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Contextualizing Faith and Work

“When we talk about contextualizing," says Dr. Clint Le Bruyns, "what we are doing theologically and in following Christ in and through the world of work, it’s really about being more inclusive . . . being able to open ourselves up to the fullness of the Body of Christ so that we hear a little bit more clearly what God might be saying through the worldwide Church of God.” In this interview with the Theology of Work Project, Dr. Le Bruyns provides some directives for the faith and work...


You Have Something the World Needs

You have an inner need to work because you are made in the image of God; it's a good thing that you also have something the world needs through your work. The world needs you to provide your share of your household's needs, to the degree you are able in each season of your life. The world needs you to invest in others' work. Some ways include providing means, welcoming and encouraging, cooperating, appreciating others' work, protecting, partnering, and, of course, buying others' work. God...


Is Honesty Always the Best Policy? John Brandon

Welcome to the Theology of Work Podcast. The Theology of Work Project exists to provide a Biblical perspective on faith and work. This episode features a talk John Brandon gave at a Marketplace Network Forum in Boston. John Brandon is Vice President, International at Apple, Inc. Please note, due to technical difficulties, the original recording begins after the first few seconds of Brandon’s talk.


Part 4: The Impact of Work

This is the fourth talk of Andy Mills' five-part series on faith and work. Andy Mills is the former CEO of the Thomson Financial and Professional Publishing unit of The Thomson Corporation. He currently serves as the Co-Chairman of the Theology of Work Project. For complete show notes, go to


God's Kaleidoscopic Niagara by Dorington Little

Dorington Little is the senior pastor of First Congregational Church of Hamilton on the north shore of Boston. In this sermon on Exodus 39:42-43, he develops a theology of beauty that captures the power and instinctive nature of human creativity in work. "Beauty will save the world." - Fyodor Dostoevsky