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E25: What Team Building Process Did Jesus Use?

What Team Building Process Did Jesus Use? No matter what you are trying to achieve in your business, you will need a strong team to do it. You can only go as far as your supporting cast will take you. Sports stars and Oscar winners know this to be true. Jesus also knew this, which is why he put together the most impactful team in the history of the world: His twelve apostles. These twelve seemingly ordinary men set the world on fire. It’s not because they chose to follow Jesus, but rather...


E24: How to Define Your Target Market

Do you know how to define your "Target Market"? Do you know how to Prospect your ideal customer for your online Business (niche)? It all starts by finding who that is! Not everyone is the right customer. Learn from the life of Jesus, how he targeted his ideal audience! Also, you will learn how marketing experts proceed to create their avatar. So, if you think an avatar is a big blue giant creature from a James Cameron movie, you definitely need to listen to this week's episode!


E23: 10 Principles Successful Christian Entrepreneurs Live By

There exists 10 simple Success Principles that dictate if a Christian Entrepreneur will succeed or fail. Those who followed them testified to their validity. Those who ignore them or fail to apply them are doomed to fail. Now, as simple as this sounds, these principles are not easy to apply - otherwise all believers would make it big. However, as a Christian entrepreneur, you're in luck - or should we say 'blessed'. Why? Because with God, anything is possible! But first things first... you...


E22: 10 Things Christian Entrepreneurs Need to Know About The Sabbath

Do you, as a Christian entrepreneur, remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy? In today's hurried, hustled, and work-no-matter-the-cost mentality, taking a day of rest may seem very counter intuitive. And yet, a weekly day's rest is not only sensible, but it is what God commands his people to do! If we're honest, of all the ten commandments, this is the one most neglected by today's believers. But, as we will see from this episode; in the end, if we neglect the Sabbath Day, we mostly hurt...


E21: How Satan Targets You As a Christian Entrepreneur

How Satan Targets You As a Christian Entrepreneur: Did you know that you are on the Devil's hit list? Satan targets you in order to neutralize you, your business, and your effectiveness for God's kingdom. Using the story of Job, as well as our own experiences, this episode will teach you how the enemy proceeds to neutralize you. This will not only give you solid scriptural knowledge, but it will also equip you by strengthening your faith, and teach you how you can fight back. As you will...


E20: How to Not Let Your Business Ruin Your Marriage

As an Entrepreneur, you need an encouraging spouse rooting for you, right? How do you not let your marriage end in divorce when being an Entrepreneur causes tension in your relationship? At times, it may seem like becoming an Entrepreneur was the worst decision you ever made for your marriage. We know how you feel, we've been there. Let's give you some important tips, so that this entrepreneurial journey is a pleasant one for you, your spouse and your family life.


E19: How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking & Live Video

Do you suffer from the fear of public speaking or doing live videos? If so, know you are not alone, because studies show that 74% of Americans suffer from glossophobia, a.k.a. the fear of public speaking. But that doesn't mean you have to like it. In fact, we hope you hate it so much that you're willing to do something about it! So, in order to help you, In this week's episode, we'll give you 7 sure steps to conquer your glossophobia. This will enable you to speak up with boldness,...


Episode 18: Does Quitting Make You a Quitter?

On your uphill climb as an entrepreneur, you've probably heard this famous quote by Vince Lombardi: "Winners never quit and quitters never win." While this saying has great motivational value for all, it's not entirely accurate. Why? Because the truth is, winners quit more often than we think. In fact, strategic quitting is what makes them successful in the end. They quit things that are wrong, getting in the way, dead weight, or distracting. In this week's episode of The Thriving on Purpose...


Episode 17: Should You Write a Book for Your Business?

Should you write a book for your Business? A lot of experts say 'Yes', and with good reason. Nothing can make you and your business stand out like having your name on the cover of a book. A good book can definitely position you as an expert in your field and bring more business your way. But before you get started, it would be wise to ask yourself key questions to know if writing a book is right for you. In this week's episode we tackle the goods about writing a book for your business by...


Episode 16: 4 Proven Strategies to Prioritize Your Life and Business

In this Episode, you will learn 4 Proven Strategies to help you Prioritize your Life and Business. If you don't, you'll be caught in all sorts of distractions... They are the plague of the Entrepreneur. They come to you under all kinds of guises: emails, screaming toddlers, phone calls, social media; and they even come to you disguised as good things such as church ministry, interesting offers, or palpitating events. How do you, as an Entrepreneur, learn to sift through all of these and...


Episode 15: Identifying The Intangible Leader

What is an intangible leader? An intangible leader is someone who bring tremendous value to your team, but whose potential has not yet been reached and whose results have yet to stand out. The intangible leader is not about the obvious stuff you can put on a spreadsheet. His contributions are NOT quantifiable. In today’s episode of The Thriving on Purpose Podcast, we want to help you with proven ways to identify those intangible leaders around you or on your team; because failure to do so...


Episode 14: The Law of Attraction: Is It for Christians? (Part 2)

The Law of Attraction... Is it for Christians? Some say YES! Absolutely! And they buy buy into it so much that we wonder about the genuineness of their faith. Others say The Law of Attraction is akin to witchcraft and should be avoided at all cost. So, which is it? And is there, perhaps, a balanced and more biblical view? Join us for Part 2 of The Thriving on Purpose Podcast series on The Law of Attraction, where we explore the simple question: The Law of Attraction... Is It for Christians?


Episode 13: The Law of Attraction: Is It For Christians? (Part 1)

In 2006, the book 'The Secret', by Rhonda Byrne, took the world by storm and since then has sold millions of copies. The Law of Attraction has become a household name in personal growth and is now taught by most personal development teachers, gurus, and motivational speakers. Within Christianity, some have gobbled it up hook, line, and sinker, while others call it straight out witchcraft. Is the law of attraction good? Is it bad? Is it neutral? In this first episode of a two-part series, we...


Episode 12: Overcoming the Father Wound

In today's world, where the divorce rates are high and fatherlessness abounds; those who were blessed to grow up with a present, engaged, and loving father, have much to be grateful for. However, those who didn't often carry into adulthood a pain that is both profound and crippling. This pain, for the adult child, often carries over into relationships, career, and how God is viewed. This... is the father wound. In this episode of The Thriving on Purpose Podcast, we want to delve deep into...


Episode 11: A Survival Guide For Entrepreneurs With Children

Have you ever tried to write an important email while a toddler was climbing on you? If so, you are probably part of the mompreneur and dadpreneur club. We all know being an entrepreneur today is challenge enough, but add children to the mix, and it will test your mettle and stretch you to your limit! The last thing we want is for you to snap under the added strain this unique challenge brings. To that end, in this episode of the Thriving on Purpose Podcast, we will give you tips and...


Episode 10: The 9 Types of Intelligences

In this episode, we are going to talk about The 9 Types of Intelligences. The way we now understand human intelligence is so much more distinctive than back in the day when I.Q. tests was pretty much the only measure we had. With the theory of Multiple Intelligences, Howard Gardner revolutionized the field of Quantitative Intelligence (I.Q.) when his theory (and book) was released in 1983. So, if you've never heard of this theory, get ready for a personal growth treat! After listening to...


Episode 9: How to Find Your Purpose

This week’s Thriving on Purpose Podcast Episode is going to be about this most important question: How to Find Your Purpose? There are 4 simple questions you can ask yourself to get a pretty good grasp on what you are here for. These questions (or steps if you prefer) have been talked about, written about, even philosophized about. The greatest thought-leaders on the planet have addressed how to find your purpose time and again, and these four questions are almost always at the center of the...


Episode 8: The Love of Money and The Pride of Poverty

Is it wrong for a Christian to be prosperous? Money is a huge subject matter in the life of the believer. There are 2500 Scriptures on how to handle money and possessions in the bible. Yes, that many. However, many believers have the wrong perception, mindset, and approach when it comes to money. And while most would say there is nothing wrong with a christian to be rich; many secretly think that it is... harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. In this episode, we will tackle...


Episode 7: Overcoming Entrepreneurial Rejection From Friends and Family

Have your friends and family showed interest in your entrepreneurial vision? If not, rest assured, you're not alone. In fact, if you're like us, you might have had more success with perfect strangers than with family members when it comes to your business. In this episode of The Thriving on Purpose Podcast, we will try to soften the hard blows from entrepreneurial rejection from friends and family. Although it may be painful, it can and must be overcome if you're going to thrive as an...


Episode 6: Why Small Businesses Need BIG Leadership

You've probably heard that most businesses fail within their first year, right? We strongly believe the main cause of most of these failures is usually not the result of a bad product, inadequate marketing, or lack of funds – although these do come into play. No. Our contention is that the most common reason for these business failures is: ... the leadership of the individual entrepreneur. Everything rises and falls on leadership. And as we will see in this episode... that's especially true...