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Women in Ministry- Pastor Tasha Jones talks Being Gifted v/s Being Called

Pastor Clarissa Johnson sits down and speak with Pastor Tasha Jones about her journey as a woman in ministry. Pastor Tasha is a gifted singer and loves to worship and is also a minister of the gospel. Today she finds herself filling in as interim pastor at her home church, Rocky Branch Baptist Church. She shares the difference between being a minister in a church and being a pastor of a church. Listen in as she shares what she learned about being gifted versus being called. Pastor Tasha...


Women in Ministry- Pastor Schrendria Robinson talks Faithful Over a Few Things

Pastor Clarissa sits down and speak with Pastor Schrendria "Ren" Robinson about her journey as a woman in ministry. Anointed, Appointed and called to the Kingdom for such a time as this-Schrendria Robinson is a preacher, teacher, author, wife, mother, mentor and an astute businesswoman. She graduated Valedictorian from her high school and with honors from Clark Atlanta University. She also earned a Masters Degree in Public Health from the University of South Carolina. In this interview,...


Women in Ministry- Minister Audrey Hawkins talks Desperate for Deliverance

Pastor Clarissa talks with Minister Audrey Hawkins about her journey, as a woman in ministry. Minister Hawkins shares her experience of going to God out of desperation, needing deliverance from a troubling issue. She shares how God met her at that place of desparation and encourages others, despite what they may be going through, to go to God, because He's waiting to help and deliver them. During this interview, Minister Audrey shares her experience of being called into ministry, her fear of...


Women in Ministry- Prophetess Alfreda Hatcher talks Faith It Til You Make It

Pastor Clarissa talks with Prophetess Alfreda Hatcher about her journey as a woman in ministry. Facing rejection caused her to fear stepping out in her true calling. Prophetess Alfreda shares how her hunger for more led her to a new place in God and the experiences she faced with it. In this interview, Prophetess Hatcher shares many lessons taught by God, even how to shop for ingredients for a cake. You will definitely be inspired as she shares what being disobedience looks like! Prophetess...


Women in Ministry- Keshea Way talks Faithfully Prepared

Can Anything Good Come Out of Warrenton, GA? Pastor Clarissa Johnson starts off this segment with Keshea Way. Keshea shares her journey of being called by God, the birth of a ministry and her journey of being diagnosed with cancer and how being faithfully prepared helped her to overcome this great challenge. Keshea shares the importance of praying for your spouse and what one can do when it seems like your spouse is not moving fast enough. You will get some laughs and maybe even shed a tear...


Women in Ministry- Chrisnatha Derosier talks Forming Pieces Into A Masterpiece

Pastor Clarissa talks with Chrisnatha Derosier, as she shares her journey as a woman in ministry. Chrisnatha shares things that she learned about herself, that wasn't so pretty and what she did while in this self discovery process. Her message encourages others to take self assessments and to allow God to take the damaged and broken pieces to create a beautiful masterpiece. Chrisnatha Derosier is an author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. She is the founder of I am a Masterpiece...


Women in Ministry- Minstrel Terry Holloman talks Power of the Secret Place

Pastor Clarissa talks with Minstrel Terry Holloman about her journey, as a woman in ministry. Minstrel Terry shares how she grew up as a pew baby, and learned to play the organ as a little girl. After going to college and connecting with a radical group of college students who were on fire for God, she experienced a true transformation, which led to her experiencing God on a whole new level. Minstrel Terry also shares about a deep hunger for wanting more of God, and meeting a special lady...


Women in Ministry- Gail Winter talks Spiritual Weapons for Spiritual Battles

Pastor Clarissa Johnson interviews Author & Teacher, Gail Winter of Speak His Word Ministries. Gail shares her journey of receiving the Holy Spirit and how that experience changed her whole entire life. Teaching has always been her gifting and profession, but through her transformation and growth in God, she began to use the same principals to teach the Word of God. In this interview, Gail speaks about the authority we have in the word and give examples of how to apply the Word to any...


Women in Ministry- First Lady Stephanie Wright talks Healing, Health & Ministry

Pastor Clarissa talks with First Lady Stephanie Wirght about her journey as a woman in ministry. First Lady Stephanie shares about her tumutuous childhood and how that led to her eating a lot and becoming overweight. She talks about her healing process and how she finally got the strength to lose the weight and become healthy. Not only does she lose the weight, but her journey led her into a deeper and closer relationship with God. Through her own journey, she learned how to love herself and...


Women in Ministry- Prophetess D'Andrea Thomas talks Exploring & Experiencing God

Pastor Clarissa Johnson interviews Prophetess D'Andrea Thomas of RDT International Ministries, as she shares her journey of truly accepting who God called her to be. Her journey started as a young girl, having dreams and visitations by God, but not really understanding what was happening. As she became older, she was given a dream about fossils, in which she began to seek out the things of God by carefully exploring the scriptures and other valuable information, which allowed her to...


Women in Ministry- Shyria Wright talks The Power of Your Story

Pastor Clarissa interviews Shyria Wright, as she share her journey as a woman in ministry. This interview is fully loaded with wisdom about nurturing your children to becoming all that God has designed for you to be, as a woman in ministry. Shyria shares the pain of her childhood and the joys of her adulthood. Her passion for empowering women and girls was birthed out of the pain of her own upbringing which was very challenging. She’s faced numerous adversities but has found strength in her...


Women in Ministry- Minister & Author Shanita Rowsey talks The Power of You

Pastor Clarissa Johnson talks with Minister & Author, Shanita Rowsey, as she shares her journey as a woman in ministry. Minister Rowsey shares her experience of coming from a small church and transitioning into a larger ministry. Also, the difference she've seen in male and female leadership. She enlightens us on how important it is to always be careful and wise when your spiritual covering is married, to ensure to never make the spouse feel insecure. Minister Rowsey also shares the...


Women in Ministry- Apostle Gregory Jackson talks Spiritual Father

Pastor Clarissa Johnson interviews Dr. Gregory Jackson, pastor of The City of Truth International about his position and role as a spiritual covering to women in ministry. Apostle Jackson comes with a strong stand against those that attack and prey on women in ministry. He talks about the difference of emotionalism between both women and men, as well as share his approach to those who believes they have a calling on their life. During this interview, Apostle Jackson begans to come against...


Women In Ministry- Bishop Kevin Clark talks Spiritual Fathers

Pastor Clarissa interviews her spiritual father, Bishop Kevin Clark of Melchizedek Ministries. He shares his views on women in ministry and why he supports them. Bishop Clark shares some differences he's observed in male and women leaders and gives some great wisdom to help women serve better in their leadership roles, and how to lead men. He also gives some great advice to women who are married, in how to be a leader and a wife at the same time. Bishop Clark and his wife, Trudy is the CEO...


Women in Ministry- Pastor Shawn Adams talks All Things Prophetic

Pastor Clarissa Johnson interviews, Pastor Shawn Adams of Remnant Ministries International, Inc. of Augusta, GA! Pastor Adams shares her journey of salvation, her initial calling into ministry and elevation as a Pastor. From the beginning of salvation, she recognized God was calling her to be a Prophet. She shares how important it is to seek out understanding and wisdom for your callings and how to effectively operate there. Pastor Adams shares all her many roles in life and how God helps...


Women in Ministry- Prophetess Carla Tait talks Leading While Bleeding

Pastor Clarissa Johnson interviews Prophetess Carla Tait, founder and CEO of Tamar's Heart Ministries. Prophetess Tait is also a published author and a true intercessor at heart. She has hosted the Women Who Worship conference for three years and is preparing to take it international in the year of 2019. Prophetess Tait shares her journey as a woman who were serving and leading while hurting and bleeding. She shares the dangers of that and what women needs to do to prevent doing ministry on...


Women in Ministry- Pastor Bernadette Jackson talks In Sickness and In Health

Pastor Clarissa Johnson interviews Pastor Bernadette Jackson of Faith on the Move International Ministries and Ladies Inc. of Savannah, GA., as she shares her journey as a woman in ministry. Pastor Bernadette shares her experience with being diagnosed with an incurable illness and depression, but the prayers of the righteous availeth much. Despite her illness and pain, she is perservering through the hard times and still loves and serves God with all her heart, mind and soul. She also shares...


Women in Ministry- Mother's Day Special with My Mom

Pastor Clarissa Johnson takes a moment to share her mom, Evangelist Gwendolyn Kitchens with the world. Evangelist Kitchens relunctantly comes out of her comfort zone to share some of her journey as a mom and a woman in ministry. She shares the importance of family and forgiveness, as well as the power of prayer as a mom. This episode is full of laughs and love.


Women in Ministry- Prophetess Sonya Danielle talks Power Over Pity

Pastor Clarissa Johnson interviews Prophetess Sonya Danielle, as she shares her journey as a woman in ministry. Prophetess Sonya shares her love for God and her heart to surrender and serve at a young age. Not only is she a prophetess for the Lord, but she is also a licensed hair stylist, owns her own hair salon- The Midas Touch, a financial advisor and a talk show host of The Purpose Talk Show and a mother. Prophetess Sonya shares her recent divorce, but is quick to let the world know that...


Women in Ministry- Minister Renee Odrick talks Overcoming Obstacles

Pastor Clarissa Johnson interviews Minister Renee Odrick as she shares her journey as a woman in ministry. Minister Odrick shares her life from being raised Catholic and then planted into Holiness, to later seeking God for her own life. She shares her many obstacles from being molested as a child, losing a child, domestic violence, brain illness, heart surgery, marital problems and more, but through all of these things, she has found herself to be more than a conqueror, through Christ! She...