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Conversations with student ministry workers hosted by Steve Cullum

Conversations with student ministry workers hosted by Steve Cullum


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Conversations with student ministry workers hosted by Steve Cullum






072: Programming Update 2021 (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 72 of The Student Ministry Podcast features a programming update from Steve. He shares how last year's programming changes went along with sharing some insights from his summer experiences, and plans for the 2021-2022 school year. He also shares a couple stories about how God has used video games to connect with teenagers. Links mentioned during this episode: Sponsors for this...


071: Battling Anxiety, Depression, and Grief with Zack Ryer (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 71 of The Student Ministry Podcast features a conversation with Zack Ryer. Not only is Zack one of Steve's former students, but he has recently started a music career (under the stage name, Dante Nazarro) focused on songs that he has written through his anxiety, depression, and grief. Zack and Steve talk about some things that helped him during his time in youth group, how Zack has now been able to help other teens, and about some ways youth pastors and youth workers can help other...


070: Youth Leader Oasis with Todd Pearage (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 70 of The Student Ministry Podcast features a conversation with Todd Pearage. Partnering with Standing Stone, Todd and his wife, Lynda, run a ministry called Youth Leader Oasis, where they care for other youth workers and their spouses. In this episode, he not only shares his story, but talks about what his ministry looks like, how you can get the care you need, and shares a few tips for all of us. Links mentioned during this...


069: Recruiting a Great Team with Steve Cullum (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 69 of The Student Ministry Podcast features some tips around recruiting. If you are going to make a difference in student ministry, you need a great team around you. Maybe you have questions, though. Like... How do I build a team? How do I get more people to join our team? How to I get the right people on our team? How do I raise awareness of the needs we have on our team? Prayer is a vital part of anything. Of course, we need to be constantly praying about this—that God will lead us...


068: Remodeling Youth Ministry with Chris Talbot (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 68 of The Student Ministry Podcast features a conversation with Chris Talbot. Not only does Chris serve in youth and family ministry at his local church, he also teaches youth ministry at Welch College and is the author of Remodeling Youth Ministry. In this episode, you'll get to hear Chris' story but also hear about how we can remodel our youth ministries to focus more on what the Bible says rather than chasing trends. Chris also shares what it is like to be a Bible college...


067: Pause Campaign with Emily Chapman Richards and Olivia Stanton (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 67 of The Student Ministry Podcast features a conversation with Emily Chapman Richards and Olivia Stanton from Show Hope, an organization started by Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman to care for orphans by engaging the church and reducing barriers to adoption. Not only do Emily and Olivia share their stories, but they also share some amazing and free ways to help educate and empower your students to play a role in this mission through the Pause Campaign and more. Links mentioned...


066: Disaster Relief with Aaron Stetson (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 66 of The Student Ministry Podcast features a conversation with Aaron Stetson. Longtime listeners of the podcast will remember Aaron from our very first episode. Since then, God has redirected him to serve in a new role in the area of disaster relief. Listen in as Aaron talks about the transition from youth ministry into his work with Hope Force International, discusses opportunities for your students and church to get involved, and shares some tips with all of us. Links mentioned...


065: Youth Pastor Job Search with Dan Navarra and Matt Steen (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 65 of The Student Ministry Podcast features a conversation with Dan Navarra and Matt Steen of Chemistry Staffing. Not only do Dan and Matt share some of their stories, but they also share some great tips and hacks for those just getting started in student ministry and those thinking about transitioning to another church or another ministry. Dan also shares some important results from his annual Youth Pastor Compensation Survey that are important to everyone in a paid ministry...


064: Encouragement for Youth Workers with Steve Cullum (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 64 of The Student Ministry Podcast features a brief message of encouragement from Steve Cullum to you, the youth worker. As we head into a new year, we know that many of you have experienced some rough patches and have even thought about giving up at least once or twice, or maybe you know someone who has really struggled recently. In this episode, Steve shares five encouragements adapted from the book, It's Personal, by Virginia Ward, Reggie Joiner, and Kristen Ivy, and the teaching...


063: Mobilizing Teens with Greg Stier (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 63 of The Student Ministry Podcast features a conversation with Greg Stier of Dare2Share Ministries. Greg has a reputation for knowing and relating to teens in unique and effective ways. Over the course of the last 20 years, Greg has spoken to over 1,000,000 teens in major venues across the nation and heard countless stories of their struggles and triumphs. Greg’s commitment to mobilizing teenagers to reach their generation for Christ is rooted in the transforming power of the...


062: Youth Ministry Exchange 2020 (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 62 of The Student Ministry Podcast features a discussion and recap of Youth Ministry Exchange 2020 with fellow ministry podcasters, Tom Bump and Tom Palmer. Subscribe to Tom Bump's podcast: Kids Ministry Collective Podcast Subscribe to Tom Pounder's podcast: YM Sidekick Podcast Follow Steve on Twitter: @stevecullum Check out Steve's blog: Follow The Student Ministry Podcast on Instagram: @thestudentministrypodcast Follow The Student Ministry Podcast on...


061: The Importance of Leaders with Billy McMahan (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 61 of The Student Ministry Podcast features Billy McMahan, who is currently the student pastor at Rocky Mountain Christian Church in Niwot, CO. Billy shares his story of God's redemption and how God continues to use that to help him connect with his students and leaders. He also talks about their struggles surrounding the Covid pandemic and speaks about the importance of other leaders in our ministry. Follow Billy on Instagram: @billy.mcmahan Email Billy:...


060: Programming Update 2020 with Steve Cullum (The Student Ministry Podcast)

On episode 60 of The Student Ministry Podcast, Steve provides an update on how his student ministry programming has changed since last year and since the Covid-19 quarantine. He shares their church's experiences and what they learned that led to these recent changes. Register for Youth Ministry Exchange: And be sure to use the offer code Steve for $25 off your ticket! Follow Steve on Twitter: @stevecullum Check out Steve's blog: Follow The...


059: Orange and YMX with Crystal Chiang (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 59 of The Student Ministry Podcast features Crystal Chiang, who is the Executive Director of Student Strategy at Orange. Not only does she have a ton of experience as a small group leader, but she was also in public education for a while. She brings all of that expertise to the team at Orange, which is especially helpful this year, as they are launching a brand new event for youth workers this October called Youth Ministry Exchange. Today, Steve and Crystal chat about her story, what...


058: Online Youth Ministry with Cooper Miller (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 58 of The Student Ministry Podcast features Cooper Miller, the brand new Online Youth Pastor at Mariners Church (Irvine, CA). Cooper has a great story, and it was really cool to hear what God has taught him over the years and set him up for this new role. And as one of the first people to ever have this title, we had to chat about it. Not only does he share some insight around what they have learned during this Covid season, he also explains what their online ministry will look like...


057: Digital Ministry with Tom Pounder (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 57 of The Student Ministry Podcast features Tom Pounder. Not only has Tom been in student ministry for a number of years, he has also served as a digital/campus pastor at his church. He brings all of that to the table today as he discusses ministry moving forward during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Tom also has his own blog, podcast, and more, so be sure to continue following him using the links below. Follow Tom on Twitter: @tapounder Check out Tom's blog:...


056: When Life Gives You Lemons with Gerald Fadayomi (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 56 of The Student Ministry Podcast features Gerald Fadayomi, longtime youth worker and author. Gerald has an amazing story of how God has worked in His life. After a rough life at home and seeing friends murdered, he got plugged into a church, gave his life to Christ, and began serving in student ministry. Since 2019, he has been running a conference, is in the process of starting a monthly gathering, and has written several books, including his brand new one called When Life Gives...


055: Racial Reconciliation and Ministry with Mike Haynes (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 55 of The Student Ministry Podcast brings back Mike Haynes to talk about racial reconciliation. While racism has been a thing for a long time, recent events have increased our awareness of it. So how do we talk about it with our students? And how do we lead and shepherd them well through this? Mike speaks about his own experiences as an African American but also shares some amazing wisdom on how to guide students through all of this. As a youth worker, you already believe in what God...


054: Orange Conference 2020 Recap (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 54 of The Student Ministry Podcast is all about Orange Conference 2020. This "special edition" episode will be a bit different, as it will not include an interview. Instead, Steve sits down with Tom Bump and David Maddron to discuss the changes Orange had to make for OC20, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They also share several things they learned from the main session speakers, as well as some of their biggest take-aways. You will also be able to find this same conversation on both...


053: Ministry in Quarantine with David Reed (The Student Ministry Podcast)

Episode 53 of The Student Ministry Podcast features David Reed, who is currently the Minister of Youth at First Baptist Church in Nacogdoches, TX. David has been in ministry for over 26 years, and in his current (home) church for over 13 years. Not only does he share his story and some great wisdom from his many years in student ministry, but he also shares what God has been teaching him through the COVID-19 pandemic. Follow David on Twitter: @davidallenreed Follow David on Instagram:...