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Episode 62 - The Message in the Middle

I’m so loving this “message in the middle” to ENDURE as the people of God! Thankfully, it’s not a checklist because no one needs another one of those! Today we will remember that it flows out from drawing near to the One who endures forever, and cultivates in us a “beholding” heart! A heart that daily confesses, “Jesus, You are the Christ”, beholding Him for Who He truly is! And wouldn’t you know it...we BECOME what we behold! Gathering around this very truth with me is the beautiful Ruth...


Episode 61 - The Message in the Middle

I’m so excited to be back for some special episodes this Fall! The Lord gave me this theme, “The Message in the Middle” and it started as something personal but then I realized that it’s really for all of us! If you’re anything like me, you might be trying to figure out - right about now - what it looks like to live purposely and intentionally inside of this withering world around us. What does it look like to remain faithful in the middle of it all? Here between the now and the not yet. Our...


Season 3 Ep 60 - Taste and See with Margaret Feinberg

It’s so sweet to be back with you on The Glorious in the Mundane podcast today! Today’s episode is called “Taste and See” as a part of our “Come Magnify the Lord with Me” series. I love this thought of magnifying the Lord together over the bounty of food. I know that food can be a touchy subject and isn’t it just like the enemy to make it a “thing” because all in all, God MADE IT A THING! It’s HIS THING and it’s FOR US in a big and beautiful way. Enjoy a conversation today with the...


Season 3 Ep 59 - Eyes Up, Palms Up

Today I decided to expound on my post on Instagram about “juggling” and can I just say, how much do you love that God can speak to us through juggling? Like actual juggling. He is amazing! As we continue our series called Come Magnify the Lord with Me, we will talk about what it looks like to keep our eyes lifted above what we’re juggling - all the things we’re carrying and trying to hold together - and instead, fix them on the Lord and His steadfast love over us. We’ll discuss the rhythm we...


Season 3 Ep 58 - When Our Worries Turn To Worship

Today we’ll remember once again what lessons we can take with us from Winter as we allow ourselves to HOPE for what Spring will bring! There’s something beautiful about giving ourselves permission to let HOPE rise up in our hearts because eventually, that HOPE begins to seep out on others! As we continue our series called, “Come Magnify the Lord With Me” we will acknowledge that we do have an enemy who loves to keep us isolated and silenced as he stirs the pot with our worries and fears....


Season 3 Ep 57 - I Lift My Hands to You

I’m so loving this theme, “Come Magnify the Lord With Me” as it’s reminding me that we are all MADE to worship. There’s something in us, deep down, that craves connection with God. It’s natural that we all desire the blessing of God on us and we even deeply need ministry from Him, we are human! Do I believe God blesses us and ministers to us? YES! But, there’s also something that we offer in worship that’s unique to WHO we are and that blesses and ministers to God in the most beautiful way!...


Season 3 Ep 56 - Come Magnify The Lord With Me

NEW PODCAST TODAY! I’m SO excited to re-launch #thegloriousinthemundane podcast after a much needed break in January and am feeling refreshed to be back! I’m so excited to hone in on this theme of “Come Magnify the Lord with Me” - I love the invitation of Psalm 34:3, “oh magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.” Essentially, David is saying, “come join me in blessing the Lord.” What does it look like to bless the Lord? What happens in terms of our own blessing when we...


Season 3 Ep 55 - A Better Home

“A Better Home” is the title of today’s episode as we wrap up an amazing year together! We’ll dive into the heart of the home together and how sharing what we’ve been given can be true for anyone, in any economy, anywhere in the world! With eternity in our hearts, we’re both looking for a better home and a better country, all the while displaying it here in our own hearts! You’ll get to hear from the lovely Myquillyn Smith @thenester and her heart on sharing what we’ve been given and...


Season 3 Ep 54 - Home, Home on the Road

So excited about today’s episode! I’m calling it “Home, Home on the Road” and today we’ll be reminded that because God is a home for us and He’s building His home IN us…we are agents of CHANGE for the world around us! My sweet new friend, Ginna Claire Mason will be joining me today for this episode! She has just finished a 20 month tour with the Broadway Musical “Wicked” and knows a thing or two about finding a sense of home…home on the road. She truly embodies this beautiful theme of home...


Season 3 Ep 53 - The Invitation

This is our Thanksgiving episode and I’m praying grace upon grace as you all head wherever you’re going! If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, it’s the same prayer…grace upon grace!! Today we will thank God together for how intentional he is in inviting us into a deeper walk with him! Sometimes the invitation comes through His Word or maybe our prayer time but sometimes it comes through a rough season or a major disappointment. I love when I find out that He was working all along, even...


Season 3 Ep 52 - A Heart Turned Towards Home

Happy November Y’all! I’m so excited about today’s episode because you’re going to get to hear from my dear friend Molley Moody - she’s not just a guest today because she’ll be with us on our Night of Hope #AFamilyChristmas tour or the fact that she’s just released a beautiful album called #HeartSongs - of course all of those things are wonderful things that I want you to know about! She’s a guest today because Jesus is a trusted Builder who restores people’s lives! I’ve watched Molley rise...


Season 3 Ep 51 - A House God is Building

Y’all, I’m so excited about this episode! As always, the Lord took me through something in REAL TIME where I basically LIVED this episode with something I was walking through personally. I’m so grateful when He does that. It keeps me walking in humility and depending solely on Him for the “content” as well as being assured that He’ll have me experience the content too! Yes, it exposes dead ends in the “home” that He is building in me where I need to trust His vision when He knocks out a...


Season 3 Ep 50 - Longing For Home

Longing For Home - I’m loving this theme, THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME! It’s helping me be present in the place that matters right now, which is home! But that doesn’t mean I can’t take that WITH ME wherever I go! Today we will let Psalm 84 wash over us and remember together that “better is one day in His courts than a thousand elsewhere!” You’ll also get to hear from the lovely @jessicanturner on her brand new book “Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Lose the Guilt, Work Smarter and...


Season 3 Ep 49 - There's No Place Like Home

Season 3 Ep 49 - There's No Place Like Home by Christy Nockels


Season 2 Ep 42 - How Can it be Time Already

More Today we’re going to talk about what it looks like to cultivate the smaller reach of our lives instead of being overwhelmed that we’re not making a “huge impact”… Maybe we have big dreams for the future but what if instead of running after the the big thing, we spend time cultivating the smaller reach of our lives, weaving it strong and true. I’m going to introduce you to my niece @adelinehillmusic today who is pursuing a music career in the mainstream and let...


Season 2 Ep 41 - Special Guest Lauren Tomlin

Special Guest - Lauren Tomlin Today is a beautiful reminder that before we are a wife or a mama, we are a daughter with an invitation to take God up on all that He has for us, if we’ll just choose to step into it with Him. This episode is actually our Mother’s Day episode, but PLEASE don’t pass it up just because you are not a Mama! There’s something for EVERYONE in today’s episode! Today is actually one of my favorite interviews that I’ve gotten to do, to date! You’re going to get to hear...


Season 2 Ep 40 - Postures of the Heart Part 5

“A Heart of Welcome” As we trust God with the unfolding of us, a heart of welcome opens up for the unfolding of others… I’ve shared these heart postures over the years in many settings and this is always the posture that’s the most fun to talk about because it’s the most fulfilling to LIVE! Something supernatural happens when we place our trust in God for our own wants, needs and desires and even the things that we dream and plan! We freely begin to open up with lives of WELCOME that invite...


Season 2 Ep 39 - Postures of the Heart Part 4

Season 2 Ep 39 - Postures of the Heart Part 4 by Christy Nockels


Season 2 Ep 38 - An Easter Invitation

An Easter Invitation Once there was a cutting away and a grafting in, then…there must be an abiding. Today you’ll hear about a little pear tree that once helped me preach the gospel and how I wasn’t even ready for how it preached the gospel to me! We’re going to pause from our regular Heart Postures series to get our hearts around the full invitation that is Easter! Honestly, this could have easily been one of our heart-postures, the heart that abides…but I wanted to give Easter its own...


Season 2 Ep 37 - Postures of the Heart Part 3

"The Heart that Receives" I’m so pleased to offer Part 3 of the Postures of the Heart series! Today we’ll talk about how vital it is that we ready ourselves to RECEIVE the life that Jesus offers us! He came that we would have life and have it abundantly! (John 10:10) Today we’ll remember together some beautiful things that His life truly offers us…we can so easily forget, can’t we? Talk to you soon! Also don't forget to check out our Patreon page where you can be apart of supporting the...