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Episode 5 - The Task of Translation

There are around 7,000 languages spoken in the world today. One of the greatest barriers to a people hearing the gospel is a Bible or at least some part of the Bible in their mother tongue. All over the world countries have national languages, but often those are used to supply a common language for people to communicate in the day to day tasks of life like business, education, and government. However, the language people speak at home or that fills their internal dialogue that they...


Episode 6 - Anxiety and Joy in Tanzania

The missionary enterprise is marked by discomfort. I won’t mince words here. Living cross culturally is a grind and the stress and pressure can wear on you. From afar it may seem romantic, but the reality of living in the developing world away from your family and friends will dissipate the romance rather quickly. The mission mandates of Jesus found in the Gospels and Acts do not promise physical safety or comfort. In fact, in his last days on earth, Jesus even told his disciples that...


How You Can Take Part

We hope you are enjoying Season 1 of Translators. To learn more about Ben and Rose and the work of Bible translation in East Africa, visit their Wycliffe web page at where you can send them a message or partner with their ministry. Included in the show notes of this episode are additional resources to learn more about missions work being done around the world. Browse the links provided to learn more ways you can take part in the great commission...


Episode 4 - Life in Tanzania

The focal point of our 4th episode will be the Tanzanian people. The 55 million people in this East African country are one of the continent’s most diverse populations. There are 150 indigenous people groups and 127 different languages spoken. This is the reason Ben and Rose came to Africa to be a part of the translation of the Bible into the languages without translations. In this episode we’ll learn more about the people, their culture and the Savaiko’s lives...


Episode 3 - Rose up to Ben

Growing up, Ben and Rose were separated by a couple years and social circles. Back then it seemed like they wouldn’t have been a match. Timing is what is important here though. If they would have met earlier, it’s likely she wouldn’t have been interested in him and he wouldn’t have been interested in her. However, in the right season they, to even their own surprise came together. What I find interesting is that God was introducing the idea of translating the Bible where it wasn’t, all...


Episode 2 - Ben up to Rose

Some people know what they want to do with their lives and then work towards doing that for a long time. The path to finding their purpose is a direct one. Other people take a meandering path. It takes a long time to discover purpose, but they begin to walk in it soon after discovery. Ben Savaiko took the meandering path. Episode 2 of Translators focuses on Ben and how he discovered his missionary purpose. LInks Savaiko Wycliffe Page -...


Episode 1 - Meet the Savaikos

On Translators we want to share the unique what, when, where, how and why of today’s Christian missionaries. They have some of the most inspiring, gut wrenching, amazing stories you will ever hear. Although they may seem like super heroes, they are actually normal human beings that you can probably relate to in many ways. The first season we are telling the story of Ben and Rose Savaiko. And In our first episode we’ll take a look at who the Savaiko’s are, where they live, what they do,...


Trailer - Episode 00

Translators is a podcast about Ben and Rose Savaiko. They are an American Family living in East Africa and translating the Bible into languages without Bible translations. The Savaiko’s can tell you all you need to know about being an expat in a foreign land. Follow their journey from small town America to Tanzania. This show brings you the lives, stories, and experiences of the Christian Missionary.