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Sunshiny Thoughts - Episode 1 The Importance of Self Care

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Sunshiny Thoughts Episode 10 - Love is Emotional and Sexual Intimacy

This week on the Sunshiny Thoughts podcast we are going to be continuing our series called Love is. Join us as we are going to be discussing emotional and sexual intimacy in marriage. Think back to your wedding day, you stood together surrounded by family and friends. You said your vows and pledged to spend your lives together. But often after the marriage vows are said intimacy begins to dwindle. Life gets busy and while in the beginning we are intentional about staying connected...


Sunshiny Thoughts Episode 7: Finding Your God Given Calling

This week on the Sunshiny Thoughts podcast my guest co host is Angela Herrington. Angela is the founder of Broken Beautiful BOLD Women’s Ministry,, and Christian Women Who Lead. In this episode we talk about setting goals, the importance of self care, and why a life coach or mentor is an important part to finding what God has for you to do. Our verse for this show is Proverbs 16:3 which reminds us to let the Lord direct our steps to follow his calling for our lives...


Sunshiny Thoughts Podcast - Episode 4 Choosing Praise In Times of Difficulty

Thanks for tuning into the Sunshiny Thoughts podcast. This week our topic is Choosing Praise in Times of Difficulty. Life doesn’t always go the way that we had planned. The picture perfect life that we had envisioned instead becomes a life of hiccups, sickness, loss of job, and other things that we go through in life. My guest co host today is the founder of Paradise Katie Hornor. Katie recently wrote a new book called In Spite of Myself. You can find all over social media...