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20: 3 Reasons Boundaries are Critical for Leadership {Relationships Series}

You know that you should have boundaries, but why are they so critical, and how do you go about setting them? And what do boundaries have to do with healthy relationships and effective leadership? In this episode of the Healthy Relationships series, I share why boundaries are critical to effective leadership. I also discuss what boundaries look like in real life, and how to practically set boundaries. If you’ve struggled with setting boundaries in the past OR if you feel like defining...


19: The Value of Mentoring with Elisa Pulliam {Relationships Series}

Mentoring has to be formal and structured right? Shouldn’t mentoring include lots of time and coffee dates? Not at all. You may be surprised what our guest today says about what mentoring can look like and the ridiculously easy ways you can fit mentoring into your right-now life. In this episode of the Healthy Relationships series, I chat with Elisa Pulliam, founder of More to Be, all about the value of mentoring. She shares her insights about mentoring: how to find a mentor, how to be a...


18: Navigating Marriage and Leadership: A Conversation with Our Husbands {Relationships Series}

What does marriage have to do with leadership? How do we develop a nurture a healthy marriage as we develop into effective leaders? And how does our leadership impact our marriage? In the fourth episode in the Healthy Relationships series, Holly and I chat with our husbands, Zack and Scott, about how to develop and nurture a healthy marriage even when you’re wired very differently. Holly and her husband Zack, a methodology and process manager, have been married for 14 years and have one...


17: How the Enneagram Can Help You Nurture Healthy Relationships with Beth McCord {Relationships Series}

What impact does your personality have on your leadership? How can learning about your inner motivations impact your outward leadership? And what does knowing your Enneagram type have to do with creating and sustaining healthy relationships? In the third episode in the Healthy Relationships series, I chat with Beth McCord, founder of Your Enneagram Coach. Beth is a wife, mom of two college-aged children, and leader of her own business. She gives us a brief overview of the Enneagram, a...


16: Healthy Communication for Leaders with Carrie Sharpe {Relationships Series}

As a leader, you communicate constantly. But are you communicating in the most effective way? What are some best practices for communicating when there’s conflict? What are some practical strategies you can implement today to better your public speaking? Today’s guest, Carrie Sharpe, shares her best principles on communicating as a leader. We dive into the topics of effective communication, including the best way to talk through conflict and practices to become a better public...


15: Healthy Relationships 101 for Leaders {Relationships Series}

Healthy relationships are crucial to leadership, but which ones are the most foundational? And is there a framework to make sure these critical relationships start and stay healthy? Holly and I dive into a topic that’s critical to leadership and to our own well-being. As we kick off our Relationship Series, Holly and I discuss an overview of healthy relationships for leaders. We introduce our relationship framework and share what we feel are the most important relationships in a leader’s...


14: The Gift of Being Quiet with Rachael Gilbert

Does your quiet personality make you feel like you’re less likely to be a leader? Have you ever wanted a mentor or wanted to mentor others, but weren’t sure of how to do it? And how in the world do we create healthy boundaries when we’re doing all the things? In this episode, I chat with Rachael Gilbert, a homeschooling momma of three, business owner, coach, blogger, co-host of the Declare Conference and podcast host of Real Talk with Rachael. We dive into the topics of personality +...


13: Carey Nieuwhof on Handling the Unexpected in Life & Leadership {Purpose Series} Bonus Episode

In this special bonus episode, you’ll hear a conversation that I was able to be a part of with Carey Nieuwhof. I have been part of the book launch team for Carey’s new book, “Didn’t See it Coming”*. As part of the launch team, I had the opportunity to be on a podcast episode to discuss the book and ask Carey questions. In this conversation, you’ll hear us ask Carey questions about the topics in his book and more. We chat about cynicism, dealing with overwhelm in ministry, feeling alone in...


12: The Pitfalls of Purpose {Purpose Series}

Have you ever found yourself thinking that finding your purpose means you need to focus on yourself and what fulfills you? Or believing that you must earn an income with your purpose? Maybe you’ve seen people get completely burnt out by pursuing their purpose at all costs. In the 4th episode of our purpose series, Holly and I are chatting about the pitfalls of purpose. If you missed episode 10, be sure to go back and listen. In that episode, we talked about defining purpose, how to find...


11: Jenni Catron - From Dream Career to Purposeful Leadership {Purpose Series}

Have you ever thought you knew what your calling in life was, only to have God redirect you to another path? Your current role may define your present situation but it doesn’t define your purpose. How can being intentional about self-leadership impact your journey as you lead teams or organizations? In this episode, I chat with Jenni Catron, a leadership coach, author, speaker, and founder of The 4Sight Group. This is the 3rd episode in our purpose series, and I think you will love hearing...


10: Finding Your Purpose {Purpose Series}

How do you know what your purpose is in life? Have you ever struggled with the question of what you’re supposed to be doing with your life? Have you ever wondered why some people seem to know exactly what they are doing but you’re completely unclear about it? Many women we talk to wrestle with the question of purpose and calling on their lives. We often overthink this and get stuck looking for “the thing”. In our second episode in the Purpose Series, Holly & I discuss different perspectives...


9: Discovering Your Strengths with Jenni Schubring {Purpose Series}

Have you ever struggled with finding your purpose? Are you aware of your top 5 strengths and how they can help you be most effective in your leadership? Are you regularly investing in community and finding ways to be intentional in your relationships? In this interview with Jenni Schubring, you’re going to hear about her leadership journey, including her experiences with a Christian camp, a discipleship program at her church, and as a life coach. We chat about how to discover your...


8: The Key to Becoming a Better Leader

Can self awareness really make you a better leader? How does knowing more about yourself translate into working better with others? Don’t the people you lead just need to listen to you and do what you say? No! There is a better way, and we believe self-awareness is the key to being a better leader. In Episode 4 we briefly discussed self-awareness when we talked about leaders being born or made. Today we are going to dive deeper into the topic of self-awareness. Self-awareness allows you to...


7: Receiving Grace & Speaking Truth with Jill McCormick

Are you a driven, type-A leader who has trouble slowing down and receiving grace? Have you ever struggled to embrace your gifts and the way God designed you? Do you ever wonder if you are in the right role or position in your life? In this episode, I chat with Jill McCormick, a writer and speaker who has experience leading in a variety of settings, from a baseball club to children’s ministry. Jill shares about her leadership journey and some of the experiences that have shaped her...


6: The Importance of Leading with Confidence

What does “leading with confidence” mean, and why is it important? Confidence is foundational to success as a leader, but where does confidence come from as a Christian woman? And how do you develop confidence? In this episode, we’re going to dive into the importance of leading with confidence. You’ll find out a bit about how I landed on this phrase, why confidence is important for leadership, and my 3-part definition for the phrase “leading with confidence”. In addition, we’ll talk about a...


5: Designing a Life You Love with Lilah Higgins

Does age matter when it comes to leadership? Do you need to follow a certain path in life in order to be qualified to lead? It is possible to lead by designing a life you love? In this episode, I chat with Lilah Higgins. Despite being in her mid-twenties, Lilah runs a successful brand agency alongside of her husband. She leads in her industry, focusing on serving her clients, and she also leads in her community. Through this interview, you’ll see that age doesn’t have to be a factor when...


4: Are Leaders Born or Made?

Have you ever heard someone state, “she’s a natural leader” or “he was born for this role”? We’ve all met those people who seem to be perfect for the leadership role - it appears to come so easy for them. But other people end up becoming excellent leaders even though they never anticipated it. In this episode, we discuss the age old debate of whether leaders are born or made. Do some people have an advantage in the leadership department, or does everyone have the potential to be a...


3: Surviving Loss & Embracing Leadership with Abby Rike Rockenbaugh

What happens when you end up in leadership roles after devastating circumstances? How do you navigate the tension between building a business and being faithful to God’s calling? In this episode, I interview Abby Rike Rockenbaugh and discuss how she learned how to embrace unexpected leadership after loss. You’ll hear some powerful reminders about the importance of sharing your story. The Reluctant Leader Abby’s leadership journey started when she was young. She was referred to as “bossy”,...


2: What is Leadership and Why Does Your Leadership Matter?

What is leadership, and why does your leadership matter as a Christian woman? In this episode, Holly and I dive into defining the topic of leadership. We provide the 14 things we believe leadership is. In addition, we cover a bit about what makes women unique as leaders. Finally, we discuss why your leadership is important and valuable. What Leadership is NOT: What Leadership Is: The dictionary defines “lead” as: “to go before or with to show the way; conduct or escort; to conduct by...


1: Our Leadership Journeys & What to Expect from The Christian Woman Leadership Podcast

In our first episode of The Christian Woman Leadership Podcast, Holly and I share why we are starting the podcast, a bit about our own leadership journeys, and what to expect from this podcast. Why We Started the Podcast: There are lots of podcasts about leadership for Christians, but most are by men and/or are specific to pastors. There are also plenty of podcasts for Christian women, but I didn’t find many related to leadership. Also, I have found a number of podcasts for entrepreneurs,...