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Season 2 Ep 42 - How Can it be Time Already

More Today we’re going to talk about what it looks like to cultivate the smaller reach of our lives instead of being overwhelmed that we’re not making a “huge impact”… Maybe we have big dreams for the future but what if instead of running after the the big thing, we spend time cultivating the smaller reach of our lives, weaving it strong and true. I’m going to introduce you to my niece @adelinehillmusic today who is pursuing a music career in the mainstream and...


Season 2 Ep 41 Special Guest Lauren Tomlin

Special Guest - Lauren Tomlin Today is a beautiful reminder that before we are a wife or a mama, we are a daughter with an invitation to take God up on all that He has for us, if we’ll just choose to step into it with Him. This episode is actually our Mother’s Day episode, but PLEASE don’t pass it up just because you are not a Mama! There’s something for EVERYONE in today’s episode! Today is actually one of my favorite interviews that I’ve gotten to do, to date! You’re going to get to hear...


Season 2 Ep 35 Postures of the Heart Part I

Today I’ll update you on what’s been going on with my health journey that I posted it about a few weeks ago and why I’ve been kind of laying low! It has been just that, a journey, and I’m trusting with every day that God knows exactly what is going on! In the meantime, I’m SO happy to be back at the podcast! This is a series that I have wanted to do for a really long time called “The Posture of the Heart” and I’m so excited to dive into it together! Just like the concentric circles and the...


Season 2 Ep 33 - Conversation Part 1

This is Part 1 called “Conversations” which is our fancy word for Q & A! You’ll hear about my hair routine (ha ha, yes this is happening right now) plus questions about songwriting, parenting, hearing from the Lord and more! The questions were submitted by our “patrons” of the podcast. They are the ones helping us keep #thegloriousinthemundane podcast thriving and we are SO grateful for them!! If you become a patron (just $6 a month) you’ll receive the podcast before everyone else gets it...


Season 2 Ep 32 - When Mystery Bring Clarity

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this one as you hit the road to visit family this week! I’m so excited to introduce to you today, my brother @eric.hill_ from @withyouministries as we talk about what it looks like to truly rest and remember that God is WITH US and how He calls us to step into the “mystery” of trusting that Him being with us is actually ENOUGH. Eric is one of my favorite humans! Yes, he’s my brother but he’s also a kindred spirit and a very dear friend....


Season 2 Ep30 - Prayers That Linger

Be Held Album- Today I'll catch you up on life around here since Be Held, Lullabies for the Beloved released AND, today you will get to hear from my pastor, @darrenwhitehead who has just released a book with our good friend @christomlin called #holyroar and has been out with Chris sharing this message on the #goodgoodfathertour • Holy Roar is DEFINITELY a prayer that has lingered in my life…so you’ll get to hear that story along with Darren and Chris’s heart for this...


Season 2 Ep29 River of Grace

First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your prayers and comments about our Annie Rose! We are so grateful to have had such a covering! She is doing amazing, back to being her sweet and spunky self, which feels miraculous to us, truly!! This podcast was recorded before all of that happened, so I just wanted to come around it here and thank you all again for going into battle for us! Today you'll hear the story behind the song, River of Grace, which started with me having a conversation...


Season 2 Ep 28 - Peace! Be Still

It’s such an exciting week for me as it’s RECORD RELEASE WEEK! Today you’ll hear more about the heart cry of this record, Be Held, Lullabies for the Beloved, releasing this Friday. You’ll hear about the scripture that has been imbedded into it, as well as hear the song, “In The Whisper”, which was the first full song that I wrote for this record seven months ago. The chorus says, “So let the thunder roll and I won’t be afraid ‘cause You roll the thunder and let the rain beat hard upon my...


Season 2 Ep 27 - His Banner Over Me

Today we'll talk about how God can take even the smallest stirrings of our hearts and when we are faithful to sit with Him and listen and cultivate those stirrings, they can become a beautiful offering of His Kingdom coming to earth through us - displaying our "belovedness" to the world around us! Hear how the stirrings of my own life this past year have come together as an offering called "Be Held, Lullabies for the Beloved" and even hear the opening track called "His Banner Over Me is...


Season 2 Episode 26 - Unseen

Hello all you beautiful people! Today we’ll talk about singing in front of the battle and on behalf of others, even when that battle looks like Hurricane Harvey and we have no idea what to do. You’ll also get to hear from the wonderful @sarahagertywrites Sara is a wife, mother and the author of “Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet” and her newest book “Unseen” just released and I’m so excited for you to get your hands on it! And last, you’ll hear some exciting news on how you can become a patron...


Season 2 Ep 25 - Build My Life

Hello all you beautiful people and welcome to The Glorious in the Mundane podcast - season 2! I couldn’t be more thrilled to be back with you as we have some beautiful “stirrings” to share as this season unfolds! Today will be a moment for us to reflect on the wonder of summer and the posture it brings and how we can intentionally carry that wonder and that posture with us as we walk into all that the Autumn brings. We’ll also dive deep into what it looks like, in the same way, to look...


GITM #24 Kay Warren

Hello all you Beautiful People! Welcome to The Glorious in the Mundane podcast. I'm so happy to be dropping an episode in the merry month of May! It's great to connect with you, I've missed it! If you listened to my last podcast where I told you I'd be pausing for awhile because something was stirring in you'll get to hear how sometimes we get hit by what feels like a freight train right after we announce that something is stirring in us! All in all it can only mean that the...


GITM #22 Broken and Free

Hello all you beautiful people and welcome to the glorious in the mundane podcast! This is my first episode back for 2017 and I'll admit, it just took me a minute to get back in the flow. In fact, in this episode I just invite you into my process of sort of putting one foot in front of the other to even deliver this podcast today! I think sometimes we just forget what we are capable of and we end up keeping the creative process at bay or even just things we need to get done. I hope it...


GITM #19 Ann Voskamp

Welcome to the Glorious in the Mundane podcast! Today I am so excited to be sitting down with the lovely Ann Voskamp! I caught Ann while she was in town on her book release tour a few weeks ago while she was staying with our mutual friend Rebekah Lyons. I love this podcast because it was SO last minute, so off the cuff and REALLY late at night. We did actually have to edit out quite a bit of laughter because at one point we got a little bit delirious! I loved asking Ann what life was like...


GITM # 18 Matt Redman

Welcome to the Glorious in the mundane podcast! Today I am so excited to share an interview with my friend and fellow songwriter Matt Redman. Nathan and I have been friends with Matt for about 16 years now and have been continually inspired and challenged by Matt’s leading and songwriting through the years. Known for songs like “Blessed Be Your Name” “Better is One Day” and of course “10,000 reasons.” Matt’s gifts have been just that - a gift to the Church and to homes around the nations...


GITM #15 Mini Me: Amaryllis

Welcome to the Glorious in the Mundane Podcast, I’m your host Christy Nockels. Today is SO special for me because I’m getting to share the first sneak peek or sneak LISTEN I should say into “The Thrill of Hope”, my first Christmas album! Today in this “mini me” episode, you’re going to hear the story behind the beautiful Amaryllis gracing the cover art and you’ll hear the SONG Amaryllis! I’ll unfold how this all started with a letter and a gift from my sister-in-love, Kristin Hill, and how...


GITM #14 Mini Me

Welcome to The Glorious in the Mundane Podcast! Today we’re going to talk about the great lengths that our Father will go to to pull us back close to Himself. We might wander but He doesn’t let us wander for long before He sends us life-lines… I can’t even tell you how true Proverbs 16:9 has been these past few weeks, well, years actually... “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord directs their steps.” Even just this past week, we have had more plans unravel than I was...


GITM #13 She Reads Truth

Welcome to the Glorious in the Mundane podcast! I am thrilled to be talking with She Reads Truth today! You’ll hear me around the table with my new friends Raechel Meyers and Amanda Bible Willams as we celebrate their first BOOK released this week! These two gals are actually home-girls too - by that I mean that we all live in the same city and I’ve also enjoyed getting to be on the road this year with them for the Lifeway Women’s Event called Abundance! We’re going to be in Frisco, TX...


GITM #11 Mini Me

Hello and welcome to The Glorious in the Mundane! Today you’re going to experience what I have affectionally been calling a “Mini Me” - that means today is a shorter episode and it’s just me! As I shared on the episode a few weeks ago, this is kind of my book at this point in my life! I have stories that I’d love to to share from life, marriage, motherhood, ministry and I figure, why not? I think it’s a gift that we can spread Truth and our Jesus stories around for all to hear and I want...


GITM #10 Bob Goff

Welcome to the Glorious in the Mundane podcast! Thank you so much for tuning in and for sharing this podcast with your friends! It has been so much fun for us to watch who all is listening around the globe, it has astounded us how God is using it! We’re so grateful! I’m so pleased to have gotten to sit down with Bob Goff for this episode! I’ve actually been holding on to this episode for quite some time as it was actually my FIRST podcast ever! Bob was SO gracious to come out to the house...