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129: What are you living for?

We are not asking "Why are you living?" rather, "What purpose drives you?" In This Episode, We Look At: Behind every purpose (or goal) there is a value. So, for those driven to live for the moment, the value behind that drive may be pleasure. Those who seek one accomplishment after another may have respect, recognition, or honor as their value. With all the hours we trade to earn money, it may seem that we are living for money, but that is not necessarily our value. Those who live...


128: Are Inheritances Biblical?

Is there an implied obligation that parents are to save up and leave their children an inheritance? Are we bad parents if we do not leave an inheritance? What about the verse in Scripture that says a good man leaves an inheritance for his children's children? In This Episode, We Look At: Saving or not saving for your children is a personal value. Solomon warned against leaving an inheritance. We'll talk about some "Do's and Don’ts" for those wishing to help out the kiddies. Proverbs...


127: Accumulating Wealth Quietly

Wealth is not always observed. The reality is that many Americans are quietly saving and accumulating wealth. You'll not see them living in the priciest houses in the neighborhood, nor driving the newest luxury car. Paycheck after paycheck they are willing to forgo the temporary pleasure that spending can provide, choosing rather to pay their "future selves." In This Episode, We Look At: Accumulating wealth does happen quickly, which is a challenge as many of us today are conditioned...


126: Expect the Unexpected

The timing belt needs to be replaced in your car, you get a speeding ticket, someone in your family needs a PT scan not covered by your health insurance. We've all been there; the unexpected bills! Life can hit with expenses that nearly knock the wind out of us. One sad statistic is that most American households could not handle an unexpected expense of $400. You do not have to be part of this statistic. In This Episode, We Look At: How to plan for the unexpected. First,...


125: Wisdom Over Wealth

Our lives are driven by many pursuits. There are career pursuits, financial pursuits, relational, physical and even status pursuits. How common is it to list "seek wisdom" at the first action item on one's daily planner? In This Episode, We Look At: The Bible promises that those who pursue wisdom find life and obtain favor from the Lord. "Life" and "favor" can be easily overlooked, as we tell ourselves I have eternal life and I have favor of the Lord because of Christ, but we may be...


124: Personal Finances and God’s Will

"What is God's will for my life?" is a common question among Christians. That is a wonderful question to ask, as well as a spiritual goal to pursue. God has three wills for every person: Salvation (2 Peter 3:9), Sanctification (1 Thessalonians 4:3), and to be Spirit-filled (Ephesians 5:17-18). If we are saved but not sanctified, we are not in God's will. If we are saved and sanctified, but not living Spirit-filled, we are not in God's will. While this is helpful to know, you may be...


123: What About Student Loans?

I get asked regularly about students loans. Usually, the question is "What can I do about these loans?" The percentage of college graduates who carry student loan debt is staggering, ranging from 66% to 88%, depending on the type of college or university they attended. The debt balances range from $23K to $160K, with the average in 2017 being $39K. In This Episode, We Look At: The tough love answer to this question (which is Biblical truth) is to pay it. A "vow" has been paid, defer...


122: The Absentee Ambassador

"Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God." 2 Corinthians 5:20 We are familiar with the term, ambassador, but do we know the implications of truly living as an ambassador? In This Episode, We Look At: What is an ambassador? Definition: an accredited diplomat sent by a country as its official representative to a foreign country We live in a foreign country (this brief life on earth), but we...


121: Having Financial Integrity

I talk with my family frequently about the quality of food (or junk) that we put in our bodies. Yet there are times when I would see an amazing-looking dessert (just Google "Monster shakes") and all of a sudden I'm now telling my family how awesome this thing looks and that we ought to try it! That is not integrity! The healthy talk is somewhat recent in my life, but the junk food temptations stems from decades of bad habits. In This Episode, We Look At: Deep seeded bad habits and...


120: Is There a Problem with “More?”

Many of us grew up being encouraged to "Be all you can be!" and to climb the ladder of success—which generally translates to more! Learn more, do more, get more, keep more… We do not want the opposite do we? Learn less, do less, get less, keep less… In This Episode, We Look At: What is the problem with more? Can Christians strive for more? A biblical look at the real problem and how to avoid it. What is the purpose for more? The traps of seeking more for the purpose of more The...


119: Job Hopping

Millennials get a bad rap for being easily dissatisfied with jobs, but that seems to be an unfair stereotype. Forbes reports that 60% of Millennials are currently open to a new job opportunity and are by far the most likely generation to switch jobs. Interestingly, the data shows that it's largely the younger Millennials and not the older ones that job-hop. In This Episode, We Look At: Job-hopping is not new. It has been common for all generations based on age, not culture. Possible...


118: Christians and Government: An Interview with Glenn Mosher

Glenn Mosher has been a Presidential speech writer, Congressional aide, Capital Fundraiser, English Instructor, and Public Speaker who gained credibility and practiced integrity without ever losing humility or humor. He has raised over $75 million advocating for non-profit clients and designed programs of marketing excellence for companies and small businesses. In This Episode, We Look At: Glenn's early years with Ronald Reagan Glenn's assistance and guiding Tim when he started a...


117: Ellie Kay Interview Rewind

We are pleased to share with you a previously aired interview with Ellie Kay, America's Family Financial Expert. What do you do when you get married and then discover that your new spouse in debt to the tune of $40,000? Today we'll hear from Bob and Ellie Kay and learn how they addressed this serious issue, how they paid off this debt in only two and half years, strengthened their marriage in the process, and built the foundation to put several children through college—while remaining...


116: Faith Promise Giving

What comes to mind when you hear "Faith promise giving?" For some it means their church is embarking on a building program, for others it may mean that it is time to prayerfully consider committing to a large dollar amount, and praying that God provides for you to give it. In This Episode, We Look At: Where did this term come from? What does it mean, in practice, today? Are there biblical principles to support it? I've interviewed several respected pastors, and have asked them...


115: The Prosperity Puzzle

Is it acceptable for Christians to be prosperous? Many are on the fence on the issue. Are riches evil? Do we avoid prosperity? In This Episode, We Look At: "Prosper" defined Our ability to earn money comes from God Labor is expected of us from God Prosperity in the NT Stewarding prosperity Improve Your Faith and Finances: Seek to prosper in everything God has entrusted to you, to His glory. Be ready and willing to be used of the Lord in greater ways. Share Your...


114: Why Do They Have More Than Me?

Some Christians will appear to have more than others. Then there are worldly people who have a lot more. Try as we may; we serve, we save, we sacrifice, but sometimes it just seems we can't get ahead. Is it fair? In This Episode, We Look At: More is rarely the solution. You do not want to trade trials with other Christians. God's timing and plans are far superior than ours. The folly of comparing ourselves with other Christians. The wicked also increase. Improve Your Faith and...


113: My Financial Tune Up

Got a budget? Awesome! You are a step ahead of many. Yet, while drafting and agreeing upon a budget is a wise discipline, the budget itself does not get the job done. In real life our spending does not always match our budgets…then the wheels fall off. In This Episode, We Look At: The importance of the monthly financial review. Did your financial activity align with your planned spending plan? Did you go over or under budget in areas? Look back on your bank statements for potential...


112: Money, Marriage, and Peace!

Eighty percent of divorcees attribute arguments over money as the leading contributor to the divorce. There are going to be differences in how couples view money-related issues. So, what do you do when spouses do not see eye-to-eye in financial matters? In This Episode, We Look At: Responses to avoid. "He's selfish", "She's immature", "he's irresponsible", "I'm the only one who cares in this marriage!" Setting aside pride and addressing issues openly and lovingly. Seek input and...


111: The Impact of Emotions

God has given us emotions. Emotions can help or hurt us. There are God-honoring emotions, and there emotions that lead to sin. In This Episode, We Look At: The emotions of Jesus. The emotions related to the fruit of the Spirit. Biblical warnings related to emotions. Emotions that hurt or help our saving and investing efforts. Improve Your Faith and Finances: "Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life." Proverbs 4:23 Share Your Thoughts: If you...


110: Forget About It

The automation episode. In This Episode, We Look At: Eliminating many mental distractions in our lives through a few clicks to set priorities in motion — automatically. Your calendar. Bills. Saving. Investing. We'll look at many benefits, plus some "How-to" suggestions. Resources and Links: Buffer Hootsuite Share Your Thoughts: If you have a question or comment about today's topic, we invite you to share your thoughts. Podcast on Facebook Tim Website or Twitter Troy...