabin13 Check out Carey Niewhof's blog about...


033: Transitioning in Student Ministry with Auggie Mueller (The Student Ministry Podcast)

On episode 33 of The Student Ministry Podcast, Steve interviews Auggie Mueller, the Associate and Youth Pastor at Central Church of Christ in Griswold, Iowa. Auggie has had hit some rough spots along his journey, but God has continued to lead the way, especially as he transitioned into his current role. Join us for a conversation about all that and more! Check out Auggie's YouTube vlog at Follow Auggie on Twitter: @auggment Follow Auggie on Instagram:...


032: G Shades with Mike Haynes (The Student Ministry Podcast)

On episode 32 of The Student Ministry Podcast, Steve interviews Mike Haynes. Not only is Mike one of the student ministry directors at Christian Fellowship Church in Ashburn, Virginia, but he is also the founder of G Shades, a new student curriculum focused on helping students see the Bible and the world around them through the filter of the Gospel. Check out G Shades for yourself and download a free sample: Follow Mike on Twitter: @mikeehaynes Follow Mike on Instagram:...


031: The Power of Partnership with Yvette Cullum (The Student Ministry Podcast)

On episode 31 of The Student Ministry Podcast, Steve interviews his wife, Yvette Cullum. Not only will you get to hear what God has done in her life, but she gives some great insight on what their partnership looks like within student ministry and why you should stay consistant as a small group leader. Follow Yvette on Twitter @yvettecullum You can read Steve's blog at Follow Steve on Twitter: @stevecullum Follow The Student Ministry Podcast on Twitter:...


030: Choosing Family with Justin Herman (The Student Ministry Podcast)

On episode 30 of The Student Ministry Podcast, Steve interviews Justin Herman, who recently made a transition from leading junior high ministry at Mariners Church to leading all student ministry at Sandals Church. Steve and Justin dive into all the reasons why he made the switch. They'll also chat about the structure of Justin's ministry at Mariners and the upcoming re-release of the Controlled Chaos book about junior high ministry. Justin also shares several things he has learned over the...


029: Moving from Student Pastor to Lead Pastor with Andrew Larsen (The Student Ministry Podcast)

On this episode of The Student Ministry Podcast, Steve interviews Andrew Larsen, who recently made the transition out of student ministry into a lead minister role at Safety Harbor Community Church in Safety Harbor, FL. Not only will they get into Andrew's story, but they'll talk about what that transition has been like, and if others should follow suit. Be sure to also follow Andrew on social media and check out his podcast using the links below. Follow Andrew on Twitter...


028: The Orange Conference 2018 Recap (The Student Ministry Podcast)

On this episode of The Student Ministry Podcast, Nick Blevins, Tom Bump, David Maddron, and Tom Pounder join Steve Cullum to talk about their experience at The Orange Conference 2018. For those who are regular listeners, you will notice a departure from the regular setup in this episode. These five guys were asked by Orange to blog for the conference, but they all decided to take it a step further this year and discuss their experience in a round-table discussion, which will be published on...


027: Knowing, Showing, & Growing with Tim Wadsworth (The Student Ministry Podcast)

In episode 27 of The Student Ministry Podcast, Steve interviews Tim Wadsworth, who is currently the Student Pastor at North Hills Church in Taylors/Greenville, South Carolina. After pursuing a career in music, God called him to serve as a student minister in his home town, where he has been leading for over eight years. Not only will Tim talk about his calling, but he also shares some great but simple ways of multiplying our effort to truly know, show, and grow with our team and...


026: Leading through Change with Ben Patterson (The Student Ministry Podcast)

In episode 26 of The Student Ministry Podcast, Steve interviews Ben Patterson. Ben is currently the lead student pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Parker, Colorado. He's been at his current church for a couple years and has already had to lead through a few changes. He also has his own youth group at home with seven kids! Not only will you benefit from hearing how he has led students, but you'll hear Ben's heart and how he has grown as a leader, himself. Connect with Ben on Instagram:...


025: Youth Ministry Hacks with Justin Knowles (The Student Ministry Podcast)

In episode 25 of The Student Ministry Podcast, Steve interviews Justin Knowles, the Student Ministries Pastor at Christ's Church of the Valley in San Dimas, California. Over the year's, Justin has gotten some great experience in student ministry working with some amazing veterans, but now he's leading up his own ministry right where he grew up. In today's episode, Justin shares what God has done in his life and how he has learned a ton from it. In fact, he's even taken what he has learned...