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64: The Power of Community Through Devastating Seasons with Brandi Wilson [Friendship Series]

As a woman in ministry leadership, life can sometimes feel lonely. But community is essential and can help carry you through unexpected and devastating seasons of loss. In today’s episode, Holly and I talk with former pastor’s wife and leader Brandi Wilson about her leadership journey. We talk about what it’s like to lose a major title in your life through devastating circumstances and how you can transition back into leadership after heartbreaking loss. We also learn about the power of...


63: Loneliness in Leadership & the Messiness of Friendship [Friendship Series]

Friendship is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. But how do you navigate the messiness of friendship? And how do you overcome the challenge of loneliness as a leader? We’ve talked before about building healthy relationships and we’ve discussed marriage, but we haven’t really tackled the issue of friendship on the podcast. Today we’re kicking off a new series diving into the topic of friendship in leadership. And along with friendship sometimes comes the issue of loneliness. Loneliness is...


62: How to Develop Discernment and Transform Your Faith with Tabitha Bigbee [Faith Series]

How can you develop discernment and use it in various areas of your life? And what habits can help you transform your faith? What are some practical ways you can get started developing a daily Bible habit? As Christian women leaders, we have so much on our plates: family, co-workers/volunteers, work, and daily life. But we want to make spiritual growth a priority. In this episode of our Faith Series, I talk with certified growth coach and Every Day Faith founder Tabitha Bigbee about...


61: How to Stand Firm in the Face of Christian Criticism [Faith Series]

Have you ever experienced criticism from fellow Christians? How do you stand firm when you’re under fire from people you thought were supposed to support you? In the next episode of our Faith Series, we’re diving into the idea of standing firm in the face of criticism. Specifically, criticism from fellow Christians. Criticism is inevitable as a leader, so we hope to provide you with practical steps you can take when you come under fire. What Criticism Looks Like Sometimes we as...


60: Glass Ceilings, Sticky Floors, and How to Be Effective as Women in Leadership with Kadi Cole [Faith Series]

How can the church develop female leaders? How can male pastors support women in ministry? What are the main challenges women leaders face in ministry? And how should you handle an insecure leader? In this episode of our Faith Series, Holly and I speak with female leader, consultant, entrepreneur, and author Kadi Cole about women in leadership. Regardless of where you stand theologically on the idea of women in leadership within the church, this is a must-listen episode for those curious...


59: The Importance of Apologetics in Leadership & Dealing with Doubt with Hillary Morgan Ferrer [Faith Series]

What is apologetics? Why is it important? And what in the world does apologetics have to do with leadership? In the second episode of our Faith Series, I talk with Hillary Morgan Ferrer about her journey into apologetics, why it’s important to know your faith, and how to answer questions with respect and kindness. We also dive into the issue of doubt and how your personality plays a role in your faith. Hillary also shares about the difference between experiencing God and knowing...


58: Three Reasons You Need a Solid Faith Foundation as a Leader [Faith Series]

Why is it important for you as a leader to know what you believe and why you believe it? What are some of the reasons that you need to have a solid faith foundation as a leader? Do you have answers when the questions come about your faith? Holly and I are kicking off a new series on faith foundations and how this impacts our leadership. Today, we’re diving into why it’s important for us as leaders to know what we believe and why we believe it. It’s not enough to have great leadership...


57: One Year Anniversary - Top 5 Episodes & Our Favorite Conversations

It’s hard to believe, but The Christian Woman Leadership Podcast celebrates its one year anniversary this month! Whether you’re new to the podcast or have listened since Episode 1, you’ll love this recap of the top five episodes plus our favorite episodes. Holly and I break down the five most-listened to episodes plus what episodes have meant the most to us. We’d love to know what episode you love too, so please share it in the comments! Thank you! Thank you! In the past year, we’ve...


56: Walking through Unexpected Pain and Growing a Virtual Business with Esther Inman

What do you do when you feel like your entire life is crumbling around you? How do you grow a business when life is hard? And how can you lead with confidence? Entrepreneur Esther Inman and I talk through what it looks like when God calls you to pivot when your career isn’t working for your family, how you can move forward during suffering, and the key to growing a business. Esther’s Leadership Journey In second grade, Esther made a collage with her as a teacher. As she grew up, she was...


55: Twelve Lessons We’ve Learned in our First Year of Podcasting

What do 2 friends who start a podcast together learn in their first year? And how might these lessons help you move forward in your leadership? When we asked in our private Facebook group how we should celebrate our podcast anniversary, the majority of votes were for an episode sharing the lessons we’ve learned in the first year. So today, we’re doing just that! Some lessons are serious, some are funny, and some will give you a behind-the-scenes look at how this podcast gets created. We...


54: Stepping into a New Career & Lifestyle with Jocelyn Sams

What is it like to walk away from what you know to venture out in unknown territory? How do you step away from something secure to pursue the lifestyle that works best for your family? What are practical ways you can lead in all the areas of your life as you parent, lead a business or ministry, and run a household? For those who are a wife, mom, homeschooler, and entrepreneur, how can you do it all? In this episode, I talk with business owner, podcaster, wife, and mom Jocelyn Sams about how...


53: Three Principles to Build a Lifestyle of Learning [Wellness Series]

You listen to this podcast because you have a desire to grow and learn. But WHY do you want to learn? And what does it mean to create a “lifestyle of learning”? In today’s episode, Holly and I continue in our Wellness Series by sharing 3 principles that will help you build a lifestyle of learning. Part of personal wellness is staying healthy mentally, emotionally, and even intellectually, so we want to dive into how to create some of these habits. Why Learning is Important Learning...


52: What to Do When You Want to Quit [Wellness Series]

Let’s face it. Sometimes you can be doing all the right things when it comes to staying healthy as a leader, and you still have days you want to quit. Wanting to quit is a temptation every leader faces, but what do you do with that feeling? What do you do when you want to quit? How do you know whether you actually SHOULD stop doing something or not? What are some ways to deal with the reality of life and the fact that sometimes you deal with situations that lead you to want to quit? In...


51: Trusting God through Transitions and Building Confidence in Your Calling with Patrice Washington [Wellness Series]

What do you do when you feel like God is asking you to pivot in your life or business? How do you build confidence when you feel like your lacking in an area? And how can you redefine the concept of wealth in your life? Podcast guest, author, speaker, coach, and media personality Patrice Washington shares her insights into leadership, how to trust God through transition, and how to build confidence in your calling. If you’re struggling with trust, change, and what to do next, Patrice...


50: Staying Healthy as a Leader Part 2: Personal & Relational Wellness [Wellness Series]

What do we mean when we say “personal and relational wellness,” and why are they important for you as a leader? And how can you develop habits and routines that will help you stay healthy personally and in your relationships? We continue in our Wellness Series with this conversation about both personal and relational wellness. If you missed part 1, be sure to go back and listen to Episode 48. Staying Healthy as a Leader: Personal Wellness What do we mean by personal wellness? Our minds,...


49: Dealing with Stress and Developing Healthy Habits with Marnie Swedberg [Wellness Series]

What is the #1 way you can reduce stress in your leadership life right now? What’s important to remember about how you’re wired as you fulfill basic life responsibilities? What set of habits are critical to you as you lead and live? Author, entrepreneur, and international speaker Marnie Swedberg and I talk about living out your faith when it’s hard, the one key to leadership, and four habits that will make you a more effective leader. If you wonder how doing basic and unseen tasks like...


48: Staying Healthy As a Leader Part 1: Spiritual & Physical Wellness [Wellness Series]

Why do Christian women leaders need to practice wellness? And what exactly is wellness anyway? How can you practice wellness spiritual and physical in your already busy life? Holly and I unpack the big topic of wellness: what it is, the four main components of it, how Jesus practiced it, and what it can look like in your everyday life. There is lots of grace in this episode to not feel pressured to practice all four parts of wellness “perfectly,” especially as each of us is in a different...


47: Moving from Shame to Freedom & Pursuing God-Shaped Dreams with Merritt Onsa

Have you ever felt trapped in shame and bondage due to your past? How do you move from that place to freedom and embracing your identity in Christ? And how can you begin discovering and pursuing the dreams God has placed in you? In this episode, I talk with Merritt Onsa, wife, mom, and podcaster about her experience of coming to Christ as an adult and the process of healing from shame about her past and experiencing freedom in Christ. We also discuss how to determine whether an idea is...


46: How Can We Stay Relevant in Our Ministry (and should we)?

What does staying relevant in ministry look like? And is it something we should strive for as Christians? Are we at risk for compromising the gospel when trying to be relevant to our culture? In this episode, Holly and I dive into the issue of staying relevant in ministry. We explore the tension between relevant and traditional, what “relevant” actually means, how we can stay relevant, and what the Bible has to say about the topic. Finally, we discuss some of the implications for us as...


45: Developing Confidence in Your Gifts & Managing Multiple Roles with Breshana Miller

What do you do when you’re unsure of your God-given gifts? How do you figure out your purpose? And what questions should you ask when you’re feeling overwhelmed by everything on your plate? In this episode, Holly and I talk with Breshana Miller, wife, mom, business owner, entrepreneur, pastor’s wife, and Bible college student about how to have clarity about your calling, how to stop comparing yourself to others, and what time management is really about. Breshana has some “drop the mic”...